Pain in the buttocks

On soft spot people instinctively takes unexpected bumps and lands in the fall.This had triggered a subconscious protection of other parts of the body, and received at the same gluteal tissue injuries often require complex therapies.The buttocks are given pain symptoms and diseases of other organs.For example, when the troubled spine, severe infectious diseases (such as osteomyelitis), malignant tumors, and even cardiovascular disease.

Causes pain in the buttock

Their set, because the buttocks are rooting for the other parts of the body.The most common causes are associated with inflammation, soft tissue injuries, diseases of the spine and joints.If you happen to "sit out" the buttocks, get sick they can barely less than due to serious pathologies.Systematic violations of soft tissue blood flow are to a tangible troubles, and even complications.

Entrapment of the sciatic nerve

disease caused by tightening the nerve roots associated with the displacement of the vertebrae, strain or inflammat

ion of the surrounding tissue tumors.This type of neuritis is manifested by severe pain, lumbago, back pain, discomfort under light hand pressure on the lumbar spine.In the pathology of such problems occur on one side of the body, affecting the buttocks.

Where is the sciatic nerve

In humans, there are two, both nerve originate from poyasnichngo department.They are considered the largest in extent.Branched pelvic sciatic nerves down under cover of the muscle fibers and parallel to the rear side of the legs, extend to the popliteal fossa, which are divided into medial and lateral tibial fibula branches.

Symptoms pinch

  • sharp or muffled neuralgic pain from compression of nerve endings there, "backside", and then transmitted from the buttocks over the entire length of the nerve.
  • Numbness of the lower limb is combined with tingling toes.
  • Muscle weakness: they hardly keep tone, bad hear at exertion and sudden movements.
  • spasm of the piriformis muscle (responsible for the movement of the hips and legs), and clamping provoking inflammation of the sciatic nerve (sciatica sign).
  • gait disturbance: when trying to reduce the pain, the patient presses on the opposite side of the patient places one foot podvolakivaet.
  • Involuntary emptying: this rare symptom requires emergency medical care.
  • lumbago lumbar pain in the buttocks during pregnancy in women: an additional load on the pelvis leads to a pinched nerve.Prescribe the sciatic nerve in the home, including a set of exercises.

If sore buttock inside

Because of pathological processes in the tissues of gluteal pain is able to become acute, especially when sitting, moving fast.Painful sensations in the buttocks, causing damage to the muscles and ligaments of the hip joint.Unbearably sore buttocks when sitting due to abscesses, boils.Long tone the gluteal muscles when taking a fixed posture turns pulling pain, is transmitted to the lower back and legs.Such troubles can cause, and to give pain symptoms.

The injection site

Among the unpleasant effects of the injections relatively harmless are considered "hot" shots.At the same syringes filled with vitamin preparations, antibiotics, medicines thickish consistency.The seal on the injection site resolves more than one day, sore.If instead of muscle syringe landed in adipose tissue or the patient overstrains ass, painful bump forms (infiltration).Of the injured vessel prick get a bruise.If you get a needle into the nerve, can develop a complication.

Back pain in the buttock gives

gave pain in the soft spot is not immediately allow them to identify the true cause.May occur in the buttocks, if a person breaks his back lifting weights.Gets tensile microfractures muscle fibers.At the same time there is a pain in the left buttock, radiating to the leg.Pathological processes of the spine lumbar and sacral (low back pain, osteoarthritis) bring the fifth point aching pain symptoms with the strengthening of physical activity.

hernia between the vertebrae discomfort at first appear in the lower back, buttock and leg to the left or right."Goose bumps" appear.Similar sensations and sciatica, but complemented by a violation of motor function.People with diseases of the sacroiliac joints, hip osteoarthritis suffer from severe pain symptoms right buttock, almost tried to change position or stand up.

How to treat sciatic nerve at home

  • Medications: analgesics, anti-inflammatory and accelerates the blood in the tissues of the buttocks.
  • aids: hot or cold compress, medical banks.
  • gentle physical effects: useful for strengthening the back physiotherapy (exercises such as pinching of the sciatic nerve: Walking on the buttocks, "bicycle" lying on your back, hips rotating, stretching);stroking and rubbing (massage with pinching the sciatic nerve is made without pressure).
  • Physiotherapy techniques that prevent aggravation: UHF, paraffin baths, electrophoresis.
  • important: how to cure sciatic nerve, solves a doctor.

Video: What to do if a sore bump from an injection

Seal of drugs which slowly dissipates after injection, prevents freely to feel at home and at work.The most common way of getting rid of the bumps at the injection site - net iodine, which is applied on top of the infiltration (preferably at bedtime).Traditional medicine recommends to cover the affected area in the buttock cabbage leaves or burdock, make compresses.For example, rye flour and honey.More information about this is told in the video.