Ear fungus in humans

Everyone heard about the fungus from the media or experienced illness on themselves.We will learn about the methods of treatment of diseases of the nails or skin of the feet.However, few people know that the fungus is found in the ears is not rare.The disease is very unpleasant, difficult to treat.Get rid of the fungus is possible only in time to identify the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

What ear fungus

have a large number of people on our planet are present inside the ear fungus, which begin to multiply and lead to meykozu under certain factors:

  • injuries that violate the integrity of the skin;
  • contact with dirty water into the ear;
  • very thorough cleaning of the ear with a cotton swab;
  • use of antibiotics or hormones;
  • lowered immunity;
  • using other people's headphones or hearing aids.

Symptoms Symptoms of ear fungus is easy to recognize because they are different distinct characteristics:

  • discharge from the ear have a green, yellow, black or white;
  • cork inside the ear,
    which occur constantly, formed crusts of sulfur;
  • in the body there is congestion and noise;
  • inside the ear begins to itch;
  • on the part of the patient's ear, there is pain, which can cause similar sensations in the head;
  • experience any hearing loss;
  • dizziness occurs.

Types of fungi in the ear in humans

Fungal otitis media occurs when the ear appear activators of a particular type:

  • yeast fungus Candida causes candidiasis disease that affects the middle ear and the skin of the external auditory canal or the area ofears, in appearance resembles eczema;
  • mold fungus in the ear becomes a cause of aspergillosis and mukoidozov formed behind the ears, in the ear and the ear canal is shaped like a plaque;
  • especially pathogenic fungi form coccidioidomycosis, blastomycosis, affect the skin in the ear canal, characterized by bright severity of symptoms.

How and what to treat a fungus ear

In order to recover from the unpleasant disease need more than one day.Basically, the treatment is effective only in 1-2 weeks.Now for this purpose, a large number of medications.Used drops, ointments and tablets.The correct selection of the appropriate means will help the competent doctor.In addition, and at the first signs of the fungus can use home remedies.

folk remedies

fungus treatment in a person's ears at home can be carried out:

  • Broth celandine

Take 1 tsp..dry grass, brew it 1 tbsp.boiling water.Insists remedy should until until cool.The resulting drug drip into the ear 2-3 drops.Treat celandine carefully so the plant is not in contact with the mucous membranes of eyes, mouth and nose.After cooking means wash your hands.

  • walnut oil

to conduct treatment with this product, lie down on the healthy ear.The sick drip 1 drop tools.As treatment, increase the dose to 4 drops.Before using a pogrom in the hands of the bubble, the substance has got the right temperature.

  • cider vinegar

This home medicine is not used for landfill, they need to wipe the ear passages, causing the liquid to a cotton swab.The tool will save you from the itching and inflammation.To prepare it, mix the vinegar with water in equal proportions.The drug will be effective if you need treatment for fungus in children.


to the fungus does not give complications, does not spread, it is better to use the medication.Go to the hospital, you will be able to obtain the necessary expert advice easily.It is very important not just to outline a plan to get rid of the body of pathogens, and identify the root cause of the disease.Folk remedies that many people love to use the power of naturalness, will be a perfect complement to the treatment.

antifungal ear drops

For the treatment of mycosis doctors prescribe such agents:

  • «Kandibiotik»

Formulation: clotrimazole, beclomethasone dipropionate, chloramphenicol, lidocaine hydrochloride.

medicine not only cope with the fungus, but also relieves pain and inflammation.

  • «Rerzortsin»

Composition: active substance - a meta-dihydroxybenzene.

Uses: used to treat fungal infections, and infections of the skin, has antiseptic properties.

  • «Cefazolin»

current component cefazolin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that helps to fight against fungal and other infections, relief of inflammation.

hydrogen peroxide

famous low-cost drug will help you to cope with itching in the ear affected by microorganisms.The body should be washed means digging into the 3-5 drops, leaving the drug within 10 minutes.After the procedure, wipe the ear canal with a cotton or gauze swab.In medicine peroxide is not used as a medicine, and to clean the ear before administration of another drug.

What doctor treats fungus

Self-treatment of this disease can not be engaged.Fungal infection can cause serious harm to your body, spreading it closer to the inner ear.The operation is assigned to the most severe cases.If you recognize the signs of this disease, immediately contact an audiologist (Laura).The specialist will be able to identify the cause of the development of fungus and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Video about the treatment of fungus at home


Arthur, 48 years

Previously, this disease is seen only in photos, terrified unpleasant picture.Recently, however, I faced him directly.I had an itch, and discharge from the ear, having a white color, which was clearly visible in the sink.Immediately I went to the doctor, he appointed me to the drug "Kandibiotik".After ten days of use, I was completely cured.

Marina, 31 years

Ear fungus would not wish even the enemy, ugly disease.It all started with a simple itch.To cure otomycosis, I washed the body with hydrogen peroxide, but no tangible effect has not followed.After a while I began to feel a headache, she went to the doctor.The specialist advised to use the funds only for the preparation of a medication procedures.After a few days of treatment "Cefazolin" I felt relieved.I believe that this drug - a quick way to solve the problem.

Antonina, 43 years

My child has itching ear.I used to be faced with ear fungus, so it is easily diagnosed.I knew that children can not use any aggressive agents that are suitable for adults, so the treatment is carried out with diluted apple cider vinegar with water.Old people's way of how to treat the fungus, coped with the task.A week later, the baby fully recovered.