Signs of trichomoniasis in men

Each year, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in men has about a million patients.Some diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, a long time do not give yourself any symptoms.Trichomoniasis symptoms in men manifests also did not immediately, so it is dangerous because of possible complications up to infertility.For this reason, it is necessary to timely detect disease and start treatment.Recognize trichomoniasis infection can help the following features of the disease.

first signs of trichomoniasis in men

infection is dangerous because it has a latency period of up to 1 year, which is why the body produces immunity against the pathogen.So there is a form of the disease - carrier.Hidden Trichomoniasis manifests symptoms in men later, but at this time weakens the body, reducing its protective function.The situation is complicated by the presence of prostatitis, against which detect the disease even more difficult.Also carrier, there are other forms of the infection:

  • acute;
  • subacute;
  • chronic.

When the latency period is over, then it may show the first symptoms of trichomonas in men:

  • pain, pain, burning during urination;
  • itching and discomfort in the groin area;
  • pus or mucous discharge from the urethra;
  • redness and irritation of the foreskin of the penis head, as in the photo;
  • sensation of pulling and aching pain in the groin;
  • when depositing semen analysis may show deterioration of its qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

first signs may indicate a different disease - bacterial vaginosis in men, but it is only the name, because the pathogen lives only in the vagina.By the male urethra gardenerella not adapted, so I feel discomfort disappears in a couple of days.If he fails, then there is need to sound the alarm about the infection more severe disease.

How is trichomoniasis?According to statistics, trichomonas in men can appear in 40-80% through sexual contact with an infected woman, and vice versa - it is the main route of transmission.pathogen transmission occurs so:

  1. Trichomonas enters the urethra, it adheres to the mucosal epithelial cells.
  2. Then bacterium affects the prostatic urethra, penetrating into the other sex glands.
  3. After that Trichomonas can affect the bladder, ureters, seminal vesicles, and even kidneys.The most common pathogen found in the prostate gland.

Microorganisms that cause urogenital trichomoniasis, live outside the body for another hour.For this reason, in addition to sex, secrete several modes of transmission:

  • use of shared toilet articles;
  • access to the public swimming pool.

Symptoms of chronic trichomoniasis

Some diseases in the absence of timely and proper treatment smoothly flow into the chronic form.The symptoms are not so sharp, and periodic relapses.Signs of a chronic form of the infection following:

  • periodic pain during urination;
  • rare yellowish discharge from the urethra;
  • mild discomfort in the groin area in the form of itching and tingling.

Relapses of the disease can be triggered by:

  • sexual arousal;
  • use of alcoholic beverages, including beer,
  • heavy physical labor;
  • worsening of other chronic diseases;
  • lowered immunity.

Video: appearance of symptoms Trichomonas

Trichomoniasis manifests symptoms in men is not immediately in the acute form, and has a latency period.In this regard, noting at the slightest deviation or discomfort, it is better to consult a doctor.To know what signs indicate a possible infection trichomonas, look useful video below.In it you will find a detailed explanation of the nature of the disease.