Butterfly quilling

Quilling - a well-known technique bumagokrucheniya that perfectly distracted, calms the nerves, a pleasure in the manufacturing process and gives the imagination to roam.For example, butterfly quilling - great idea beautiful souvenir made with their own hands.She is able to express the beauty and the ideal form by using conventional color paper, which is easy to tighten the hands and to create the desired pattern.The result is beautiful jewelry that you can use as a room decoration, pins, earrings do.

Quilling butterfly - step by step guide for beginners

If you decide to do quilling, this session very interesting for you, but have never had to deal with it, read the step by step instructions for beginners.Here you will find detailed information on what tools you will need for quilling is made kvillingovaya butterfly down to the smallest details, as well as learn how to make the perfect crafts yourself just the first time.

When making butterfly quilling you need to set the necessary tools and ma


  • Thick colored paper (pink, black);
  • Scissors;
  • Cork board;
  • line with patterns of figures;
  • Special tool for twisting paper strips into rolls;
  • ordinary PVA glue;
  • about six pins;
  • Figure chart that is needed you will be to designate the contours of crafts;
  • acrylic lacquer, you can take an ordinary, polish.

If you do not have a special tool for quilling, it is possible to do at home using readily available materials: wooden cork out of the champagne she thrust two needles, tightly pressed to each other, or one needle with a large eye.

  • Step 1: Cut thin strips of colored paper: take the pink color and prepare four strips size 1,5h5 see, six strips 10x1 cm, two strips 20x2 cm Take the black paper, cut into several pieces..If you do not want to waste time cutting in the shops or the office of Samodelov look ready for quilling kits that already have made multi-colored strips of different lengths and sizes.
  • Step 2. The resulting strip screw the tool to tighten the paper.We get very tight circles, are necessary to form in a certain way and some parts dissolve tension spiral.To make it convenient to dissolve to the required size paper stranded elements, use a ruler with templates figures: invest in the matching diameter of the circle pattern three types: small, more, more.
  • Step 3. Very carefully remove each circle from the template and tape the ends of the glue that is not fully blossomed.Then Give circles form droplets fingers: thumb and grab much work, do a bend on one side.

  • Step 4. Lay the droplets obtained according to the scheme in quilling butterfly style, and then bond the each with each other, where they are connected.It takes one big blob, flanked on both sides glued smaller droplets.Keep in mind one thing: gluing droplets tail is located in the middle of the drops should act in comparison with others.This is important, because then you will still need to paste the items received to each other.
  • Step 5. To get the item you need to glue the black stripes on the principle Canticle (as if making a frame).For reliability of manufactured butterfly, wrap several times, but not less than two.
  • Step 6. Getting to the manufacture of trunk kvillingovogo butterfly Take a strip of black paper and fold it exactly in half, half of the resulting construct dot smear glue and seal, and the rest of the region make the horns, tilting in opposite sides of the tips.Then tighten obtained horns in circles.

  • Step 7. The parts are interconnected: the body - the wings.
  • Step 8. To be able to use the product as a suspension mount to some surfaces, do the same by a dense ring with a hole inside and paste it between the antennae of the butterfly.
  • Step 9. Take the cork board and fix it ready-made crafts with the help of pins.This will allow the butterfly to dry without losing form and then you remove it carefully.
  • Step 10. The final stage of the steps below - protect products from damage or cracks of pasting.It must be applied in several layers on the entire surface of the butterfly, it is important that each successive layer already deposited on the dried surface.We admire the result and his masterpiece.

How to make more complex crafts hands?

If your intention is more complex options butterfly quilling, there is already need more skill, professional materials, patience and time.There are a lot of instructions, including video lessons that demonstrate the process of creating crafts.Below you will find a couple of interesting options on how to create a work of art with the help of more sophisticated techniques.

Option 1

In this embodiment, provided with detailed photo instructions on how to make a butterfly on the quilling technique using colored paper strips.Note that this sample demonstrates bumagokruchenie without schematic drawing, and using special paper for drawings.You will immediately execute, and to wind elements using a slightly different method.Follow the step by step photo guidelines and you will succeed.

Option 2

For the manufacture of the butterfly requires a certain scheme, for which you will create a complex pattern of wings formed bends.Taurus butterfly is also made more difficult than in single-step variant, but the result exceeds expectations.As a result, it leaves a real masterpiece.See detailed photo instructions for making another embodiment of the butterfly style quilling below:

schemes to create a butterfly from paper

If you are just starting kvillingist, the scheme necessarily need to create a butterfly from paper.Explore several options and decide on the one that will best suit your taste, to inspire and encourage the construction, it is not so difficult in execution.Initially the scheme will serve as an excellent tool to study in detail the method bumagokrucheniya get basic skills, to try a variety of methods to wrap and bond.

scheme for butterfly quilling is extremely necessary, because it is difficult to create a perfectly correct and the same size all the details without the schematic drawing.Yes, perhaps, drawing and color in the process of crafts you like crazy, but you run the risk to make asymmetrical wings and incomprehensible crafts in the end.Therefore it is better to use a ready-made schemes, or to show imagination and portray their vision of the future butterfly on the quilling technique.

The Office of stores you can find ready-made circuit patterns to create a butterfly in quilling style.And if you like to do everything with your hands, draw on a standard sheet of A4 beautiful butterfly with a detailed picture of its wings, and use your imagination to what colors it fulfill what form parts are present in the picture.It is not difficult, but also provides a good opportunity to have fun at the same time drawing on the additional session.

Video: Master Class quilling butterfly

this method of creating beautiful products with your hands can learn to absolutely everyone.It does not need to receive any additional courses, attend special classes.All that is useful to you - it's your own desire, perseverance, a significant amount of time and getting pleasure from the process.Thanks to the video, which is attached below, the learning process and provide the necessary information will be held more pleasant and faster.See workshop on quilling butterfly own hands:

Photo collection of butterflies in the style of quilling

And to be inspired by interesting ideas, check out the bottom of the finished work of butterflies in photo collection, which were manufactured by the method kvillingovomu.This will help you to improve your skill set in this case, allows to seek a completely new techniques.For creative people are always interested to share their experiences and receive a new one.You will succeed!