Scrapbooking Ideas for Beginners

Scrapbooking is an art - for the manufacture and design of photo albums, picture frames and paintings, brochures, greeting cards, gift packaging.Scrapbooking for beginners will give everyone a chance to learn how to create original things with their own hands.scrapbooking Arts has several different directions and techniques - distressing (aging of pages of albums), shtamping (creation of original effects using ink stamps and applicators), embossing (convex creating paintings) and other styles used for album art, paintings.

Scrapbooking - what it is and where to start?

Scrapbooking for Beginners is a kind of manual work, which is based on the design and manufacture of photo albums, original storing family photos, personal stories in the form of photos, drawings, newspaper clippings, records.Very beautiful is the original wedding and Christmas albums, personal diary, invitation card, a box for a gift, a picture, a book cover, envelope for money.Suitable and scrapbooking beginners should choose simple

options, having mastered that it will be possible to move to the complex schemes.

Inherently scrapbooking acts as a kind of fashion store of stories, using visual and tactile methods of replacing the story.Photo album should be decorated in a special way and consist of separate pieces, each of which will express a complete thought (collage).Such original albums should cover one topic - the birth of a child, a wedding.For beginners, there are ready-made masters schemes (sketches).

In Russia, widespread popularity have Dembelskaya albums, in which not only photos, but also drawings, collages, interesting cartoons, wishes, colleagues address.The manufacture of such original albums engaged the soldiers who are novice masters, and everything you need can be collected during the service.

All photos are available in the house to draw in scrapbooking style just does not make sense, therefore, a specific theme should be selected, after which it will be selected photos.Beginner scrapbooking masters for a long time may create a masterpiece tire, but after a few elements will have a desire to continue to engage in this art.

What you need for scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking for beginners requires patience, preparation of materials.Immediately I want to buy for a lot of things, but do not buy too expensive tools.For beginners scrapbooking masters have to choose a starter kit of tools that are not very expensive, and they can buy anyone a beginner.You do not have to buy professional tools used by experienced craftsmen scrapbooking.


If it was decided to engage in this kind of art, scrapbooking beginners rukodelnikam need these materials:

  • scissors (several types);
  • double-sided tape;
  • glue;
  • paper and pencil;
  • sewing machine;
  • shaped punch;
  • buttons, ribbons, rhinestones;
  • cardboard or mat for cutting;
  • rubber dies;
  • ruler and scissors.


have beginners scrapbooking masters must have such tools:

  • necessary to take several types of scissors (small and large).
  • double-sided adhesive tape volume, a special adhesive tape for a photo.
  • for gluing paper is ideal for a simple PVA.
  • need special Curly punches, but buy more than 2 pieces of scrapbooking for beginners to masters is not necessary.

  • for a beautiful and original decoration pad, photo frame can be used tapes of different thicknesses, rhinestones, buttons or other decorative materials that will be on hand.
  • parts suitable for cutting a simple cardboard or thick old magazines.
  • Scrapbooking for beginners does not require too many instruments, so no need to purchase a sewing machine, it is not always necessary.Instead, take the simple thick needle or a thin awl.
  • It takes only a few rubber dies, the kit which need ink pads.To clean the dies can be used wet wipes, but only those that do not contain alcohol, novice master scrapbooking can wash them with warm soapy water.
  • Skilled craftsmen use scrapbooking eyelets installer, and beginners are specialized in sewing stores buy the kits for their installation.
  • Ruler with scissors replace special cutter (simple metal ruler, stationery knife).

Sketches Sketches

scrapbooking for beginners will help considerably to facilitate step by step process of creating original photo albums, greeting cards, notebooks.For starters, sketches become masters of this magic wand, because they can give new ideas and inspiration during the creation of the original album for the photo, frames, notepad.If you do not go out to do your own scrapbook page, you should pay attention to the templates (blank) for scrapbooking.

Interesting Ideas For Beginners - photo

Master class on scrapbooking album for your child

Step master class scrapbooking for beginners will help you easily make beautiful original album for children.With creative and innovative thinking, you can easily create a work of art, but in the absence of imagination is way out - to get acquainted with the master classes and choose a more suitable option for novice masters.

