How to determine the internal hemorrhoids

Medicine identifies two forms of this unpleasant disease: internal and external.External hemorrhoids symptoms detected by elementary, which are visible to the naked eye.On the inside of the shape, everything is much more complicated.It is not always straightforward, so often occur with the diagnosis of the problem.However, if you examine in detail all the major symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, you will be able to identify it at any stage.Get generic information about the manifestations of this disease, which will help prevent serious problems.

first symptoms

Hemorrhoids - a complex and delicate condition.Many people underestimate his cunning, and therefore close their eyes for the first manifestation of which is actually a lot.For those who prefer to solve health problems without delay, below are the first manifestations of internal hemorrhoids:

  • discomfort in the anus;
  • minor bleeding, remaining on the toilet paper;
  • pain / itching / burning in the sphincter.

These symptoms can manifest fl

ashes.Sometimes they disappear for a few days, but it does not reassure.Hidden disease for some time and then reassert itself with renewed vigor.Doctors also say that internal hemorrhoids are mainly concerned about the emotional people who are prone to stress.If you have any problems of mental nature, and then they will have the feeling, similar to the first signs of internal hemorrhoids - then you need to be alert.

stages of internal hemorrhoids and their symptoms

disease begins as a minor violation of blood circulation in the pelvic area and gradually progresses, causing more discomfort and causing serious disruptions.In blood vessels, placed on the walls of the rectum, forming a seal, which will eventually increase.Solid stool passing through this area, damage the shell nodes.Consequently, bleeding begins.Doctors distinguish four stages of internal hemorrhoids.Learn about each of them.

first stage.The initial form of internal hemorrhoids are very common, however, to identify the sealing vessels can be achieved only during the endoscopic examination.At an early stage nodes practically do not cause disturbance, so it will go unnoticed in most cases.However, the doctors call a number of true symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, which should cause concern:

  • periodic minor bleeding;
  • blood droplets on the surface of the stool in the toilet;
  • feeling of slight itching in the lower part of the rectum;
  • discomfort and irritation of the anus.

second stage.In medical practice, internal hemorrhoids are usually detected in the second step.This is a very simple explanation: units significantly increased and cause significant discomfort to man that can not be ignored.Many observed a systematic loss of hemorrhoids during bowel movements.This is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon, which in the absence of proper treatment leads to serious disruption of the circulatory system.On top of that, in patients with the second stage of internal hemorrhoids are the following symptoms:

  • heavy bleeding after every trip to the toilet;
  • intolerable itching / burning - factors that accompany the inflammation;
  • pain in the lower part of the rectum during a bowel movement;
  • sense of the presence of a foreign body.

third stage.Chronic internal hemorrhoids move to the third stage of development in the absence of proper treatment.At this stage, the disease is already causing a lot of inconvenience.Bleeding sites create a terrible discomfort and continue to fall during a bowel movement, but do not return to the place.The patient has to reduce a their hands.The third stage can not be self-treated, so you have to see a doctor for urgent help.

With regard to symptoms, retains all the features of the second stage of internal hemorrhoids, but they manifest themselves in a more rigid form:

  • severe pain in the rectum, which practically do not stop;
  • discomfort during exercise, and sitting in the stool;
  • heavy bleeding.

The patient's condition is complicated by the risk of infection through open wounds in the enlarged blood vessels.It appears likely to develop dangerous complications.In the third stage of internal hemorrhoids nodes often thrombosing and restrained in the anus.The patient required urgent hospitalization constant supervision of doctors, a healthy diet and intensive treatment.

fourth stage.Apogee of chronic internal hemorrhoids.Folk remedies, rectal suppositories and potent pharmaceuticals have, as a rule, do not help.Doctors have to go to extreme measures - to remove the inflamed nodes surgically.The disease proceeds without remission, in constant aggravation phase.The reason for this situation is always the same - lack of adequate treatment for the disease at earlier stages.Internal hemorrhoids fourth stage is characterized by the following severe symptoms:

  • mucosal sites are constantly in contact with the corrosive environment, which is why pain becomes incredibly strong;
  • during exercise and during defecation occurs terrible discomfort;
  • nodes constantly bleed.

How is the diagnosis

If you have a suspicion of acute or chronic hemorrhoids, you need to address urgently to the proctologist.During the examination, the doctor will hold a digital examination of the rectum, which will reveal the major nodes.To obtain more accurate information about the state of the anus can be assigned anoscopy.This study involves hardware highlighting the rectal mucosa for 10 cm In rare cases, professionals have to spend sigmoidoscopy -. 25 centimeters examination of the rectum using a fiber-optic equipment.

The dangerous disease

Nowadays everyone who spend a lot of time in a seated position, should know what hemorrhoids are and what consequences it can cause.If the patient will ignore this insidious disease, in a few months will have to deal with thrombosis (occlusion) of hemorrhoidal veins.Lack of timely treatment in this case will result in necrosis of the lower rectum.Another terrible case scenario of hemorrhoids - a purulent inflammation of the surrounding tissue.If this process starts, there will be good reason to fear the penetration of pus in the abdomen.

Video about the symptoms and treatment of internal hemorrhoids in men and women

This video explains in detail how to manifest hemorrhoids and shows a lot of "live" pictures.The information that you get help to understand the seriousness of the consequences that can occur when the patient's inactivity.Carefully read the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, that he did not catch you by surprise!