How to make a card for Mother's Day

autumn in all corners of the world celebrated Mother's Day.Large and small children express their love and appreciation to the parent.Gift for Mother's Day with their own hands will be a good complement gentle words.Potholders, frame poster board for sharing photos ... Even if you buy ready-made gift, no card for Mother's Day with their hands can not do - it will be for many years to warm the heart of your mother.

How to make a greeting card

postcards with their own hands will make the son and daughter of any age.Do not choose a sophisticated technology - Mom will enjoy the fact that the child was trying, trying to make her a gift.However, if you have experience of working with your hands - take on arms registration cards in the art 3d or scrapbooking - very interesting destinations for creativity.

From paper

terrible and incomprehensible word "scrapbooking" called the production of greeting cards with the help of different things - drawings, buttons, "mismatched" thread, elegant lace, clot

hespins.Often when you create crafts using some memorable items: newspaper clippings on a particular subject, tickets, labels, little notes, tag from the hospital, a lock of hair, a wedding invitation.

of colored paper

Kardmeyking - another "terrible" word from the world Handmaiden.Although in reality this artsy term merely refers to the process of creating cards with your own hands.Lovers of handmade art does not cease to argue about is kardmeyking direction scrapbooking or is - a separate type of work.Let the debate, and until you see what cards on Mother's Day to make their own hands.


If you want to make a card using one of these areas, the question "What to give mom on Mother's Day with their hands" will disappear by itself:

  1. Origami - a popular art form, indicating the product of the folded paper.Crafts Mother's Day started in the art may be in the form platishko, flower, heart, or even a ladybug.
  2. kirigami - even if you have not heard this word, crafts in this technique does exactly!The simplest representative kirigami - snowflake, which is cut out with diligence and pre-schoolers, and adults on the eve of the New Year.The difference between art kirigami his "brother", the art of origami - here are allowed to use the means at hand, such as scissors or glue.
  3. Quilling - a manufacturer of various handicrafts using twisted into a spiral of paper strips.Interesting activity.
  4. Pop Up - creating craft projects with bulky items that "drop out" when opening the product (whether book or card).It combines technology kirigami and artistic carving.

Crafts Mother's Day in kindergarten

Baby postcards were making all the kids who attend preschool.So with application handle a child of any age.If you have problems, caring teacher will send it in the right direction, step by step telling about the technique of execution souvenir.Postcard mother with his hands will also be developing a great activity for the kid.


master class on how to make crafts out of paper for the children, for all age groups of boys and girls.Teach them to "grow" out of paper flowers, which come in handy for a card created for Mother's Day with their own hands.To create postcards "Camomile fieldĀ»:

  1. Prepare one sheet of yellow cardboard, construction paper white and green colors, glue a piece of wallpaper with summer motifs, simple pencil, stationery knife.
  2. Draw pattern petals Asteraceae and transferring it to the white paper, cut 45 identical leaves.
  3. Tighten the edges of the petals out using a pencil.
  4. Prepare flower core.They can be plain or buttons of the small paper circles.
  5. Divide petals for 15 pieces.Sew them with a needle and thread, attach the top button.The second option - paste the petals in a circle to the core.Get three of the flower.
  6. Bend in half a sheet of cardboard.In front of the center of the cut flower, contours similar to a daisy.
  7. From wallpaper cut rectangle, paste it into the pages of cards.
  8. From green paper cut out 12 thin strips, twist them with scissors.Glue "curls" in the lower right corner of the card, in three places, which are on top of glue ready daisies.
  9. get a nice card to mum with her hands.


original card "Sun" will be a good gift to the little "suns" to their mothers:

  1. Useful: thick white A4 paper, colored paper A4 sheet of yellow paper, glue.
  2. Prepare a template for a card "Sun" white sheet of A4.In a continuous band shape cut on the dotted - bend.
  3. zagotovte rays of the sun - merge with his band to get a lot of colored tabs.
  4. Cut out a circle of yellow paper (Layout), draw a pencil line that divides it in half.Glue the tabs on top, draw eyes and a smiling mouth.
  5. sun Cut in half, stick on a postcard.
  6. Draw greeting cards inside.


Help the kiddies to explain mothers love, fabricate with them this sweet and easy-to-performance crafts.

  1. to create greeting cards, Valentine's Day mother's own hands will need: white cardboard, colored paper red, pink and purple hearts for, pencil, markers, simple and curly, glue scissors.
  2. Fold the white paper in half, trim the edges of the perimeter curly scissors.
  3. Cut out small hearts out of colored paper, better than the same size.
  4. Inside card, draw two lines to which the paste prepared heart.
  5. Ask kids to sign their cards.If they do not know the letters, let your greeting srisuyut: "Beloved motherĀ»

Video masterclasses cards with their hands

For those who can not boast of imaginative thinking, master classes fit posted on YouTube.You do not have to search through the World Wide Web in search of original crafts ideas for mom.Easy and affordable videoblogery tell you and, most importantly, will show how to make crafts for mom.The information is useful to both novice needle women and sharks scrapbooking.

Simple card

green or yellow cardboard card, folded in half - a field of flowers.On the cover of the - your paper hand that holds a beautiful bouquet.An interesting idea for a gift?Your mother definitely appreciate such a touching explanation of love, whether you at least 10, at least 40 years.Thus, trace his hand on a piece of white paper, cut it out ... Though - all the details here.

gift for moms with their hands

This workshop holds girl Polina, which has already prepared for the congratulation of his mother.Schoolgirl tell and show how to make an interesting greeting card with window-heart inside.To create this hearty congratulations to need quite a few "ingredients": a sheet of white paper, glue, scissors and various ornaments such as beads, sequins.

3d card

Films 3D is no surprise.Three-dimensional graphics allows you to view pictures in the three-dimensional image, it has long worked on the film good.That progress has moved beyond the film - 3D technology appeared in the world of crafts!To learn how to make amazing postcard to a loved one, click here.Prepare scissors, glue, pencil, markers, multicolored cardboard and colored paper leaves office block for notes.