Zinc-based ointment

Skin lesions in the form of scratches, burns or acne are familiar to everyone.From similar troubles will help get rid of medications that are sold in every pharmacy.In such cases, zinc ointment helps scars, prickly heat, diaper rashes, pressure sores, herpes, eczema and other skin problems.The drug used in medicine and cosmetology.The main component of the drug is a zinc - an important element for the normal functioning of the human body.Let's talk about the composition of zinc ointment, the features of the drug, used properly.

composition and the form of the drug in

pharmacology medication is called zinc oxide.Ointment is a suspension of himsoedineniya in petrolatum.Proper safe means integral component ratio should be about 1 to 10 (10 parts petrolatum falls 1 part of zinc oxide).Zinc ointment is produced in the following forms:

  • bank or tube, packed in containers made of cardboard (weight of 25, 30, 50 g);
  • vials at 50 or 100 g with a special piston for extrusion;
  • ointment, paste, salicylic-z
    inc paste.

Features of the application in medicine

Nowadays ointment with zinc as the main material for many has become a panacea: it is advised to use experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists.Due to the composition of the Salve children and adults get rid of the allergic reactions of the skin, hemorrhoids, acne, herpes, acne, bedsores.Before you use it, it is necessary to get acquainted with useful information about the rules applying zinc suspension for a certain disease.


pasty mixture with zinc are often saved in case of hemorrhoids (processed only external components).The tool creates on the skin a protective layer will greatly reduce the amount of fluid that is released from the hemorrhoid formation.In addition, this anti-inflammatory ointment and blocks skin irritation.The drug should be applied to the problem area 5-6 times a day (after a bowel movement, hygienic procedures).After using zinc oxide it is necessary to wash hands with soap and water.


herpes ointment with zinc-based petroleum jelly helps to get rid of herpes.White mass promotes rapid healing of wounds.At some point herpes blisters burst, the sores appear on the skin that bleed, causing pain.If the infection gets into the wound, the healing process will be delayed for a long time.Ointments, pastes zinc have anti-inflammatory, drying effect, leading to an active regeneration of damaged areas of the skin.Herpes rash is necessary to lubricate the two or three times a day until the disappearance of the problem.

from burns

fatty compounds with therapeutic zinc is often used to deal with burns.The process of healing of the skin is stimulated due to zinc ions: they fall deep into the layers of the epidermis, while there is a long period of time.Using zinc medicament tightened burns faster.Heat damage the skin is necessary to process four times a day.The photo shows the results of the use of drugs.

In psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis, it will help to heal the wound ointment on the basis of zinc.It reduces inflammation and restores the skin.It is recommended to apply a paste or ointment to the affected area not more than one month because the skin quickly becomes accustomed to the drug, which reduces healing effect to zero.The doctor sometimes appoint a second course of treatment with zinc oxide, but only a few months.Instructions for use: the inflamed areas of skin are treated three times a day, after washing them with clean water, to dry with a towel.

When pregnancy

Most women during gestation baby face such problem as melasma.Melasma is called the strong pigmentation of the skin, associated with a sharp increase in certain types of hormones.zinc oxide By age spots removed in a short period of time.From irritation on the face and other parts of the body, which often appears in pregnant women also saves zinc ointment with vaseline.The use of this drug is not dangerous for the health of the expectant mother, by avoiding contact with the eyes, mouth, nose.

For newborns

Young children have a very delicate, sensitive skin.For this reason, the newborn sudamen observed, atopic dermatitis, diaper rash, irritation.A baby's skin is red, sometimes moistened, leading to discomfort, poor health grudnichka.Zinc ointment safe from irritation in the skin is applied only on dry, clean surface of the body.To smear the drug are advised to no more than 3-4 times a day, and strictly ensure that he did not get on the mucous membranes of the child.

Application of zinc ointment in cosmetology

Ointment zinc-based long established itself as an effective drug.It virtually never causes allergic reactions, is effective, simple in application.Due to positive qualities of zinc composition it is often added to cosmetic facial masks, creams, lotions.Cosmetologists more than a year creating a variety of therapeutic mixture with zinc oxide, having popularity among the female.

acne, acne and blackheads

One of the most efficient, easy methods of getting rid of the flaws on your face is the aforementioned slurry.It has the same effect as sulfuric paste, but operates more rapidly.Zinc is used for acne is not only the young people of transition age, but also adults.The drug copes with inflammatory processes in the skin, dries and eliminates them.When acne or blackheads, the ointment is applied only after the procedure steaming skin.Pimples and similar education should be lubricated 6 times a day, after cleaning, to dry his face.

From age spots

pigmentation problem disappears with time, if you use the structure with zinc oxide.Ointment allows for prolonged whitening effect, more even skin tone, eliminates dark spots.Prior to its application to the skin of any part of the body, you must thoroughly clean all areas from pollution.Zinc paste or ointment used three times a day until the spot did not disappear.


Almost every woman concerned about the appearance of the first signs of aging skin - wrinkles.Cosmetologists offer to rejuvenate the skin by means of a zinc slurry.In its structure there is petroleum jelly.This material perfectly retains moisture and prevents drying out of the skin.The use of zinc oxide activates the recovery processes and improves metabolism.Several times a week the drug with a thin layer applied to the face, pre-cleared by special means.It is best to do this "mask" before going to bed and in the morning the remains of the cream should be removed and wash cloth.

Contraindications and side effects

  1. ointment or a paste based on zinc must not be used if a person are allergic to components of the preparation.
  2. Pronounced festering on the skin are also contraindications to the use of the suspension.
  3. forbidden to apply zinc oxide next to the mucous membranes.

side effects in the ointment is almost no zinc.Only people with a heightened sensitivity to the ingredients of the drug mixture may appear the following results:

  • burning and itching;
  • tingling;
  • darkening of the skin.

Video: what makes zinc ointment

drug based on zinc and vaseline has many advantages and cope with many skin diseases.Doctors often prescribe an ointment or paste for children, adolescents and adults.The medicine removes acne, wrinkles, burns, diaper rash in babies, various inflammations on the skin.After watching the video, you'll learn where to buy the drug and in what form it comes in pharmacies.The video is a description of the effectiveness of the ointment, its basic properties and contraindications.

feedback on the results of

Liliya, 25 years : tortured me acne.I have tried a lot of methods of medical and popular recipes, but nothing helped.Familiar advised to buy zinc oxide in the pharmacy.Frankly, I'm disappointed ... The drug has a strange texture and smell repulsive.After a week of treatment no result, I never saw him.

Nastya, 35 years : When the son was born, our happiness knew no bounds.Joyful everyday life were marred by the appearance of dermatitis of the baby.I consulted with a pediatrician, and she advised to use the ointment with zinc and vaseline.A few days later I observed a striking effect: the skin has dried, redness almost disappeared.This drug actually works, I do.

Irina 56 years : friend recommended to rejuvenate the face with a zinc slurry.I reacted to the idea of ​​her skeptical, but it turned out that for nothing.I inflicted cream daily for 3 weeks ex.Brightened skin became softer, disappeared wrinkles and age spots.