How to cure sinusitis

Sinusitis - a common disease characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of paranasal sinus, which occurs in the acute odontogenic, fungal, allergic, dontogennoy forms.Early identification of the disease, understanding what the symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in children and adults - that is what is needed for recovery.The cause of - a respiratory infection, an allergic reaction to a deviated septum, chronic diseases of the oral cavity.Treatment consists of an integrated approach.

How to treat sinusitis home

treatment of nasal disease is multiple directions, which are aimed at the best sinusitis therapy at home.Among them are:

  1. Removing the cause of the disease.In this case, prescribers who are struggling with the causative agent of the disease: antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic.
  2. reduce inflammation and improvement of the drainage of sinus.For the treatment prescribed nasal lavage, medications with substances that promote mucus clearance.Effective solutions from common soda a
    nd sea salt.
  3. vasoconstrictive drops.Used to improve the drainage, as the swelling of the mucous removed.Houses prepare decoctions for washing the nose with St. John's wort, propolis, kalanchoe, Sophora, drops of eucalyptus, cyclamen.Sometimes a chestnut.Drainage as a treatment effective after washing with antiseptic agents, such as Dauphin.Treatment of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses with the preparation takes place without complications.
  4. Thermal procedures.Home treatment involves the heating of the nose dry heat.To do this you will need a warm egg, salt, blue lamp Bioptron.Heating contraindicated in the acute form of the disease.
  5. When severe pain compresses and hydrocortisone Dimexidum.
  6. application of homeopathy, alternative treatments like leeches.

Statistically treatment of folk remedies have a positive result.There are a large number of drops, solutions for washing, compresses and ointments.The treatment is not possible without regular washings with sodium chloride solution before instillation of the drops.Home therapy eliminates agents that cause the patient signs of intolerance.The proposed methods of treatment are suitable for adults and children alike.

Effective folk remedies

sinusitis Treatment folk remedies, the most effective of which are well known, is the regular use of improvised herbal formulations that do not cause complications.The proposed methods are good if the disease is treated in the future without punctures.Among the traditional medicine are the following:

  1. Application inhalation propolis.Driving preparation is simple: in a saucepan boil the required two quarts of water.Add two teaspoons of alcohol tincture of propolis.Once the pan is removed from the heat.The patient breathes steam, leaning over the pan.Keep your head above the pan and the top is covered with a blanket.
  2. Preparation drops based on honey.Celandine herb finely chopped, mixed with honey and aloe juice in equal quantities.To bury two or three drops in each nostril.The daily rate of three to five times.Contraindications for allergic reactions.
  3. application of rosehip oil.Treatment of sinusitis home effective when used rosehip oil or sea buckthorn.Drops buried three times a day, have a facilitating effect.Effective in acute, chronic and purulent sinusitis.It is prohibited to bury children under the age of two years.
  4. use of herbs.Herbal taken inside.You may use the absence of intolerance.Recipe public: you will need to fill in a glass bowl two or three spoons of chamomile, sage, lavender, eucalyptus, or St. John's wort.Herbs are thoroughly mixed, ready to collect poured two liters of boiling water, then infused at room temperature.A decoction is taken one hundred grams every three hours.Treatment of sinusitis in adults in the home involves a course for 14 days.
  5. packs of clay.In hot water, 50 grams of clay are stirred.Two pieces of gauze wetted in vegetable oil and superimposed on the nose.On the nose over the gauze is applied clay.Compress thirty minutes is kept in the disease.
  6. compress bay leaf.Sprig of leaves is filled with water, bring to a boil.Cools.The resulting solution is wetted cloth and applied for one hour on the sinuses.His face is covered with a towel on top.

Antibiotics Antibiotics

disease is treated only with the bacterial form.The use of drugs in other forms leads to side effects.The bacterial form is due to the growth of bacteria streptococcus, staphylococcus, so antibiotics are matched with the content of active ingredients.This means may be a group penicillin - "Amosin", "ampicillin" "Amoksiklav" "Ekoklav" "Dolphin";macrolides - "Sumamed" "Macropen" "Clarithromycin";fluoroquinolones - "Ofloxacin", "lomefloxacin".


chronic sinusitis in adults Treatment involves the use of "Bioparox".The drug is used for inhalation, in advanced forms of the drug is administered through the nose.Dosage doctor prescribes the patient individually.Treat sinusitis without puncture well Vishnevsky ointment, which has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect.It relieves acute, eliminating the need for piercing.Quickly removes the common cold in the early stages.

interesting method of combating sinusitis suggested Professor Neumyvakin: the treatment of the disease is the use of hydrogen peroxide (3%), as is a strong antiseptic, coping with all forms of the disease.Treatment for sinusitis home consists of washings and instill drops.To bury one or two drops.The daily rate is two to three times.For peroxide solution diluted with water in equal amounts.

