How to treat osteoporosis

Osteoporosis belongs to the category of systemic diseases that develop due to a decrease in bone density.In general this pathology is diagnosed in women during menopause and in people 60 to 70 years.It is the major cause of fractures in the elderly.How to treat osteoporosis and whether there are effective methods to help prevent the disease?

What is osteoporosis bone

With age, bone density decreases and it is normal.However, some such changes occur earlier and proceed more intensively: osteoclasts - cells that break down old bone, functioning more active than osteoblasts, creating a new one, there is leaching of calcium from the bones, they are becoming more fragile.

In women, this phenomenon is more common than in men.In children, osteoporosis is considered a very rare disease and is manifested in the form of bone abnormalities associated with hereditary diseases, premature infant, severe hormonal, metabolic disorders, defects of the musculoskeletal system, especially such as scoliosis.

Doctors are 4 stages of osteoporosis:

  • first - is characterized by decreased bone density, but are asymptomatic;
  • second - the skeleton of bone thinning, but its integrity is not broken completely;
  • third - disease covers several parts of the spine, from the neck to the lumbar, bone density is reduced even further, changing the shape of the vertebrae;
  • fourth - strongly demineralised bone, her noticeable expressed areas of enlightenment that changed the shape of the vertebrae gets bigger, the shape of bones is beginning to change.

Depending on the nature of the origin of isolated primary and secondary osteoporosis.The primary form of the disease occurs due to natural wear and tear of bones.This includes postmenopausal, senile, juvenile osteoporosis.Secondary formed due to a number of diseases - hormonal, rheumatic, autoimmune pathologies, diseases of the blood.

Based on the characteristics of localization of bone lesions, identify several types of the disease.Medicine known for these types of osteoarthritis as spotted (the disease process is focal), epiphyseal (disease affects her hip, hand bones, wrist), diffuse osteoporosis (a disease evenly covers the bones).


How does osteoporosis of the spine?The thinning of bone tissue is slow and initially asymptomatic.The earliest signs of osteoporosis can only be detected in the course of comprehensive medical examination.Pain in the bones and impaired motor functions that require specific treatment, there are already in the later stages of the disease.

severe osteoporosis in women and men are equally manifest: back pain, stooped posture, spinal deformity, reducing growth.Pain can occur in all parts of the spine, and if the disease affects the limbs (hip osteoporosis of the knee), it is localized appropriately - in the hips, knees, hands, feet.

most severe clinical manifestation of the disease are fractures that because of excessive bone fragility of the skeleton can be due to the most minor impacts.Most such deformations in osteoporosis prone to femoral and radial bone.Patients can even fractures of the facial bones - the upper and lower jaw.


What doctor treats the joints and bones?Increased fragility has many causes, so treatment does not only orthopedic surgeon who specializes in bone and joint problems, but also endocrinologist, traumatologist, a rheumatologist.For early detection of demineralization of bone specialists use laboratory analysis on osteocalcin levels - the main marker metabolic disorders.

the diagnosis of disease using densitometry carried out using X-ray or ultrasound.The procedure helps to analyze the bone density, diagnose the stage of osteoporosis and to assess the likelihood of fractures.Furthermore, by x-ray or ultrasound densitometry physician can track the effectiveness of therapy.


Asked whether the cure osteoporosis possible, doctors give a negative answer.Treatment of the disease is directed at the suspension of its progression and pain relief.To do this, use special medicines, such as products with calcium, exercise therapy, massage, physiotherapy.Treatment of osteoporosis in older men and women wearing the orthosis may include delaying bone deformation.


to drug therapy used calcium supplements, fluoride, bisphosphonates, steroids, hormones, vitamin funds.In determining how to treat osteoporosis launched in elderly patients, the physician should take into account that in these patients almost always have full or partial contraindication to receiving a number of drugs.

folk remedies

choosing how to treat developing osteoporosis, some prefer unconventional methods, considering them safer than medication therapy, which have side effects.To relieve symptoms, traditional medicine offers recipes based on the mummy, herbs, honey, propolis, egg shell, walnuts.


Exercise therapy for osteoporosis should be done on the doctor's prescription and under supervision of a specialist.Special gymnastics is chosen according to age, physical abilities of the patient, stage of disease, the severity of pathological changes in bone tissue.The load should be moderate and should gradually increase it.

Massage Massage Therapy in osteoporosis aims to reduce pain and strengthen the muscular frame that supports the fragile bones.Its use should be coordinated with the doctor.Home treatment using massage is possible, but it involves only the gentle effect on the body, excluding the intensive rubbing or pressing.

Power osteoporosis in women

diet for the treatment of osteoporosis should include foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus: sea kale, spinach, broccoli, cheese, liver, nuts, fatty fish.Women with osteoporosis, recommended food containing estrogen: legumes, flax seed, bran, soy products.Useful onion soup, which slows the leaching of calcium from bone.


main way to prevent osteoporosis - a healthy lifestyle.Slow down aging bone to help calcium-rich food, walks in the sun, contribute to the development of vitamin D, exercise.Significantly respect for the body: sleep on a good mattress, enough rest, rational organization of everyday life, thanks to which it is not necessary to bend permanently.

Video: Exercises for osteoporosis of the spine

If your doctor has allowed the patient physical therapy exercises at home, it will be useful to get acquainted with different exercises, helps with osteochondrosis.Over time, the body gets used to the same load, so it is necessary to change and rotate and find new items for the complex gymnastics for osteoporosis help themed videos.

feedback on the results of the treatment

Anna, 52 years : About six months ago, a radiologist diagnosed osteoporosis, bones of the knee.Rheumatologist appointed alendronic acid and calcium ( "Alfacalcidol").The special effect of the drugs is not noticed - my knees are still swollen, occasionally very strong pain.A little help to remove them only massages and alcohol compresses.

Alvina, 37 years : mother is being treated for osteoporosis with bisphosphonates and calcium supplementation ( "Calcemin-Advanced", "Ostalon"), goes to a specialist on therapeutic massage, doing special exercises.A doctor treating osteoporosis, encouraged her injections of hormonal drugs on the basis of calcitonin, but them she started the ebb and strong pressure increase.

Vasily, 58 years : long treated the disease with calcium tablets and drugs, improving its assimilation, the pain did not pass.Improvements felt after injections "Miakaltsik" rheumatologist appointed for 3 months, but I only went to 2, since the drug is expensive.Next to relieve pain began to buy his own, but in the form of spray - also helps, but bone pain does not go completely, but only reduced.