How to block ads in Youtube

Service Youtube can be called one of the most useful and interesting available Russian sites.High ratings are saved thanks to the convenient functionality, ease of use and a lot of video files contained on a resource.View rollers are able to all network users.Alas, on youtube a lot of annoying advertisements: it contains almost all the rollers from time to time there are pop-up windows.Many people wonder how to disable ads in Youtube.Solve the problem help special extensions.

How to remove the ads on Youtube

To watch youtube without advertising, install one of the following extensions: Adguard or Adblock.Both programs have user-friendly interface, and supports a large number of browsers.Adguard program:

  1. has a higher work rate.
  2. It runs in the background and does not require additional configuration after installation.
  3. program was developed by domestic, so originally issued in Russian.
  4. recommended to download it only on the official website.
  5. licensed version of the cost - 199 rubles per yea

partially block banners succeed without applications when it comes to their own commercials.You must do the following:

  1. First you need to log in to your account hosting Youtube.
  2. Next in the list of downloaded videos to choose one or more.
  3. Find the tab "Monetize", remove the check from "Monetize my video", save the changes.
  4. If then shown another third-party ads and commercials, most likely, the extension is not configured properly.

Using Adblock

second reliable way to get rid of annoying ads - installing Adblock:

  1. Works in all browsers (Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Yandex).
  2. When you go to the official website there is an automatic identification of the user's browser, and the system offers to download the application in accordance with the information received.
  3. With this extension is not afraid of pop-up blocks and third-party video.

By default the program is installed without filters, but when you first start is proposed to add a subscription.The most important thing - it is integrated directly into the browser.After installation, the little button in red to alert you of the application.Expansion is completely free, of course, even for inexperienced users.

Video: pop-up blocker

Love popular video hosting, but annoying distractions ad units for which you do not want every time to waste precious time?Then you will be interested to learn how to disable ads on YouTube.Recommendation: Install Adblock for youtube free and permanently get rid of annoying banner ads, contextual ads, improve the speed of the Internet.Problems are solved immediately after the download, but it is better to make additional settings.The video below shows more complete information about how to disable ads in Youtube with one of the most popular extensions.