Quilling box

Girls can not use ornaments.Over the years accumulated a large number of them in the same way as already read magazines, office paper unclaimed.All of this waste paper could get a second life, becoming a receptacle for women's little treasures.Quilling box - paper products, which in its practical and aesthetic characteristics is not inferior trunks and boxes for trinkets that are sold in the store.Make it easy to own, putting into operation their imagination and good humor, at the same time finding the use of deposits of old newspapers.

What materials and tools will be needed?

quilling technique involves the creation of handicrafts, items for decoration and items of practical use with paper and glue.This design has a good strength and covered with varnish or paint, it almost does not differ from subjects of the more dense materials.However, keep quilling box should be in a dry place, away from heat sources to avoid deformation.If you want to give it a gloss, expensive, festive look, you can use a

gloss varnish and coating pigments for decorative work, stones, beads, ribbons, and other means of decoration.

Step by step guide for beginners with photos

caskets made using the technique of quilling, need not be the usual rectangular shape.Paper - a very ductile material, the elements of which can take a completely different form, shape.An original place to store small jewelry (rings, earrings or chains) may be in the form of an egg box that opens, closes, as a regular box, and its beautiful, optimistic view easily decorate your dressing table.

First step: creation of paper flowers

  1. Take colored office paper, mark it on strips of 10 and 5 mm wide (narrower must be the same color), cut with a ruler and stationery knife (it should turn on the 50-60 pieces of each type).
  2. wide strip notch fringe along the entire length by 2/3 width.
  3. Glue the end of the wide and narrow ribbon with white glue.Allow to dry.
  4. Twist received a long strip into a tight roll.Start reeling from five millimeter strips, finish with a fringe part.
  5. Glue the end of the product.Allow to dry.
  6. Spread fringe light touch of a finger.In the end, it turns out daisy flowers.
  7. If you want to get a different kind of colors, for example, small peonies, cut and twist only wide strip with a fringe.

The second stage: the production of a cover box (top of the egg)

  1. Take skeleton resembling the egg or the chicken now.
  2. Wrap it with cling film in the middle (horizontal) five millimeter strip of neutral color, the ends of which need to tightly fasten together with glue.
  3. Top four still go around the same strips of paper.They should cross at the nose eggs.Glue them at the intersection between a horizontal and a ribbon.
  4. Stick on paper frame flowers.Allow to dry.
  5. Fill gaps, pasting other flowers directly on the previous pitch.This should be done gradually, moving parts to be glued only when the previous has dried.
  6. Let dry construction and carefully remove it from the frame.

The third stage: the establishment of the foundations (the bottom of the egg)

  1. shrouded the lower part of the mold with cling film.
  2. Attach the ribbon on her skeleton - it will take place at the edge of the widest part of the lower halves of the eggs.The ends of her will also need to stick together with each other tightly.Tone framing tape to be green, like the decor details.
  3. Cut strips of office paper 5 mm wide, cut each into two equal parts.
  4. Twist in the roll of 8 mm in diameter.Use your fingers to give them a square shape.
  5. firmly stick to the squares framing tape, placing the items next to each other.Allow to dry.
  6. glue the next row to the previous sides.Allow to dry, and only then move on to new things.
  7. On the rows where the egg is rounded, hold drying soil of the hand or a rubber band.
  8. Finish wrapping shape, let dry and remove the frame.

Fourth stage: the creation

  1. feet of green paper two shades make a loose rolls, primnogo their fingers, giving the shape of a half sheet of wood.
  2. Put together two such details in different shades and promazhte with the flat side of the adhesive.Make a few of these leaves.
  3. Twist dense rolls of halves eight millimeter tape.Place them between the outer parts of the leaves stand, glue.Stand ready.
  4. Connect the bottom part of the egg with stand - ready box.

Photo collection boxes in the style of quilling

Phased video tutorial for creating a circular box

Original jewelry box product will be a round shape, made of paper by using the technology of handicrafts quilling.Make such beauty would be easy, for this you need only the paper rollers of different diameters, colors, scissors, some glue and a certain amount of time.Your attention we offer detailed video tutorial on creating this attribute jewelry: