How to Cure External Hemorrhoids

complex to get rid of diseases of the rectum measures implies the use of the different categories, and medicines occupy a commanding position in the list of recommended drugs.Strengthen the effectiveness of traditional medicine techniques.Treatment of external hemorrhoids should start immediately after the first suspicions on the occurrence of this disease.The main complication of the disease is considered to thrombosis, in which the patient experiences severe pain.

main symptoms of the disease and

symptoms For external hemorrhoids nodes do not develop on the inside of the rectum and around the anus.Diagnosis of the disease does not cause difficulties.The clinical picture of the disease is characterized by specific features.Discomfort and pain the patient begins to experience long before the formation of characteristic nodules.Symptoms of external hemorrhoids:

  • burning and itching in the anal area;
  • characteristic "bumps" around the anus (have a different shape and size);
  • bleeding from the an
    us (notice this symptom can be on the toilet paper);
  • sharp pain during stool.

External hemorrhoids goes through several stages of development.The initial stage is characterized by the formation of small hemorrhoids that bother the patient itching and burning.Gradually increase the size of formations, they completely cover the anus.As a result, there are severe pain and bleeding.Treatment of external hemorrhoids should be implemented as quickly as possible.Getting rid of the complications of hemorrhoids - a long and painful.

How to treat external hemorrhoids

diseases of the rectum are among the intractable diseases.Fast cure external hemorrhoids can only be using the full range of measures, including medication drugs, topical therapy and traditional medicine.If there is no result to get rid of the problem will help surgery.Self-medication is not recommended to deal with hemorrhoids.The process should be monitored proctologist.

Therapeutic diet

Proper nutrition is part of a complex treatment of external hemorrhoids and is its integral part.Control diet is necessary at any stage of the disease, especially after surgical removal of nodes.The main factor provoking disease is considered constipation.The purpose of the diet - to normalize digestion.Eat small portions of food should be up to 6 times a day.

Basic principles of diet for hemorrhoids:

  • cereals are introduced into the diet, fruits and vegetables (these foods normalize the process of digestion and eliminates constipation);
  • eat bread should be only from wheat flour;
  • cereals is recommended to use only gray or dark varieties (buckwheat, oatmeal, oats, barley);
  • introduced into the diet of bran (per day should be consumed at least 50 grams of oat, wheat or rye varieties, the product fits well with cereals);
  • hemorrhoids should not eat fatty foods (meat better steamed);
  • amount consumed fermented milk products should be increased (to normalize digestion);
  • coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages, spicy spices, flour products, dairy products with high fat content should be excluded from the diet.

Drug therapy

conservative pharmacotherapy represents the main method of treatment of diseases of the rectum.It is used for any form of hemorrhoids.The range of drugs include agents with haemostatic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and flebotonicheskim effect.After a course of getting rid of hemorrhoids are advised to take special preventive medicine.All the means of dealing with hemorrhoids are presented in three groups: creams, suppositories, medicines for oral administration.

creams, ointments and gels

Among the most effective means for external application include:

  1. «Venoruton" (affects the condition of vessels, used at least three times a day).
  2. «Relief» (relieves irritation symptoms).
  3. Zinc ointment (heals wounds).
  4. «Antigemorroy" (reduces swelling, heals wounds).
  5. Heparin ointment (has analgesic effect).

Rectal suppositories

preparations for hemorrhoids different composition: individual components help to cope with the pain, accelerate wound healing, stand antiseptic effect.Testimonials uneven: some people like one thing and another the opposite team, but the main thing here is a quick impact on illness and pain relief.In some cases, the search for suitable rectal suppositories spent considerable time.The most convenient means to apply considered based on glycerol.Rectal suppositories, which are recommended by experts:

  1. «Nigepan" (the drug has analgesic effect).
  2. «Anuzol" (extract of belladonna heals wounds and fractures).
  3. «Gepazolon" (candles prevent blood clots).
  4. «Relief" (special component is the shark liver oil, which has a number of useful properties).

Medicines for oral

Popular tablets of hemorrhoids:

  1. «Detraleks" (phlebotropic drug effectively eliminates the symptoms of acute and chronic hemorrhoids treatment has particular dosage - first means take two times a day for three tablets,four days - two tablets twice a day).
  2. «Venoruton" (an effective tool, but it has a number of contraindications, for example, is not suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women).
  3. «Euskuzan" (means of plant-based, has analgesic effect).
  4. «Ibuklin" (particularly effective drug has in exacerbations of diseases of the rectum).

Surgery Complication

external hemorrhoids conducted a special operation: surgically removed thrombotic masses or hematomas.In rare cases, doctors recommend completely thrombosed cut the knot with the affected vein.The rehabilitation period is characterized by the presence of many nuances.The operation is performed under local anesthesia and does not take a lot of time with the specialist.Surgery - this is an extreme measure applied in cases where the cure external hemorrhoids at home becomes impossible.

Effective folk remedies for treatment at home

Alternative methods for hemorrhoids can reduce the symptoms of the disease, but do not get rid of it.The best way to treat hemorrhoids is to use a combination of the complex.Folk remedies are well eliminate pain, heal wounds and anti-inflammatory effect.Most of the recipes are considered universal, but it is necessary to take into account individual intolerance of separate components.

How to treat external hemorrhoids at home folk remedies:

  • anus is recommended to lubricate the honey (the procedure should be repeated no more than twice a day, a component eliminates the itching and has a calming effect on the blood vessels);
  • baths with herbs (chamomile ideal, oak bark, yarrow and onion peel, it is necessary to do the bath every day before going to sleep);
  • garlic with milk (it is necessary to crush garlic cloves, mix with boiling milk and cook for a few minutes, the mixture is cool, and apply to the area of ​​hemorrhoids before bedtime, ideally a means for irrigation);
  • steam baths on the basis of milk and onions (onions chop and mix with milk, 500 ml of liquid is necessary to take 3 onions, mass boil, and then use the steam bath before going to bed).

Than to treat external hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth

reasons for diseases of the rectum (hemorrhoids) in men and women are different: Hemorrhoids often occur during pregnancy or after childbirth.The main causes of disease in this period are an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, constipation and hormonal changes.external hemorrhoids treatment for women has its own peculiarities.A number of drugs may not be used during lactation or during pregnancy.

Principles of treatment of external hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth:

  • physical activity (a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of disease);
  • dieting;
  • to the number of drugs approved in this period include "Relief" (ointment and suppositories), Heparin ointment "Posterisan" (ointment);
  • tablets and suppositories during pregnancy is better to exclude from the complex treatment;
  • traditional medicine is recommended to use with caution.

safest treatment for hemorrhoids is considered Vishnevsky ointment.The drug is used at any age, regardless of the gender of the patient.Pregnancy and lactation are not a contraindication to its use.Ointment has a number of properties, which help to get rid of itching, pain, improve the condition of blood vessels, heal wounds and cracks, as well as reduce the size of hemorrhoids.

Video about the treatment of thrombosis of external haemorrhoid

Complications hemorrhoids lead to serious health problems, because thrombosis of external haemorrhoid becomes the cause of chronic pain in patients.Treatment with the diagnosis assumes that the number of prescriptions, and to implement it should be under the supervision of a physician-proctologist.To learn how to cope with the disease and prevent it from re-occurrence, described in the video, you just have to look.