How to make a hat out of paper

venturing costume?You think of how to make a paper hat, tricorn pirate hat for a witch or a cowboy?Use the step by step instructions and master classes to help learn how to make a hat out of paper.Such simple homemade hats become a good alternative to the purchased costumes and will not appear less bright and original.

Hats made of paper with your hands

Paper hats with their hands - an easy way to diversify costume.Using glue and scissors easy to make an original Mexican sombrero, pirate hat, elegant cylinder or cap for a snowman.The famous blue hat Dunno, finished cloth will make recognizable the easiest costume of fairy-tale hero.To learn how to make a hat made of cardboard, paper and other additional scrap materials, manufacturing instructions tell each headdress.


learn how to make a pirate hat with his hands out of paper.To implement the planned we need:

  • black paper (1 A3 sheet);
  • hat gum;
  • scissors;
  • awl;
  • glue;
  • white paper;
  • black pen or pen.

instructions how to make a pira

te hat out of paper:

  1. on black paper draw a square with sides equal to the length of the short faces A3 sheet.Cut.
  2. round off corners, stopping the square into a circle.
  3. white sheet, double folded in half (in length).
  4. Make fringe - often folded strip incision across without touching the bottom.
  5. Expand sheet, cut along the folds.
  6. curls with scissors or a pencil on the fringe of each white paper strip.
  7. carefully adjusted the wavy stripes to the black circle, glue them around the circumference so that the folded edge of the fringe looked up.
  8. On the circumference to the eye have (celebrate), three equidistant points.
  9. from one mark to the other three do fold, which should form an equilateral triangle.
  10. semicircular field hats are bent upwards.
  11. According to the principle of fringe cut / produce two white feathers, decorate their hat (a turn-up side cocked field).
  12. to the front of the hat cut out white skull and crossbones, painted and glued to the second turn-up field.
  13. is pierced on each side of the hat with an awl holes.
  14. is attached to a hat cocked hat gum.


Paper hats with their hands - it's crafts, in which other available means are used with success.To make a Mexican sombrero, we need the following materials:

  • dense red paper (colored drawing paper);
  • plastic flower pot;
  • wrapping paper;
  • decorative cord.

How to Make a Mexican hat made of paper?With the help of adhesive tape, paints, rulers, scissors, compasses start manufacturing:

  1. gruntuem Flower pot with white paint, give it to dry.
  2. Put the pot upside down on red paper, draw out circuit.
  3. Inside draw smaller circle and cut.
  4. From the edge of the hole to cut the line of the circle do perpendicular incisions.
  5. cloves are bent upwards.
  6. Around the compass draw a line, which outline the edge of the sombrero fields.
  7. departing from it inside 5 centimeters, draw a another circle.
  8. cropped trunk excess paper.
  9. From the trimmed edge to the incised circle make perpendicular incisions.
  10. Bends up teeth, glue them together.
  11. Coloring pot brightly colored horizontal stripes.
  12. Give the paint to dry.
  13. inside the rim of the pot on the glue strip double-sided tape.
  14. Put the crown-pot on the field, and glue the inside curved teeth.
  15. Attach straps.

Cylinder Cylinder - Universal hat.It is suitable for Dracula costume, snowman, old woman Shapoklyak.This hat with a veil will flirty addition to many ladies' masquerade attire.The main thing - to determine the height and crown width fields, then do yourself a headdress for a particular character.For a cylinder, we need the following materials and tools:

  • Whatman;
  • glue;
  • colored cloth (paper);
  • scissors.

instructions how to make a stylish hat made of paper:

  1. Draw a rectangle on Whatman paper (one side - the height of the second - the length of the crown circumference).Cut.
  2. Merge pipe connecting piece at the height of the edges of the rectangle.
  3. contours on a new sheet of paper on the crown of the circle.
  4. resulting draw out another circle at a distance equal to the width of the field of the future of the cylinder.
  5. small hole draw out from within, departing from the contour of the circle and a half centimeters.
  6. Cut the small circle.
  7. From its edge to the inner circumference of the drawn lines do notches and Fold the paper along the traced outline.
  8. draw out again on a new sheet of paper on the crown of the circle.
  9. cut parts along the contour, stepping outside for about a half centimeter incision - is the height of the crown.
  10. Make scissor cuts and Fold the paper along the traced outline.
  11. Merge the crown-tube with a round top.
  12. Glue towards the cylinder (incisions are putting the inside of the cone).
  13. paste hat colored paper or cloth.
  14. Decorate as desired (brooches, feathers, veil, ribbons and so on.).


snowman hat from paper to suit Snowman - the easiest option masquerade hat if tinkering cap.Original hat will light corrugated paper - crumpled curve and cylinder.How to make this option a hat, we already know.Let's try to make the cap.For its production, we need:

  • Whatman:
  • paint brushes;
  • colored paper;
  • glue;
  • hat gum;
  • scissors.


