What are the symptoms of chronic tonsillitis

Tonsillitis chronic, its symptoms and course are related to long-term inflammation of the palatine minutes.The disease may last for several months and is accompanied by debilitating pain in my throat.Body temperature remains normal, and many are treated folk ways or even to neglect a situation, believing that the illness will pass by itself.This is extremely dangerous, because the disease in the absence of proper treatment gives the most serious complications.

Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis

Many people suffer from inflammation of the tonsils.The majority of cases are not even aware of the problem until it starts aggravation.Beyond the acute stage of the disease symptoms in adults can be practically invisible.Nevertheless, there are signs of chronic tonsillitis in adults, which should be a cause for treatment of ENT doctor:

  • frequent angina (two times a year);
  • sensation of a lump in the throat;
  • pain when swallowing;
  • tickle;
  • output purulent plugs when coughing;
  • long-term increase in temper
    ature in the evening;
  • joint pain in the heart;
  • palpitations.

Symptoms of tonsillitis in a child are more pronounced.The children refuse to eat, which is a consequence of the general intoxication.Often there are dyspeptic disorders accompanied by vomiting and stool irregularities.Children 5-15 years, doctors often diagnose viral tonzillofaringit.In this form the patients high risk of developing pneumonia and false croup.

Symptoms of inflammation of the tonsils

chronic Tonsillitis, the main symptoms and effects are described by doctors.It:

  • significantly enlarged tonsils;
  • depression and ulcers on the tonsils surface;
  • swelling palatine arches;
  • looseness lymphoid tissue;
  • redness of the mucous;
  • tonsillolith formed from dead tissue.

exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis

symptoms of exacerbation occur when supercooling, lowered immunity or inadequate treatment.The most common form of angina in the acute stage - it paratonsillar process.It characterized by first raising the temperature to 40 degrees.Patients who experience severe sore throat, weakness, aching joints.Under the supervision of a physician recover within a week.

Another form of aggravation - paratonsillar process where the pus accumulates on the tonsils.Chronic Tonsillitis and its symptoms in this form in the early stages resemble angina.However, after a few days the picture changes.The patient develops swelling of the throat, which gradually leads to the impossibility of receiving food and water.This condition is extremely dangerous, pus in the tonsils quickly spread to other organs, leading to sepsis.Such a patient should be treated in a hospital.

If exacerbation occur more than three times a year, is developing the most difficult stage - decompensated.The patient no longer cope with infection, purulent formed tonsillolith, they become a source of disease.Dramatically increases the risk of spread of infection throughout the body.To avoid serious complications, doctors may resort to surgical methods of treatment.

Video: Symptoms and Treatment of tonsillitis in children

Symptoms of the disease are directly linked to general and local immunity of patients, particularly in children.Many people favorite means of combating dangerous diseases of the throat in the fight against this disease.Any self-medication can aggravate the situation, give complications in the cardiovascular system.Numerous photos and videos to tell the parents, as it is impossible to treat this disease.