How to make a gift box

Beautiful gift wrapping with your hands - is a wonderful gift!Therefore not surprising that at a time when the shelves are full of different products and, apparently, no one is no surprise, given the creativity popular.It is interesting to learn how to make a gift box?By learning to be able to please yourself and loved ones with unusual ideas.

Gift wrapping his hands

Only the uninitiated believe that self-gift wrapping, created with his own hands origami box or boxes design, fit into the interior of an apartment - something very difficult.Not at all, it's an easy and fun process.Several workshops - and you do not pull the ears!You will be happy to create boxes: unusual and cheap.

How to make a box for gift

Even if you are bursting with the desire to make a beautiful box, do not rush.First, determine the purpose of handicrafts, its shape and size.I need a box of socks or underpants that insert in the closet?Prepare a thick cardboard, PVA glue, scissors and a ruler.Want to know how to pack a ni

ce gift?It will take a special paper, fabric, beads and other decorations.

From paper to cover

scheme of cardboard boxes is easy, but you can "train" on colored paper:

  1. Cut two identical square.
  2. Square number 1 fold in half diagonally, "underside" inside.The fold line is flat and clear.Straighten.
  3. Connect the other angles.As a result, I stepped square with two lines intersecting at the center.
  4. Fold each corner to the center of the blank - that's a square envelope.Expand.It has already received a diamond, consisting of four identical parts, each side of which housed two small triangles.
  5. On one side of the quadrangle check point A (exactly in the middle, at the junction of two small squares) and point B - the top of the original figure.
  6. Connect these points, bending and straightening a paper - back in place a clear fold line.Repeat manipulation three times.
  7. Turn the sheet on the front side and slightly bend every corner of the original figure (it should touch the nearest fold).Separate the paper on opposite sides of the dotted lines (two notches towards the center).
  8. On two opposite sides of the bend inside the edge parts and glue them.
  9. incised corners bend, turned to the side walls.Wrap the remaining part of the structure, forming a figure in the cover of the box.
  10. №2 square cut on each side of 3 mm, further act on the pattern.

From cardboard

If you are going to make boxes for gifts, in addition to the board, take beautiful paper or cloth.The manufacturing process is simple:

  1. Draw a rectangle the size you want - this is the bottom.
  2. With its build on each side of the two perpendicular lines (sides), the height of which depends on the depth of the box.
  3. Doris projections by 2 cm at two opposite edges, by means of which will glue the figure.Trim the edges of the protrusions at an angle of 45 °.
  4. Cut the resulting shape.
  5. Bend it on all lines and glue.The box is ready!

Origami "Heart»

no better complement jewelery or jewelry as a present than a decorative box made with your own hands.To create a box-heart in the art of origami need two pieces of paper, and the instruction:

  1. rectangular sheet with sides of 25 and 12.5 cm fold in half.And each side - also half.Align middle
  2. one first fold line, and then - on the other.The result was a paper accordion.
  3. Straighten sheet, then fold in half again, but this time along the sides - to the middle.After turning left "Chessboard", which, however, the top and bottom cubes instead of squares.
  4. Fold in half of the second line.
  5. Turn.Along the fold turned outlined four squares.The extreme left and right, bend diagonally.
  6. Expand Repeat steps along the fold on the other hand (p. 5).
  7. Fold diagonally lower right square, one side of which is in the middle part.The same thing - with the square on the left.
  8. Expand.Fold the sides to the middle on the already planned lines.
  9. From the center of bend one of the figures on the two marked diagonals.Fold
  10. intended line on an angle and then to bend the midline upper portion and a lower triangle.Make a bend in a vertical line.
  11. also fold the other side - from the center diagonally.The result was a figure, like a house, with a triangular "roof" and square "building."
  12. vertical lines, continue to box, fold in the side.Rasplyusnite pocket.Small square bend on the diagonal, fold the corner.
  13. lower side bend to the middle turn of the details, then - the upper side to the middle.The upper part of the season with the bottom.All actions repeat with the other hand.

for money

If you want to triple the joy of the present, instead of the envelope invest money in a special cardboard box, which will still show.Fill the inside of the: make the appropriate label and holder of money Glue a photo of the birthday.On the inside of the lid, attach a small pocket for a card.Outside bonbonniere decorate paper, cloth or beads.The result was a box with a surprise.


When creating boxes for gift packaging in the form of chocolate cake you will need:

  • cardboard for children's creativity, photographic paper, poster or drawing paper;
  • brown paper or cloth - a "chocolate" to "fill" the cake;
  • glue;
  • simple pencil;
  • line;
  • scissors;
  • compass.

Proceed to "concoctions»:

  1. Cut out cardboard circle the appropriate size.
  2. Draw a rectangle, the length of which is calculated according to the well-known lessons of algebra formula: circumference = 2 * Pi * radius, do not forget to add a 1 cm allowance on the side (to connect this part in the circle) and above.Their height is arbitrary.Cut out the shape.
  3. Attach the line to the fold line and pressing, spend it on a pair of scissors to get a deep furrow.
  4. The entire length of the rectangle cut with scissors teeth from the edge of the strip to the furrow.
  5. With glue connect rectangle ring that attach to the bottom of the box.
  6. similar scheme make the cover (2 mm radius is greater).
  7. Proceed to decorating "chocolate" box, which obkleyte its brown paper.
  8. Make flowers, attach them to the outside of the box.
  9. Once put in gift packaging, tie her beautiful white ribbon, tie a bow at the top.

Little Ring

Shoplifting box for wedding rings - is banal.How to make a unique gift box?His hands!The accessory will be in a single copy, be sure to come to the wedding attire, and after the holiday will be a memorable place to store family jewelery.The peculiarity of such a carton - holder ring, which is simply:

  1. From foam insert cut to size.
  2. at half height make an incision.
  3. By turns tuck resulting in slot two segments satin.
  4. Of the remaining free ends of the fabric folds make and stick them in a few places on the glue.Excess material is cut.
  5. All podium for the ring ready!Put it in a box.

Making gift boxes

grab the box, such as a shoe, zadekoriruyte it as your heart desires.Design depends on new life the old box.For storage of letters can be decorated with newspaper clippings, old envelopes, or geographic maps.I need a box for needlework?Stick to it button or thread.Capacity for the storage of paints and brushes, wrap paper, which prints make handprints.

Video: how to make holiday boxes

packages and gifts made of paper, made by yourself can be a good memory of a person or event, the original decoration of the apartment.It is not always beautiful boxes are obtained from the first time, and that has not disappeared desire to create, see below workshops where will tell how to make a gift box.Interesting and easy process!

paper without glue

not know where to hide love notes or where to store the change?Fashioned box with lid!To create it you need two square sheet of paper, for example, orange and yellow colors, a little magic, and no scissors!All the secrets of how to make a gift box in the form of origami, will be revealed in this interesting video tutorial.

How to make a round box

Trim cardboard, fabric, building knife, PVA glue and even a nail file - all amiss in the works.And if you add a bit of skill and a desire to create the most beautiful thing in the world, it is, of course, succeed!In this video tutorial by expert boards will tell you how to make a round gift box with a lid, and give the technology its processing by a cloth.

Bag own hands

Capsule in the shape of a heart made out of cardboard and paper for scrapbooking?Yes, even with opening the lid?There is nothing easier!Steps for creating the perfect gift for a wedding, Valentine's Day or just a container for storing ornaments found in this interesting master class.Watch the video - and you will want to surprise someone nice casket.