Postcard for Christmas with their hands

approaching light holiday of the year, to which all are preparing the most beautiful and solemn.Mountains gifts in colorful wrappers better complement the pleasant, touching, gentle words.To present words of congratulations native people you can, create a postcard for Christmas with his hands.This is not a useless trinket, a significant reason for creativity and original approach to the decorative things.Such a little thing nice to give, receive, and then take care of life.

How to make a Christmas card with your own hands

Crafts for Christmas people buy in stores.But if you diversify a gift, why not?On the creation of crafts will take 30 minutes of time and emotions of the master and the recipient a present can not be compared with anything.Homemade Cards for Christmas already hit needlework.Christian, solemn or humorous motifs predominate in pictures, poems, prosaic congratulations.Each drawing, detail of the card is fragrant with their greatness and kindness.How to prepare for Christmas cards Ch




Delicate card with surround effect suitable for both inside festive greetings.For creativity you need:

  • paper strips of green (their width and the number depends on the size of the Christmas tree);
  • glue;
  • brush;
  • basis.

  1. Cut out the required number of strips.
  2. folding concertina paper tape.
  3. Always apply a ribbon in the shape of Christmas trees.
  4. Top tree decorating star-tip.
  5. next to the Christmas tree glue the snowflakes, stars, spangle.
  6. If you want to "evergreen" was shrouded in snow, the accordion grease top glue and then sprinkle generously semolina.
  7. sign and you're done!


«Unusual motifs»

to create greeting cards, take:

  • shiny tissue paper;
  • glue;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • crushed Christmas toys;
  • white double-sided board.

Then follow the scheme:

  1. Greeting Card with your own hands consists of a base - white cardboard folded in half.
  2. cut the edges of the layer externally, inside decorate carved pattern.
  3. Place cut pattern decorate the ornament using sequins, beads, rhinestones.
  4. then brilliant cut paper strips.
  5. One side cut into small "noodles", sticking to the base.
  6. Contours Christmas trees paint brush glue, sprinkle crushed blestyashki toys.
  7. dress up a Christmas tree on your own.


angel greeting card for Christmas with their own hands with angels for Christmas - the personification of warmth, tenderness, purity.Creativity is multifaceted, so use for crafts for Christmas with your hands you will be able unpredictable materials.Take 3 coffee filter or round napkins, white cardboard triangle height of 9 centimeters, circles (diameter 2.5 cm), a toothpick, a thin gold ribbon, white thread, glue.

  1. rear triangle attach a toothpick so that it was visible from the top fourth of the match.
  2. top of the triangle put on 1 coffee filter.
  3. on a toothpick on top attach with glue two circles to the toothpick was inside them.These bonded balls - the head angel.
  4. We put on top another coffee filter.
  5. tie up a thread, and then the golden ribbon in place of the neck angel.
  6. third filter folded in half and in the middle of bandages.We got wings.Attach them to the back.
  7. head angel decorate a piece of gold ribbon as the rim.If you wish to draw a cute face of an angel.

in the art scrapbooking

Fancy cards with their hands in a matter of a minute!Fashion trends of art are able to arouse the desire to create new crafts beginners and professionals.Scrapbooking - for creative and daring.Refined tree on Christmas Eve, decorated with original cards - try?Prepare a colorful scrapbook paper, colored construction paper, glue, a pencil, jewelry to choose from.

  1. From scrap paper-cut basis: size, shape, layers.
  2. Depending on the magnitude of elaborate Christmas tree of colored paper cut into rectangles the size of a large base and a top.Each rectangle is cut less than the past.
  3. Use the pencil on the entire length of the paper roll into rectangle tubes and glued to the face of the paper so that it does not spin, and keep the shape.
  4. All ducts, preserving the aspect ratio, are fastened together with glue and attach to the front part.Decorate as you like: carved ornaments, beads, sequins, ribbons and signing.

in quilling techniques

Notes of German and English traditions embedded in ringtone execution of this technique.Quilling - empathic art form, because each element must be felt for the proper selection of applications.Baby cards Quilling fashionable decorating.This version of the application suitable to cook greeting card on Merry Christmas with his hands.Prepare to create: colorful paper ribbon 3 mm wide (yellow, pink, green, red), an awl or a hook, PVA glue, preparation for a card (pre-cut cardboard).


  • Just do small paper spiral green colors for a card.The diameter of each - 12 mm.The more curls - the more our evergreen beauty get sizes.In our case, spirals 10. {10 photos = 10}
  • do to create a trunk curl one brown or black.
  • Glue the trunk to the card, then the rows of teardrop-shaped spiral glue.
  • bulbs for Christmas trees of different color are twisted strips, securing tightly."Clings" to the tree using PVA glue.

  • sign and a gift for Christmas with your hands in your pocket.

Congratulations on Christmas

Select poem or parable in Russian or in English - it does not matter, as long as the words on a Christmas card was genuine and from the heart.Mental line will warm your loved ones, friends and relatives of people in the coldest cold and blizzard.Occasion Cards significant, bright Christmas - hence the word significant.Vintage New Year's and Christmas tradition of surprise and pleasure to present saves a lot of years.For your works of prepared applicator facing universal greeting and wishes.

«This card is designed for you!Let happiness, settling you will not want to ever leave your house.Heat, peace and happy moments to your family! »

« Although celebrate Christmas in the winter time, I wish to make it the warmest day of the year.A cozy Christmas! »

« Happy moments in a hurry to visit you through the cold blizzard drifts.To let them to her as quickly as possible!The bright and cheerful days »

« The Birth of Christ - the greatest miracle.Believe in miracles, they will certainly come true! »

« My greetings to you, because you are the closest person to me!Let everyone who surrounds you believe in Christmas as well »

Videomaster classes

Every child and adult knows that the best way to talk about his good attitude and love - it's wonderful Christmas card for your favorite hands.Crafts, which person is able to self implement will decorate any home.The painted, glued, in different techniques - the epitome of exclusivity card.Underline your personality by viewing the informative workshops on video, create a masterpiece!

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