Monastic tea from parasites

About 4.5 billion people in the world suffer from parasites, which have a negative impact on health, causing serious illness.Sometimes a person can be infected by parasitic micro-organisms and not to suspect this.Solve the problem of helping anti-parasitic monastic tea.This collection of natural herbs.It is prepared according to ancient recipes of northern monks.As a result, regular consumption of the drink can not restore the immune system, nervous system and health in general.

What monastic tea

Antiparasitic monastery tea appeared in the northern part of Russia for a long time.The composition of the collection consisted of plants growing in the vicinity.The leaves and flowers collected from fruit trees and bushes, dried, stored all winter.It was believed that it is useful for a person to use only those herbs that grow in their native land.To cleanse the body of parasites, a hot drink consumed regularly.

It's not just tea to cleanse the body, but also a great tool that relieves pain in the abdom

en during menstruation in women.Through use of the monastery of tea, you can do without antibiotics that are harmful to the body.Especially effective this drink to strengthen the immune system, saturate the body with vitamins for people with diabetes.Girls, a diet tea can cope with an appetite, if you drink it without sugar before eating.

While collecting natural and safe, the healing properties of anti-parasitic monastic tea are associated with contraindications.Excessive drink is not recommended.If you drink too much, then there will be pain below the ribs, stomach, disturbed bowels.Sometimes there is confusion because of the make up tools and alkaloid esters.But if you take this wholesome drink correctly, then no problem.

composition and proportion of anti-parasitic herbs

Herbs for worms and parasites can be purchased at any pharmacy.Cleaning of helminths and other pests is an important process for the body, which improves the overall health of a person.To maintain the normal operation of the bodies does not necessarily take medicinal drugs can undergo prophylactic course with natural convent tea.It helps to remove toxins and other harmful substances.

Composition drug collection:

  1. Peppermint contains methanol, organic acids, volatile.It has anti-inflammatory effect, good for the inside of the stomach.
  2. field Chamomile contains a lot of patience, organic acids and flavonoids.This is the basis anthelminthic effect of tea.
  3. Calendula in the composition needed for healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect in tissue damage.
  4. tansy flowers contain tannins, so having an antiparasitic action.
  5. oak bark neutralize mikrovospaleniya, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract and liver.
  6. Yarrow contains active anti-inflammatory component - camphor.
  7. swamp oregano helps healing of gastric mucosa.
  8. sage leaves supply the body with essential substances and essential oils.They have a beneficial effect on the metabolism.
  9. wormwood and burdock tea in the composition provide a choleretic effect.

effect on the human body

Tea provides easy, safe human exposure.Treatment or prevention of data drink great benefit.The infusion of herbs can be used as a poultice to heal wounds, to drink for weight loss, body brushing them, help regulate the function of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system.Monastic tea strengthens the immune system, improves the general condition of the body, so you should drink it all family members.

How to spend cleaning the body from parasites

home antiparasitic gathering herbs should be taken strictly according to instructions and only after consulting a specialist.Tea has no contraindications, so drink it is much more useful than the rate of chemical drugs.Diagnose many parasites are very difficult, and delayed treatment can lead to serious consequences.

Brewing tea

Tips Drinks:

  1. In 1 cup of boiling water need 1 teaspoon of dried herbs..
  2. When you insist drink, provide air access to herbs.
  3. Brewing tea can on the coffee technology in a teapot, cup, thermos.
  4. Ready drink can be stored in the refrigerator no longer than two days.

How to drink

If you decide to undergo cure receiving antiparasitic monastic tea, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Eat every day to 1 cup per day of not more than 4 times.
  2. Infuse tea is not more than 15 minutes.
  3. Herbal can be brewed twice.
  4. You can add dried fruit drink, lemon, honey.

Video: Elena Malysheva of the monastic tea

reviews Monastyrskoye gathering herbs from parasites

Olga, 27 years

Allergy cleaning the body this wonderful drink was included in our family habit.Every year we pass the course and not get sick!We should choose the collection, taking into account individual characteristics of the organism.However, the advertising about tea from nail fungus by the name of Dr. Alexander Leonidovich Myasnikov - scam (as he claims).

Eugene, 41 years

Social monastery for immunity and tea weight loss regularly.I look at the photos of the past years and I am glad that is not recovered.I feel wonderful, normalized stool.

Alena, 34 years

heard a lot about the monastery tea, but she did not buy, a friend is not regaled me.The drink was very tasty, but about the beneficial properties can talk endlessly.There is an option to order ready-made collection, and you can assemble yourself from the pharmacy herbs.