In this case, such materials will be needed:

  • 3-5 sheets of paper with any pattern;
  • 4 cardboard (white) sheet size 12,5h12,5 cm;
  • 2 sheets of cardboard measuring 13x13 cm (special paper for scrapbooking).

step instructions for scrapbooking album for novice masters.

  1. first is the original album cover.From paper cut 2 squares with dimensions 15x15 cm. 6 square sheets (12,5h12,5 cm) will be used as the inner sheets album.
  2. to the square of cardboard glued paper, cut off all protruding corners.The left and right corners are cut off smoothly, and the lower and upper angle.

  1. Carefully paste.Further
  2. thin ribbon is taken (about 50 cm) is adhered to the inside of a square.End of tape "A" (as indicated in the photo), should be a little longer.
  3. glued to the square of the tape segment 2 (5 cm length of tape in the upper and lower parts of the square).

  1. the example given below in the photo, connect all parts of the upcoming album.
  2. the top, right on the tape, glued white sheets of paper, and will take the colored paper (a variety of colors - black, red, blue, pink) is necessary for the cover.

  1. All album pages glued over squares of paper, can be used any other decorations to your liking.

How do scrapbooking frame with your hands?

to make an original photo frame with your hands, novice masters scrapbooking Materials needed:

  • skrapbumaga (1 sheet);
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • scissors;
  • nepishuschaya handle or stick;
  • photos;
  • knife stationery;
  • glue;
  • scotch.

Roadmap will help avoid mistakes and properly perform all the work, and stencil - to make a beautiful inscription, which is simply irreplaceable in the early stages.To create an original and unusual photo frame, you should use a variety of stencils to help you make different figures, it would be important for people who can not draw beautifully.Video tutorials for beginners scrapbooking become an indispensable tool in creating this masterpiece.

  1. Initially cardboard sheet is divided according to the scheme shown in the photo.
  2. Using stationery knife carefully be cut midway.On the reverse side skrapbumagi glued cardboard frame.
  3. Within the scope of the paper carefully cut crosswise and not using a pen made of the bend.

  1. corners are cut off from the edge of the board is indented about 5 cm. Determine the upper and lower part of the future framework.Up doing not very large incisions that should be a bit more photos.Along the perimeter frame, except the top, is glued tape.
  2. Behind glued cardboard to keep the photo fell.On all sides are bent corners of the frame, it is necessary to cut out all unnecessary.
  3. Of the remaining cardboard made footrest is attached to the frame.

  1. For decorative photo frames can be used in almost any jewelry - flower, letters, beads, crystals, any improvised material.The digital camera will make a beautiful picture for the whole of the exhibition hall of the original picture frames.

Technique for scrapbooking scratchpad

to make their own hands handsome notebook, a beginner rukodelniku Materials needed:

  • super glue;
  • thin felt;
  • scissors;
  • double-sided tape (adhesive tape);
  • notebook and paint;
  • decorative elements for decoration.

  1. On the table is expanded thin felt, then laid out in the center of a notebook, on the left about 10 cm hem material around the perimeter, cut off all unnecessary (to be cut form the notebook).
  2. glued double-sided tape, notebook formed with felt, hand gently smoothed out all the lines (cover must be evenly covered with pictures) on the inside of the cover.It is necessary to cut corners.
  3. All the edges of the cover of felt glued, each bend properly pressed to the adhesive time to grab.Notepad is closed, the top is pressed down any hard object.
  4. In the end, the tool cover decor notebook - used pre-prepared blank or pattern, color paint (colors can be very diverse - black, red, gold, green, yellow, blue).Most importantly, the paint is completely dry.

Video tutorials scrapbooking cards

Things that have been made with their own hands, and this is scrapbooking for beginners, are in this trend and every day are becoming increasingly popular.Maybe buy a ready-made exclusive things or patience to create a work of art.With just one card for Christmas or a birthday, you can not even see how scrapbooking is a favorite hobby, and very soon, not only at home, but my friends will be interesting souvenirs.Children interested in school subjects, because it is ideal for beginners young masters of the craft.

Children's Birthday Card

card New Year