How to make a firecracker paper

Toys, cooked his own, always evoke the joy of children and adults affection.Most often they are made on the eve of New Year holidays.Once upon a time only by them and people decorated the Christmas tree and your house during the holidays.You have to learn how to make a firecracker paper.It turns out very loud and looks nice.There are many techniques to perform such products and some of you will soon find out.

Step by step instructions for making paper firecrackers

you can appreciate more than one step of master classes, which will help you to effortlessly at home make great toys.manufacturing processes of these crafts is very simple.In most cases, you do not need nothing but sheets of A4 or regular notebook.For more complex products will need scissors, glue or double-sided tape.In general, only your imagination will affect what kind of product you get, and how it will look.Master toy is very exciting, so do not be surprised if you spend on them the whole album.

How to in the art of origami

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of handicrafts Japanese technique:

  1. for products you will need an ordinary sheet of A4 any color.If you take the white, then it will be able to decorate it with paints, crayons or markers.Then the flapper is unique.
  2. Fold the sheet in half vertically.
  3. On both sides of bend angles to the edges come together in one line.
  4. Bend blank inside.
  5. again bend the product in half and straighten your back.As a result, you have formed a fold line.
  6. Fold the edge to the line.
  7. again bend the product in half and straighten.You made oblique fold line.Fold the sheet over them.
  8. Take the resulting product of the free ends, pointing forward and the inside of the arm pull sharply.With this action, you will hear a loud popping sound.

Dual slapstick with their hands

manufacturing process:

  1. double cracker of paper with your hands going very easy.You will need an ordinary sheet of paper A4 format.
  2. Fold the corners of the sheet on the left and right so that in the middle they touched each other.
  3. Fold in half the resulting structure twice, first horizontally and then in the middle.
  4. The left and right sides of the blank place inside and fold in half.
  5. Finally, you learned how to do a double firecracker paper.
  6. little advice: better to take is not white, and exercise book.It is less busy, and then it would be better to bend and clap louder.

Master-class on making firecrackers sound

Step by Step:

  1. Take the cardboard tube, for example, the frame of the paper towels.From
  2. cut cardboard circle whose diameter is a few millimeters smaller than the tube.
  3. Glue a circle on a large square piece of corrugated paper.
  4. Pierce circle in the center, pull him through thick thread and tie a piece of the tip of the match.
  5. on a piece of double sided tape glue gofrobumagi to the tube so that the cardboard circle with a match were inside it.Paper should be wrapping blank.
  6. Cut off any excess.
  7. of colored cardboard, cut a piece whose length is equal to the length of the tube.Its width should be longer than one centimeter diameter of the workpiece.Glue it to the tube on the double sided tape.
  8. Slice finely colored crepe paper, which will play the role of confetti.Pour them into the tube.
  9. From gofrobumagi cut a circle with a diameter three times as many tubes.
  10. Glue it on the double-sided tape.Edges leave free and cut them into strips.So toy will look prettier.
  11. you already know how to make a paper firecracker.In order to bring it into effect, dramatically just pull the string.It can be used repeatedly refilling confetti and sticking to the bottom of the tube.

Tutorials: how to make a paper firecracker

If you do not understand how to make a loud firecracker paper, look at the following video, which provides a detailed description of the manufacturing process.Thanks to these videos you will see that make fun toy is very easy, because it only takes a few minutes.As for materials, then only need the usual sheets, album or tetrad.Make paper crafts and have fun playing with them.Video tutorials will teach you to create fun toys, using ordinary paper.

Step lesson for beginners

Flapper with confetti on New Year