Burning in the urethra in men

excretion of urine from the body is through the organ of the urinary system - urethra.It consists of muscle and connective tissue outside the inner mucosa, similar in appearance to the tube.Burning sensation in the urethra is called urethritis in men, which has two types of origin: infectious and non-infectious.The girls, the disease does not occur less frequently than in men.Main urethritis symptoms: pain, isolation at the beginning of urination, pain, burning sensation.

Causes burning sensation when urinating

If you become sick to go to the bathroom on the small, it is caused by an inflammation of the urethra.The root cause of the disease are: infections, urethral mechanical damage or allergic reactions.The latter, for example, occurs in the presence of specific chemical components in personal care products.Mechanical damage to a man is able to get at the bladder catheterization, the passage of the stone, cystoscopy.

main cause urethritis infection - unprotected sexual intercourse, during whi

ch the infection is transmitted from a partner.The disease will probably occur without overt symptoms persist, unnoticed, and man can not at first notice the pain when urinating, but that is no reason to think that his sexual parterre will suffer disease is also easy.The course of the disease, the degree of complications is determined by a number of factors and the state of the body at this time.

diseases caused by burning and other unpleasant sensations

Here are some diseases that cause unpleasant burning sensations:

  1. urogenital chlamydia - a sexually transmitted infectious disease that damages the genitals, urinary tract.Lack of treatment can cause infertility - a complication that becomes the cause of the campaign to the doctor.Treatment is prescribed sure both sexual partners.After the treatment make the first tests, and a month later some more.If not found, the treatment is successful in both cases, chlamydia.
  2. Gonorrhea - an infectious disease transmitted by sexual intercourse.The disease affects lined with transitional epithelium and cylindrical urogenital organs, the rectum (lower third), urethra, conjunctiva.Causes of pain and cramps while urinating, cloudy discharge, the upper part of the head may appear inflamed and sores.Disease treated with antibiotics with bactericidal, bacteriostatic effect on the pathogen (gonokkoki).Treatment of the disease should take place only under strict medical supervision.
  3. Urolithiasis manifested in the formation of stones in the urinary tract, is diagnosed in people of all ages.If education were in the bladder, the pain may spread to the lower abdomen, on the perineum.Another symptom of the disease - frequent urination, which can dramatically manifest themselves while walking, doing physical exercise, shaking.While Urinating possible effect of "mortgaging" the jet is interrupted when more neoporozhnennom bubble.After the passage of the stone there is a strong burning sensation in the urethra after urination.
  4. urethritis in men - an inflammation of the urethra, which provokes a sense of burning and itching, the appearance of secretions in the early Urinating.The pain in such cases can be both chronic and episodic.Constant pain is a symptom colliculitis, which is one of the variants of urethritis.The chronic form of the men does not cause severe pain (as opposed to ad hoc), and only a slight burning sensation during urination, that still is reason enough for going to the hospital to see a doctor for the purpose of treatment.
  5. provokes Trichomoniasis Trichomonas bacteria that enter the seminal vesicles, the prostate gland.In the body of the infection in the first contact necessarily cause urethritis and provokes unpleasant sensations in the urethra.Dispatched when an unsafe intercourse, which obliges both partners to be treated.
  6. Prostatitis is inflammation, swelling of the tissues of the prostate.It belongs to the most common diseases among males aged 20-50 years.Most is being developed due to the previously transferred diseases of the genitourinary system.
  7. Cystitis is characterized by inflammation of the bladder, it is one of the most frequent diseases of this kind.It is characterized by frequent (often unsuccessful) urges to urinate, sharp pain and burning in the urethra, pain in the abdomen.During the wrong treatment is likely worsening of the disease with the transition in its chronic form, which remains for a lifetime.Women suffer from cystitis more often than men.

To which the doctor ask

If you experience pain during urination, can not engage in self-treatment, immediately contact the appropriate specialist.Diseases of this kind has been a urologist or venereal diseases, based on the cause of the disease.Burning occurs in the urethra in men, in most cases due to venereal infections, so the contact is in the venereal department.In other cases, it has been urologist.

How and what to treat a burning sensation in the urethra in men

The principal methods of treating the disease:

  • antibiotics (cephalosporins, "norfloxacin") are used to treat inflammation in the urethra, bladder;
  • alkaline water (mineral water) is recommended in the presence of salts in the urine or the development of urolithiasis, sour - in the presence of oxalate;
  • if the stones have already been formed, it is necessary to carry out their crushing ultrasound equipment, or perform surgical removal;
  • sedatives ( "Fitosed", "Sedavit") prescribed for neurological cause a burning sensation in the urethra;
  • herbal (tea from renal collecting Urolesan) for the urinary system will be useful in any cause of disease.