Increased white blood cells in urine

White blood cells are always present in the urine of each person.Leukocyte count depends on many factors and changes several times per day.Elevated white blood cells in the urine - an alarming symptom, indicating the possibility of inflammation of the urinary or reproductive system.Leukocyte esterase - an enzyme, which is determined by means of the presence of the body's cells.

What does it mean if elevated white blood cells in the urine

Elevated levels of white blood cells in the urine is an indirect sign of various diseases.Satellites increase in the number of white blood cells can be considered as: cystitis, reflux, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis or nephrolithiasis kidney disease, urethritis, prostatitis and many other unpleasant state of the genitourinary system.The physiological leukocytes in urine is characterized by the presence of the pregnancy, fatigue, stress.Proper collection of urine - an important stage of diagnosis, which requires compliance with simple rules:

  1. For research only morn
    ing urine is used, its middle portion.
  2. need to carry out hygienic treatment genitalia before urine collection.In the presence of infection or inflammation it is recommended to pass urine through the cotton swab to detect traces of the prevention of pathogenic emissions.Assays
  3. collected in a sterile container.
  4. analyzes delivery to the laboratory should take place no later than 1.5-2 hours of receipt of the material for collection.

When pregnancy

Many leukocytes in urine during pregnancy is detected due to the increased load on the protective functions of the female organism.During childbearing expectant mother is exposed to many diseases, among them the leading place is assigned to thrush.Candidiasis changes microflora of genitals and triggers unpleasant symptoms such as cheesy discharge.The protein, which is part of the discharge, can significantly distort the test results.


Babies up to one year made more than once to produce a urine sample.These measures are due to susceptibility of infants to infections of the genitourinary system.Often, the level of white cells is increased due to incorrect collection of analyzed fluid in infants.In this connection, so doctors often recommend a re-trial.

leukocytes in urine in infants may indicate the presence of reflux or latent inflammation of the kidneys and ureters.Refluxes removed surgically, and then restores the normal flow of urine and inflammation passes.Secondary pyelonephritis develops in the urinary tract abnormalities and requires prompt surgery.


High white blood cells in the adult population can signal a variety of serious diseases.Assessing the health status can be their own.The biological fluid should not contain sludge flakes, opacity, sharp odor.The presence of one of these phenomena is the occasion to refer to a nephrologist to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the symptoms.

Norma leukocytes

Norma leukocytes in urine of women - 0-6 units for men - 0-3 units.In women during pregnancy, this figure looks as 4-10 units in conventional analysis and about 2000 ml of the analysis of Nechiporenko.White blood cells in the newborn vary between 1-8 units.It is important to understand that a small number of white cells is a completely natural phenomenon.

The general analysis of urine

leukocyturia should be considered as the presence of more than 5 units in the field of view.These results may indicate a bacterial infection of the urinary tract or amilodoiz.Normally, erythrocytes in urine are present.Their discovery may indicate an organic lesion of the kidneys.The number of bacteria must be less than 2000 cells per 1 ml.The presence of a single cell of a flat and transitional epithelium is a natural, renal epithelium thus should be omitted.

By Nechiporenko

Urine for Nechiporenko method - Laboratory studies with sediment microscopy.Such an analysis is qualitatively different from its general clinical specificity.A large number of white blood cells in the urine indicates the possible development of renal disease.To confirm such a diagnosis, doctors often resort to Nechiporenko method.Explanation of analysis shows that the normal values ​​of leukocytes, according to this method of research, it is assumed:

  • leukocytes - 2000 per 1 ml;
  • erythrocytes - 1000 per 1 ml;
  • cylinders - up to 20 hyaline casts.

How to lower the white blood cells in the urine

excess of normal levels of white blood cells indicates an infection and inflammation in the genitourinary system.Treatment of the disease is built based on the type of agent, the age and physiological state of the patient.The first step for small inflammations appointed diuretic drugs and herbs, "The washing" the ureters and help reduce the number of white cells.During exacerbation of symptoms your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and excessive drinking.Urinary stone disease, reflux, congenital anomalies are often removed operatively.

Videos about leukocyturia and causes increase of white blood cells in a child

pyuria child may signal the development of serious pathologies.For an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the disease should be excluded infection of the external genitalia and urine collection error.If we exclude the above facts we can safely talk about the infection and inflammation of the urinary system of the body.The level of white blood cells more than 10 talks about the acute phase of the disease.Reduce the number of white blood cells is possible with the help of antibiotics.Read more to find out why the elevated white blood cells in the urine of the child, from the video below.