Features of treatment of sinusitis

peculiarity of treatment in adults in the home and during patient treatment is a combination of various methods - medication, physical therapy and other treatments.The initial stage is treatable most likely, does not require the use of antibiotics, just stick to the proposed recommendations.Sinusitis can be left-hand, right-hand, or distributed on both sides.After the treatment of sinusitis is important not to get sick again.


Treat without puncture chronic sinusitis can use the sinus washings, the use of drugs aimed at removing phlegm: for the purpose prescribed mucolytics.Washing is carried out with weak solutions of salt at home or saline at a reception at the otolaryngologist.In taking vitamins, restorative drugs as adjuvant therapy.


Acute sinusitis is often a two-way form.Therapy is aimed at the elimination of purulent focus, consists of a total of physiotherapy, the use of local and anti-inflammatory drugs.Drugs aimed at removing mucus and improve breathing.Effective medications are to remove the pus through the mouth.The course of treatment lasts for 2 weeks.

Treating sinusitis hospital

the hospital treatment takes place according to the scheme, in which both are involved antibiotics, lavage, drops, physiotherapy.A special device that is known as "The Cuckoo", displays the purulent discharge from the nose without a puncture.The action of the device resembles a home washing, but their composition is applied antibiotics, soothing mucosa formulations of saline.Get rid of sinusitis permanently help the latest tools and techniques.

With puncture

Puncture - simple operation, during which removes pus from the sinuses to the accumulation of blood clots.After puncture sinus rinse with plenty of saline with the addition of drugs.Assigned to it only in the absence of drug treatment results after the US.Punctures are used in the treatment of illnesses in adults and children, the mean pain, it all depends on the patient's sensitivity.

Laser Treatment laser method promotes rapid recovery without further complications.This non-invasive method that does not require hospital treatment.The laser eliminates puffiness, helps to eliminate mucus.Treatment consists of several procedures in the interval of 1-2 weeks, wherein the patient does not feel discomfort.The procedure is painless quick rehabilitation period.

How to treat sinusitis in pregnancy

During pregnancy and lactation treatment of disease includes lavage and administration of drugs based on medicinal plants (homeopathic).Severe forms of the disease allow the doctor to prescribe antibiotics, but did not puncture.Safe therapy is the use of "Cuckoo".In the case of raising the temperature helps wiping with a damp sponge, a cool shower.

What happens if you do not treat sinusitis

lack of timely treatment leads to the development of the chronic form, in which there are regular headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, stand purulent phlegm with an unpleasant odor.Later development leads to sinusitis osteoperiostitu, meningitis, sepsis, neuritis, purulent otitis.Proper treatment eliminates the complications, save us from pain.

Video on how to cure sinusitis without puncture

Want to know all about how to treat sinusitis in children, adults?Interested in modern methods of getting rid of the disease in adults?The following videos will reveal all secrets, will help create a coherent picture of the disease and to follow the recommendations, to forget about the illness, not to think more about the medications, procedures, hospitals, punctures.

Komorowski about the symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in children

How to treat sinusitis in adults

Reviews therapies

Olya, 23 years : Since childhood suffering, acute catarrhal formsinusitis due to delayed treatment developed into chronic.If you have a bad cold and sinusitis symptoms use Vishnevsky ointment.Ointment warms the sinuses and helps to eliminate mucus.During the week a full recovery and return to work.At the ointment do inhalation and rinsing.

Anatoly, 30 years : What is sinusitis, I learned recently, cinched with treatment.Doctors were sent for surgery (puncture).Familiar advised to use the cuckoo, helped, pus came out without surgery.I expect severe pain, but nothing happened.

Anna, 34 years : child often catches a cold from the children.At this time, runny moved to sinusitis.From antibiotics and drugs declined, he decided to use folk remedies.The child is helped aloe juice and the inhalation.In addition, herbal teas made of medicinal plants.