Treatment of gout during exacerbation

Gout is a rheumatic disease such as caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals of urate in the kidneys and joints.The disease, most of whom suffer from - men, characterized by relapses during which the patient experiences severe pain.Over time, there gouty nodules - tophi, impeding the normal functioning of joints.Treatment of an exacerbation of gout involves pain reduction, cessation of inflammation and decrease uric acid levels.For more detail later in the article.

What doctor treats gout

If gout is suspected, you should not look for a photo of the disease on the Internet, it is necessary to immediately make an appointment with a therapist.If they will be diagnosed with this disease, it will send the patient to a rheumatologist, who will continue to engage the patient's treatment.Gout is a serious disease, for which there is no cure for a simple method for each case separately suitable doctor, developing an individual strategy.

What to do in an acute attack of gout

Exacerbation of gout can torment the patient for a long time even if the precise execution of physician prescriptions.To reduce the difficult period necessary to unconditionally comply with bed rest.Analgesics almost no effect on such pain.Help may modern methods of treatment of gout.Your doctor may prescribe prescription drugs that fight inflammation without steroids in the composition.The patient's hand or foot is recommended to keep the higher, the soft elevation.If the pain becomes unbearable, the aid will come cold.

Than to treat gout?Pertinent Dimexidum will compress or ointment Vishnevsky.Most doctors insist on a diet consisting of vegetable soup and porridge, and a large amount of alkali-containing beverages such as mineral water, jelly, milk and oatmeal broth.It will be useful, even an ordinary boiled water with a small amount of lemon juice.Last promotes the dissolution of urate deposits.Gout patients need to drink at least three liters of fluid.

How to treat gout in the legs during the exacerbation

For the treatment of gout at an aggravation on his feet doctor always considers the individual patient's case and offers a range of measures that the patient has to perform constantly, not only in moments of relapse.The patient takes special preparation "colchicine".Among other means may be prescribed as analgesics and as a means to suppress the production of uric acid, but also anti-inflammatory drugs.

If you do not know how to treat gout in the big toe, then the affected area is recommended to apply ice or a compress with alcohol.The patient should forget about the existence in the world of fatty foods and alcohol.In case of violation of the diet to reduce the levels of uric acid will be more difficult, the consequences may be kidney stones and the general worsening of gout.If the damage of the joints and tissues reached a considerable size, and cured with medication does not work, the doctor will suggest surgery.

Therapeutic diet

diet for gout in the acute period is an essential element of treatment.The patient should receive food four times a day.It is necessary to avoid a lack or overabundance of food - this will lead to the attack.If the patient is overweight, he should lose unwanted weight, but at the same time to avoid rapid weight loss.Positive feedback from people with gout, on the 6th diet.

gout patients should receive the necessary amount of liquid.As for drinks, the best choice would be:

  • broth hips;
  • weak tea;
  • mineral water;
  • fruit drinks;
  • compotes.

The most important is to reduce the amount of salt intake.the patient's diet excludes:

  • meat and fish products;
  • smoked meat;
  • animal fats;
  • liver;
  • kidneys and lungs;
  • mushrooms;
  • canned fish;
  • eggs;
  • salty and fried fish;
  • sharp and salty cheeses;
  • oily fish;
  • mustard;
  • pepper;
  • horseradish;
  • legumes;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • cocoa;
  • strong tea;
  • coffee;
  • chocolate;
  • cakes;
  • cream cakes;
  • grapes;
  • figs;
  • raspberries;
  • blend of fruit infusions, vegetable, milk, dairy products;
  • chicken;
  • rabbit;
  • turkey.

as sweet allowed:

  • marmalade;
  • marshmallows;
  • candy;
  • fruit;
  • candy without chocolate.

Meals for gout should be special.Include in the diet:

  • porridge on diluted milk;
  • boiled fish;
  • shrimp;
  • squid;
  • eggs;
  • curd;
  • cheese with low fat content.

Almost no restrictions in regard to vegetables, with the exception of:

  • asparagus;
  • spinach;
  • cauliflower.

Drug therapy

treatment of gout medicine purports to reduce the swelling of tissue near the affected area, reduce uric acid levels.There is a difference between the drugs, which are taken at the time of relapse, and between attacks.Some medications for gout should be used only under medical supervision, tracking blood parameters.In the case of the first attack of arthritis the patient is receiving anti-inflammatory drugs.The use of drugs to reduce uric acid levels can lead to negative results

With the development of gout medications designed to relieve pain, eliminate swelling of tissues.For this purpose, relieving inflammation and non-steroid medications, special anti-gout agents, such as "nimesulide" "Ibuprofen" "Movalis".Do not use aspirin."Colchicine" is a special drug that helps fight disease exacerbation.If the colchicine and pain are helpless, it takes glucocorticoids.For the treatment of gout during exacerbation of ointments and other funds already rendered useless.

Between bouts of acute patient prescribed medications to suppress the production of uric acid.How to take allopurinol for gout?The tablets wash down with water after a meal.What should be the dose - should get your doctor.In order to improve the output of uric acid from the body, is used "Colchicine", the use of which is allowed by the prescribing doctor.There are also alternative medicine - homeopathy.Often, for the treatment of gout during exacerbation apply grass crocus, formic acid.A quick way to get better - spa treatment.

Treatment folk remedies at home

Here are the most well-known methods:

  1. compress the fish fillets.Applied to the site of disease, capture and keep all the night.Repeat 10 days.
  2. Half a cup of activated charcoal to turn into powder, mix one tablespoon of flax seed, diluted with water, rub on the affected area before bedtime.
  3. ointment of melted butter mixed with the same amount of vodka.The alcohol must be removed from the mixture.To do this, it needs to be set on fire, after which the ointment to rub into the affected area to reduce pain.
  4. mixture of five tablets of aspirin, 10 milliliters of iodine.After use, the affected area should wear gloves or socks.
  5. Baths of three liters of water, three teaspoons of soda, nine drops of iodine.
  6. Salo.Rub the pieces in adjacent areas or leave them at night fixed on the sore spot.
  7. ointment for gout in the feet with sea salt.Half a kilo of white ingredient need to pour boiling water and leave on the stove until the water boils away.Thereafter, the salt is added to two hundred grams of petrolatum ointment made from the resulting compress, which warmed and allowed to stand overnight.

Preventing exacerbations

Gout manifests itself where the joint has been damaged.It is necessary to avoid uncomfortable and narrow shoes that do not hurt the big toe, often affects the disease.Especially dangerous is the disease for small joints, which should always load movement.A healthy lifestyle can reduce the level of uric acid and urate.Daily exercise, walking will have the most beneficial effect.Vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs and cheese are always beneficial.It is necessary to forget about nicotine and alcohol, they interfere with the excretion of uric acid.

Video: What is gout and how to treat it

In the story the doctor explains what factors indicate gout development.The specialist explains why the disease is seen in obese people.Even in the video below explains, on the basis of what the disease is confused with osteoarthritis, and flat feet.Diagnosis of the causes of the disease and the treatment of gout at an aggravation - available and simple language.See and take note on the effective tips.