The disease of the knee joint synovitis

On human legs accounted for the largest load, so they are particularly susceptible to change.Fracture, sprain, dislocation - this is not the whole list of injuries.One of the unpleasant disease that occurs due to various reasons, - inflammation of the synovial membrane.Synovitis of the knee (the so-called pathology in medicine) has many unpleasant symptoms and effects, so it is important to detect the disease in time and start her treatment.

What is synovitis of the knee

This inflammation of the knee joint membrane that lines the joint space.The disease is accompanied by accumulation of fluid in the cavity - the formation of a synovial cyst.In the absence of pathology fluid is released sparingly, but when the organ function is impaired, the amount of serous fluid is greatly increased.Villonodulyarny synovitis is characterized not by the accumulation of fluid, and the increase in synovial tissue with the formation of villi nodes.disease code ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) - M65


Symptoms and signs

If you look at the photos from the knee joint inflammation, you will notice that it has become a smooth, even, and has become swollen red.The skin in the knee area is hot.The symptoms of synovitis do not develop immediately, in many cases, within 2-3 days after injury or infection.Symptoms:

  • Acute flowing pathology in a few hours the amount of fluid increases dramatically, the mobility of the knee is limited.
  • If the patient felt the inflamed area, I noticed that the pain is getting worse.
  • When pressed kneecap sinks down into the joint.
  • Often the patient body temperature rises, there is a breakdown.
  • sometimes increases lymph nodes in the groin area.

reasons synovitis

One of the causes of disease - mechanical trauma.If damaged meniscus, cartilage, lack of coupling fluid synovitis of the knee developed without pronounced symptoms.Contact infection in the internal cavity due to injury, abrasions or cut contributes to the emergence of inflammatory processes.Hemophilia, autoimmune diseases (arthritis, bursitis) also lead to the formation of effusion.Infectious diseases, eczema, atopic dermatitis, sepsis and increase the risk of knee synovitis.

Chronic disease develops slowly and is characterized by the fact that progress periodically.Increased body temperature and swelling is not so pronounced, but over time, the movements become constrained.Chronic inflammation of the knee is divided into three types: serous, sero-fibrous, villous.The first form is rare, and the second most common.Her reason - fibrous deposits, limiting knee function.Villous form combines the features of serous and sero-fibrous synovitis, its course is much more difficult.


disease affects one knee - right or left.The cause is mechanical injury, which is why actively produced synovial fluid in the knee.The disease occurs in the child and adult.Knee greatly increased in size, loses its former mobility and pain.The fluid in the joint has an inflammatory nature, it is filled with a variety of proteins and cells.


fluid accumulates in the knee joint due to injury.The disease takes on both acute and chronic.In the first case, during inspection and palpation of the knee there is pain and revealed free liquid, limited leg mobility.The chronic form is the result of undertreated or incorrectly the treated injury.First, there are the constant nagging pain, joint tires easily, then formed the edema, which leads to its instability and the new injury.


reason reactive synovitis knee - an allergic reaction provoked by prolonged exposure to toxic or mechanical.Reactive secondary form, it occurs against the backdrop of other human diseases.Often develops in allergies, patients with osteoarthritis, arthritis, and other pathological changes of the joints.Symptoms of the disease are standard for synovitis, increase in body temperature occurs not always.

How to treat synovitis

Proper diagnosis is important.The patient should consult a doctor, tell him about the trauma, bad habits, chronic diseases, lifestyle.Specialist gives direction to the blood tests, recommends X-ray, ultrasound, in some cases, MRI or arthroscopy.Puncture of the knee joint (fluid intake) - the most accurate way to determine the nature of the disease and alleviate the patient's condition.

folk remedies

standard treatment for the disease involves the input of antibacterial drugs into the joint cavity and limiting his mobility.On doctor's advice later will have to do exercises for the joints.At home, use:

  • laurel oil: 2 tbsp.l.dry leaf pour 1 cup of vegetable oil, stir, leave for 7 days.When the mixture is ready, strain it and rub into the affected joint daily.
  • Herbal synovitis of the knee: the white mistletoe leaves of birch, walnut and tansy in a 1: 1 chop and mix.On 1 st.l.herbal mixtures needed cup of boiling water.After an hour, strain, drink a decoction for the day.
  • tincture of black walnut - a daily intake of 1 tsp..before eating food.


is important to take medicines from synovitis, since they accelerate the healing process and is not allowed to develop sepsis, suppuration.To reduce inflammation and pain, you need to drink non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( "Diclofenac", "Nise").Chronic synovitis treated proteolytic enzyme inhibitors which are introduced into the joint ( "Trasylol" and "Gordoks").Broad-spectrum antibiotics are introduced into the internal environment of the joint to prevent the development of infection.Facilitate microcirculation state regulators, vitamins, minerals.


particularly effective ointment for joints on the basis of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, "Finalgel", "Ketonal", "Indometotsinovaya ointment."Drugs used capsaicin, which strongly heats the skin, "Kapsikam" Kapsin "," asterisk ".Well-proven ointment "Dimexidum", which effectively eliminates the pain.Preparations salicylic acid also have a positive impact on the course of recovery.

With compress

easiest to compress the knee - a cabbage leaf.It is well reduces inflammation and pain in synovitis.On the sheet it is necessary to go a couple of times with a rolling pin and pour over boiling water.Apply it to the sore knee, wrap a plastic bag, wool thing.Remove the wrap in 7-8 hours.Gauze soaked with vodka, reduces inflammation, reduces swelling.Vodka should be heated to 38 ° C, dampen it cheesecloth, wrap the joint.Top fabric and polyethylene.Keep the compress overnight.

Reviews treating

Elena, 42 years : suffering from synovitis knee more than a year.The doctor helped choose the correct anti-inflammatory therapy, and joint mobility I Restores compression, gymnastics (made it through force).Massage silicone banks helped to remove the swelling.

Natalia, 27 years : That just did not take ... First there was "Sulfasalazine", then "MTX".Symptoms come to naught, I started to apply "Plaquenil."Unfortunately, the condition became worse, although not as much as initially.The doctor has written "Arava".He cures.

Denis, 36 years : rheumatologist diagnosed synovitis of the right knee joint.I made five injections "Diprospan" good help.Two years have passed, the disease is no longer worried.