What is mucus in the urine

One common research that helps to determine the state of human health, is a urine test.Our urine is 90% water, all the rest - the dry ingredients.Urine with mucus indicates different.Assess the situation only competent specialist.The composition of the urine depends on the sex, age and other factors.If you have found out the mucus in the urine, it means to say that only the treating physician.This result suggests other serious pathologies, so do not delay visit to the doctor.

What is mucus in the urine

Goblet urethral epithelial cells secrete a substance that protects the inner lining from acid exposure to urine.Mucus in a small amount of urine is considered normal, because it has a neutralizing effect.Determine the eye by its color or smell of the state of health is impossible.This is done only laboratory method.If studies have shown a lot of substance, the patient is sent to the diagnostics to determine the cause of the pathology.

Symptoms indicating an increase in the indicator, does not exi

st.However, depending on the disease, which led to a deviation from the norm, the person may feel pain, tingling.Analyses are conducted laboratory using turbidimetric titration or test strips.These methods allow us to understand, as evidenced by the mucus in the urine.Antibiotics and other drugs is reflected in the results of the study.

Causes of mucus

increased protein content caused by such factors:

  • foul discharge fee;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • inflammatory pelvic;
  • excessive exercise;
  • eating large quantities of food protein;
  • stress.

collect urine analyzes necessary for feeding in the morning immediately upon waking and an empty stomach.Here's how:

  1. Wash genitals with soap and water.
  2. Process furatselinom or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. girls need to shove a tampon into the vagina, so that the urine white mucus from the genitals is not proved.
  4. After a little urine before collecting it for diagnostics.
  5. rent a maximum capacity of 2 hours, otherwise you will lose the information about the urethral filaments.

The child

If the baby urine revealed the presence of large amounts of protein, you should not be alarmed.It is better to do the analysis again.Poor hygiene genitals before collecting or non-sterile jar can display the mucus from the child's urine.Furthermore, if the urine was not delivered in time for the study, the result is invalid.Most often, if the mucus found in the urine, learn what it means to help re-analysis, especially for infants.The main reasons for the formation of protein above the norm include:

  • phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin in boys);
  • stagnant urine;
  • infection.


poor performance of girls are often associated with close proximity to the vaginal canal of urination.During the collection of analyzes mucus can get there and be with the urine.However, it soon will show a moderate amount of protein.Mucus in the analysis of urine in women in large numbers indicates infection, the formation of kidney stones.Such diseases are manifested by pain in the abdomen, sharp pains during a visit to the toilet.

Also pay attention to the mucus in the urine during pregnancy.Substances should not be, but the condition of the girl admits the result was 300 mg per day.If the tests show a lot of regular matter, it speaks of exacerbations of chronic diseases of women, eclampsia, or nephropathy.To run the situation, it is better to consult a specialist for a competent treatment.


If found mucus in the urine, learn what it means to help a doctor.No matter how much protein indicates health problems.Turbid urine color should be a signal for a referral to a specialist.Among the abnormalities, which indicates a large amount of mucus in the urine, include:

  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • inflammation of the prostate;
  • cystitis;
  • tumor;
  • renal failure;
  • stone formation.

young man should not delay treatment with your doctor.These diseases can cause serious harm to health and the impact on the work of many bodies.The normal measure of protein content in men is considered to 1, the maximum allowable rate is 3 years Regular diagnostics can help keep track of the figure and prevent serious diseases.