  1. Drawing on Whatman paper circle whose radius is equal to the height of the bell.
  2. measure the volume of the head of the future Snowman.
  3. This amount centimeters measured from the length of the drawn circle.
  4. Stamp - in the center of the circle, the beginning and the end of the metered line (the volume of the head).
  5. From the marks on the circle to the center of the circle holding the two traits.
  6. Cut the resulting sector.
  7. displace the cone.
  8. Merge his or fastening stapler.
  9. painted paint or colored paper pasted over our hat for a snowman.
  10. attached thereto a hat gum.


Dunno Dunno For hats, we need the following tools and materials:

  • cardboard;
  • blue (blue) fabric;
  • superglue or stapler;
  • yellow crepe paper;
  • hat gum;
  • paint or brush.


  1. On cardboard draw a circle in terms of the future head of Dunno.
  2. contours of her circle of larger diameter -. The distance between the circles around 20-25 cm
  3. cut parts along the contour of a great circle - a field hat.
  4. small hole draw out from within, departing from the contour of the circle and a half centimeters.
  5. Cut the small circle.
  6. From its edge to the inner circumference of the drawn lines do notches and Fold the paper along the traced outline.
  7. Draw another circle of 25-30 cm
  8. radius cut one sector, the remaining part we turn the cone and glue along the edge -. This crown of the hat.
  9. Merge the crown and field (incision of the field is pasted inside the cone).
  10. tight fitting hat cloth, securing her a stapler, or colorable blue colors.
  11. Cut corrugated paper and turn fringed tassel.
  12. Fasten a hat gum.
  13. Attach a string to the brush.
  14. If desired, the inside of the draw fields blonde hair Dunno.

How to make paper

How to make hats for the children of paper by using old newspaper unnecessary?Track and field cap or cap with visor is obtained in just a few malted, it does not need glue, scissors or any additional materials.For training you can try the technology on standard A4 sheets, and at the same time to determine the size of future newspaper hats.


This manual will tell you how to make a paper hat out of paper, when not at hand panama.For an adult will need a large sheet of newspaper (tabloid A3), the child will be enough and a half turn.Consider how to make a paper cap, on the example of a standard A4 sheet:

  1. Fold the sheet in half the short sides together.
  2. Expand it folded up.
  3. upper corners of the rectangle wrap to the center and down.
  4. smoothed the folds.
  5. obtain a semblance of a house with a triangular roof.
  6. lower long rectangular strip of free flaps folded sheet turn away up on each side, smoothing the folds.
  7. Wrap loose triangles in opposite directions, consolidating in this way our paper hat.


you are not satisfied with a simple field cap?Let's learn how to make a hat from the newspaper - a light hat with a visor from the sun.To produce such a cap, we need a sheet of newspaper:

  1. Take a sheet of paper (A3 size), put its long side facing you.
  2. Fold the upper corners to the center and to themselves so that they form a triangle.
  3. free lower rectangular strip in half and fold up again exactly.
  4. Expand cap backwards.
  5. Speakers at the edges of the triangles the product rolled strip wrap inward (toward you).
  6. right and left end caps add up to the middle.
  7. lower free rectangular strip to buckle up back to back with curved edges (see previous paragraph).
  8. Form a visor, making small folds at the sides.
  9. Refill them under the cap on the resulting envelope.
  10. Expand cap bottom toward you.
  11. Bends down the upper part of the cap, dressed her under the lapel.
  12. spreads its cap, open it, we try on.

Video: how to make a paper hat

Videotutorial - best visual aid that shows how to get help with origami hat out of paper, such as a cap for a witch.The same technology is easy to make a newspaper hat, make traditional Chinese headdress.The authors of the video will show how to make a hat out of paper for fancy dress or mushroom Amanita elegant hat for a doll.Watch, learn, memory circuits.

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