Drug Treatment of Migraine

to the process of selection of drugs should always be approached wisely.Some pills successfully docked unpleasant symptoms in one patient, the other they also cause a lot of side effects.By purchasing medications for migraine, it is necessary to show even greater caution.It is best to visit a specialist, who on the basis of tests and examination will prescribe the best option.If this is not possible, find out as much information about the available drugs in this article.

List pills and migraine headaches

There are several groups of drugs that eliminate the symptoms of migraine.They are divided according to the active substance or a combination thereof.What pills help a migraine?The main groups:

  1. Paracetamol.Its effect is reduced to the effect on pain and thermoregulation zone in the central nervous system.The substance is considered safe for pregnant women and children.
  2. Combined medication.Particularly effective paracetamol becomes when it is combined with aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) and c
    affeine.Example protivomigrenoznogo means combining three substances - "askofen-P."Noteworthy "Excedrin" which has the same active ingredients in its composition.However, it is advisable to drink it with light and medium spasms.The drug lowers the temperature, reduces inflammation and tones the brain vessels.
  3. NSAIDs.If you are looking for a cure for migraine without prescription, pay attention to the "Ibuprofen", "Diclofenac", "naproxen" and their analogues.They allow you to treat mild cramping.
  4. ergotamine.They cropped and prevent migraine attacks and headaches of vascular origin.Preparations "Rigetamin" "Ergotamine" "Kornutamin" and "Ergotomina" tartrate.
  5. Combined analgesics.These tablets contain paracetamol, caffeine, codeine and propyphenazone.They help get rid of a strong discomfort.Names of preparations: "Kaffetin", "Pentalgin", "Solpadein" (without propyphenazone).


effective remedy for migraines should be chosen for you personally after the conclusion of the therapist.Perhaps a specialist will write a prescription for medication from the group of triptans.They are considered the most effective, because the struggle particularly with symptoms of headache.Impact triptans directed at the vascular wall receptors, and particularly the restriction on the blood vessels of the dura mater.Triptans eliminate more photophobia, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to odors.

Studies say that this is a relatively new drug for migraine more effective on the other 55-65%.The price for them is considerably higher, and the drugs are not sold without a prescription.Triptans are produced in two forms: a spray or tablets.The first is faster, because the mucosal immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.These remedies are also divided into several groups:

  1. sumatriptan.The category includes products such protivomigrenoznye "Sumamigren" "Imigran", "Sumatriptan" "Imigran", and others.They take effect within 15-30 minutes.
  2. zolmitriptan.Effective tool in this group - 'Zomig'.It relieves pain after 20 minutes.Approved during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  3. Elitriptany.Representative - "Repaks" starts to act after 30 minutes.The drug is highly effective and causes a minimum of side effects.
  4. other triptans.These include riza-, frova-, nara, almotriptan.These agents are known in medicine, but not all, have been clinically tested.

fast acting medications

Patients with migraine know how important it is to have at hand a remedy for headaches, which will act as quickly as possible.If you take drugs that are sold without a prescription, the attack will weaken after approximately 2 hours.In this group of triptans is more successful because it eliminates the discomfort for 15-30 minutes.Keep in mind that the daily intake of pills often leads to abuzusnyh pains that are difficult to be treated.

remedy for headaches during pregnancy

Severe pain in women in the state - a frequent phenomenon.In this case, the first question is: how to get rid of migraines without drugs.Ways are many, but not all are effective.It is important to ensure complete rest.If this does not help, then it is necessary to examine the list of drugs from severe cramps.The most common advice:

  • drink strong sweet tea;
  • firmly fixed on the forehead cabbage leaf;
  • take a cold shower;
  • put on whiskey asterisk or lavender oil.

Allowed tablets during pregnancy:

  • paracetamol - acceptance without fear;
  • NSAIDs: "Ibuprofen", "naproxen", "Aspirin" (available only in the second trimester);
  • Ā«sumatriptan", "Nortriptyline", "amitriptyline" - only after consulting a doctor;
  • calcium channel blockers: "Verapamil", "Nifedipine," "Amplodipin" (second trimester).

Video of the means of migraine

How to relieve the pain, which is firmly stuck in your head?Do not look for grass, chamomile and linden although sometimes help to overcome the initial stage of migraine.Listen to the professionals - their advice is based on years of experience.Experts will talk about medications that can help you cope with the disease to the campaign to the doctor.Videos can not replace internal consultation, but will become a benchmark in this difficult journey.

drugs for migraine

Malyshev of migraine drugs

Reviews of the treatment of migraine drugs

Oksana, 27 years : After birth pains tortured.First, a "Amigrenin," but it's too expensive.Familiar doctor advised his counterpart - "Sumamigren".Firstly, more profitable in terms of money, and secondly, it relieves symptoms perfectly.To tablet act quickly, I chew it.

Kristina, 45 years : Long experience has shown that only treat migraine pills - a waste of time and health.My recipe for health: 2 tablets tsitramona, rest in a dark room without stimuli, a walk in the fresh air.Sound sleep plays a significant role.

Viktor, 32 years : Two of the most effective means, as for me, "Amigrenin" and "Relpaks".The main thing - time to take them.If I do not have time, and the pain becomes hellish, then immediately call an ambulance.These drugs quickly lead me to give the order and normal life.