What better warm floor under the tile

Tiled floor - practical and durable solution.It is good for kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and town buildings such as baths.The disadvantage of the tile - it's cold, requires no additional heating.What better warm floor under the tile put, you need to decide carefully studying the information.Ceramic base conducts heat better than laminate or PVC, and has the property of accumulating.Therefore, underfloor heating has an advantage over a radiator heating: When using this system, the heat is distributed evenly and the natural moisture is retained.

Types of floor heating under the tiles

The outlets offer a lot of options of warm floors.There are ready-made kits, which contain thermostat directly heating elements, components.Experts advise not to save on warm floors, not to choose cheap: their quality is not always hope.Proven brands: Russian "Teplolux" developed in England, "the Energy", made by German technology warm floors "Aura".Package costs 1500 rubles.average (per square meter).A warm floor und

er the tile which to choose in your case?Here are the two main options.


deciding which is better to buy a warm floor under the tile, based on the size of the room.For a lot more advantageous to use the water, where the pipes will circulate the heated water.Advantages:

  • room warms up evenly;
  • water floor is easy to make stand-alone part of the heating system;
  • can be connected to the district heating;
  • saving energy.

design Disadvantages:

  • specific underfloor heating installation under tiles;
  • need to buy more and the water pump;
  • difficulties with a partial, local repairs.

Pipes for such floors are made of plastic, they are not afraid of corrosion.Over time, the inside is not built up a layer of fat - this prevents the particular device.The inner diameter of the pipes over the years have not reduced.Difficulties arise with the installation, since the wrong approach slabs will flake off.Installing the system and to put the tile must be a person with certain skills, familiar with the installation.

Electric floor heating, which is powered by electricity, is good because it can operate year-round, regardless of the heating season.electric floor temperature is controlled, the owner selects the mode best for the season.In the water there is no such possibility.Electric underfloor heating under the tiles which is better?To decide and understand all varieties.

Film (Infrared)

As part of such a system, flat plate, soldered in polyethylene film, it does not allow moisture to contact work items.A film of the polymer is broken into squares.Film floor is divided into carbon and biometallichesky.Which you choose depends on the floor covering.Under the tile is only suitable carbon.This infrared system is called as a floor of the room does not transmit infrared radiation to the subfloor, does not generate electromagnetic waves.

Film floors are the most modern, efficient and heat-saving.Features Infrared floor:

  • not afraid of corrosion;
  • if one section is damaged, only it turns off the others work;
  • silent;
  • gives little heat loss.

installation Features are:

  • obligatory thin substrate having a thermally reflective effect (technical cork 2 mm);
  • to lay tile mounting mesh (fiberglass, cells up to 3 cm), so the film and tile adhesive for floor heating communicate better.


system of this type is best suited to people who equip a new living space without finishing.When installing the cable sexes can not do without a concrete screed thickness Plyusuem cable height of an average of 4 cm., We obtain the total lifting of the sexes in the 6-8 cm. If you are "rough floors", whose foundation is leveled screed, it is attached to the cable system.She realized cables, single-core or two-core.The first is cheaper, but they need to fail back to the thermostat and two-wire - no.While the screed has dried, the floor can not be enabled!

in the form of mats

If the thickness of the floor heating under the tiles is important, consider the organization of the electric floor as a mat.It is mounted on an existing screed in the adhesive layer beneath tile and the floor level rises by no more than 1.5 cm. Insulation for the system is not required.Its basis - the ultra-thin cables, sealed with reinforced mesh.Roll thickness of about 3 mm.

install a floor easy: roll out mats on the concrete, pour a tile adhesive, fix the tiles.Cable End you want to display in the Escutcheon, to the thermostat.The integrity of the mat may not be violated, so the purchase is necessary to calculate its area, rounded down.This floor is a third more expensive cable.Mats are located directly under the tiles, and heating is provided quickly.

Criteria for choosing underfloor heating

choosing what is best for the warm floor tiles, keep in mind that the main criterion - the output per square meter.If it is insufficient, it will be cold in the room.To understand how much power you want, decide whether the floor heating should be the main source of heating, or you only need extra heating.In the first case underfloor must be stacked up to 70% of area or more.power (W / m2) required for the primary heating:

  • in the living room or kitchen - 100-200;
  • bathroom - 100-160;
  • garage, cellar - 90-160.

If you do not get a set of heated floors, and all components are selected separately, remember what should be set:

  • heating elements (cables, mats, etc.);
  • thermostat;
  • additional items for installation: mounting mesh, insulation (not necessary under the ultra-thin floors), the substrate - it all depends on the type of floor heating.

determine the type of heating system for your premises based on the fact, what is its area, whether the heating is always on, or be required from time to time.Consider whether the floor is laid on the finished screed, or made complete renovation.Determine the type of underfloor heating will be easier if you can see what are the modern systems.For this purpose, see the video below:

Where to buy and how much it costs

In Moscow, there are different ways to buy warm floors.Most shops are available through the Internet, there is delivery of the capital and the region.When choosing flooring, you need to immediately look for the item "warm floor under the tile."The table shows the cost of the sexes from low to high, the price depends on the area of ​​the system of heating and power:

Organization Name


prices (in rubles.)










1 471-47 108

Mytischi, Moscow Region,ul.Kolpakova d.2 Bldg.13


TP 09

Arnold Rak


Grand Meyer






RiM SpyHeat

STEM Energy

National comfort



1200-74 250

ul.Folk, 14, p.3, pom.11





1 820-25 234

Mytischi, Moscow Region, projected travel 5274, p.7


Thermo Industri AB Sweden (in Moscow)

Thermo Industri AB Sweden

4 839-22 405

ul.Smolnaya d.24


Magtepol (online store)


National comfort






Moscow, ul.Ozernaya d.35

Video: installation of electrical floor heating with his hands

When using underfloor heating will be constantly observed temperature changes affecting the construction materials.Normal glue from these differences begin to delaminate.As a result, the cracked tiles.Choosing the heating system, pay attention to the selection of tile adhesives.It should create a strong bond.What else should you consider installing radiant floor with their hands under the tiles?See detailed guidance on the installation of the electric hyperfine ground.

Customer Reviews

Valentin, 50 years

bought an apartment without finishing, "bare walls", warm floors installed cable.Take the money, take the two-core cable is easier to work with him.Consumption of electricity less than I thought at first, the level of the power supply is regulated.If the house and so warm, the floor does not turn on.Before the start of the heating season, these floors save us, without them at home so cold.

Oleg, 29 years

After the birth of his son decided to put the house underfloor heating, electric ultrafine stopped at on the basis of the mats.Option is not cheap, but it justifies itself, does not require any heaters or additional support.Installed floor heating myself, with minimal help his brother.Cope with a kitchen and a room for the weekend.Baby crawling on the warm floors in light clothing.

Alexander, 35 years old

Under tile installed radiant floor heating in the room and on the balcony.For the installation had to call experts, I myself have not mastered this complex system, but pleased with the result.I think that the water floor economical than electric.Paul I have 4 years, running smoothly, all warmed evenly.My wife and I are happy, do not want to change the system.