Rheumatoid arthritis

Symptoms of some chronic diseases has characteristic differences.Rheumatoid arthritis is one of these diseases.Symptoms of joint inflammation is not difficult to identify, and to mix with other connective tissue disorders condition will not work.At risk are women over 30 years of age and adolescents.Representatives of male suffering from the disease is much less common.Prevention is a reliable means of preventing the dangerous disease.

What is rheumatoid arthritis

development of the disease is asymptomatic for a long time.Among experts there is no consensus on the reasons why there is an inflammation in the joints.Doctors of the classification of the causes of arthritis, which in most cases were detected in the patients tested.In a broad sense, the disease is a systemic disease of the connective tissue in the ankle, knee, ankle parts and hands.

Symptoms Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are pronounced.When some of them suspected diagnosis arise at the stage of the patient's complaints.When p

olyarthritis (inflammation of multiple joints simultaneously) pain reaches maximum level.Swelling and sharp pain during palpation are signals for complex diagnostics to identify the clinical picture of the disease.

first symptoms are considered:

  • general weakness of the body;
  • loss of appetite, weight loss;
  • joint stiffness in the morning;
  • regular pain in the joints;
  • education rheumatoid nodules under the skin (the first symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis of the fingers);
  • increased skin temperature in the area of ​​joint swelling;
  • persistent deformity of the fingers (with the defeat of the hands or feet).


development of arthritis of the joints begins suddenly to the patient.First, there are general weakness and discomfort, then the symptoms begin to worsen.The causes of the disease are considered to be a metabolic disorder, trauma, lack of vitamins, nervous exhaustion.The most common point of view of experts is believed that connective tissues begin to break down as a result of the weakening of the human immune system and exposure to infections.

Other reasons include:

  • excessive stress on the joints;
  • congenital dislocation of the hip joint;
  • spinal injury (arthritis manifests itself in the form of complications);
  • poor diet and abuse addictions;
  • genetic predisposition.


Inflammation of the joints is classified by experts as autoimmune deviation stamina.Lymphocytes Protection functions, change their behavior.Instead of blocking foreign bacteria, viruses and germs, they begin to struggle with healthy cells.It promotes these changes unknown etiological factor.As a result, a malfunction occurs leukocyte synovial membrane damage, gradually turns into the destruction of cartilage and bone.


Arthritis of the joints is divided into several types.According to one of the classifications of the disease symptoms are grouped into four categories with different stages of disease development.There are four stages of connective tissue destruction.In the fourth degree of arthritis pain becomes a companion of man, the joints take a fixed position and become a cause of exclusion of the ability to move independently.

Classification of forms of arthritis joints ICD:

  • juvenile (youth and children);
  • joint disease in adults;
  • seropositive (rheumatoid factor is found in the blood);
  • seronegative (rheumatoid factor in the blood is not detected);
  • mainly affecting the connective tissues;
  • with an additional violation of the internal organs working.


disease symptoms of arthritis do not go away without treatment.If you do not seek the help of a specialist, the disease will develop.The patient is required to be appointed by laboratory blood tests, additional tests cardiologist, pulmonologist.Rheumatoid and rheumatoid arthritis are two different diseases, but patients often confuse them.The first diagnosis is considered a dangerous disease, the second is a consequence of revmatita.

degree of joint damage is determined by the results of X-ray, MRI and arthroscopy rheumatologist.The diagnostic criteria for rheumatoid arthritis are secured by the American Rheumatology Association.Within six weeks, the patient must be kept symptoms such as morning stiffness, swelling and loss of connective tissue symmetrical.With four of the seven signs of the disease and the diagnosis is established following treatment.

How to treat rheumatoid arthritis

Medicines that can rid the person from arthritis of the joints, does not exist.Means by leading experts able to stop the progression of the disease, prevent its recurrence and help relieve the patient from pain.Completely recover your connective tissue will not work.Driving supplementation different duration, and have to take medication for life.On the question of whether to treat rheumatoid arthritis, a positive response to fail.

folk remedies and nutrition

most common means not related to the category of traditional medicine in the treatment of arthritis, it is believed diet.Widespread starvation and vegetarianism.A daily intake of certain foods helps to normalize the metabolism and improve overall health.Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment folk methods are not recommended during pregnancy.


  • use of fresh juices;
  • packs of grated potatoes, bay leaf, apple cider vinegar;
  • bath with flowers buttercup.


Treatment of diseases of the connective tissue is carried out according to two directions.The patient is required to be appointed basic and symptomatic therapy.For drugs that can stop the destruction of cartilage, are "sulfasalazine," "Penicillamine" nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, ointments, as well as a number of other drugs based on monoclonal antibodies.Folic acid in rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by high performance indicators.


Rheumatoid arthritis of the knee, hands, feet, and other connective tissues involves regular combined effect of homeopathic preparations.The most common of them are considered poison ivy, the white bryony, Apis, Belladonna, rhododendron.These funds are the basis for compresses, baths or bandages.Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis homeopathy has shown good results in combination with other methods.

therapeutic exercises

Joint pain is considered to be the main complaint of patients.Arthritis specialists strongly recommend that you change your lifestyle and make it mobile.Muscle and connective tissue necessary to activate through regular walking and physical education.Patients assigned exercise therapy, physiotherapy, and a number of exercises they need to perform at home.


reduce pain, reduce swelling, improve the condition of the patient is capable of manual exposure technique.Massage therapy is a necessary component of a part of the treatment regimen of arthritis.Carrying out procedures should be trusted only to professionals.Massage with connective tissue disease is carried by a point or sigmentarnoy system.


air, fire, earth and water are the main ingredients of Ayurvedic techniques.When arthritis is used a lot of procedures, but the foundation of most of these are effects on the human body, in which he sweats.Chopped herbs with ingredients rubbed into the affected areas in rooms with high temperature or baths.These methods should not be used for people with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Video: juvenile rheumatoid

the baby grows and develops, and any deviations give rise to serious consequences.Rheumatoid arthritis occurs in children no less than adults.Juvenile form of the disease affects the connective tissues of patients up to 16 years.It belongs to the category of autoimmune disease disease.Details diagnosis and treatment of childhood arthritis described in the video.

feedback on the results of the treatment

Karina, 52 years

Agree "Methotrexate" for almost a year.Alternating injections and pills to reduce the negative impact on the stomach.A positive trend was observed not only in reducing acute pain in the joints, but also in the level of ESR.It used to be 40, and the last tests showed only 23. From the arthritis does not get rid, but the overall condition is largely improved.

Svetlana, 60 years

I was diagnosed with arthritis of the knee two months ago.Disability is not set, but the state has been very neglected.Move yourself, I almost could not.I Took "Plaquenil" in tablets and injections made "Metodzhekta".The course of treatment the doctors plan to change.From the long-term use of pain medications are renewed, and the effect is reduced.

Kirill, 38 years

I had never heard that such a seronegative rheumatoid arthritis.After this record appeared in the diagnosis column, I learned a lot of information about the disease.Joint pain interferes with life, but after the beginning of treatment drugs "MabThera," "metipred", "Metodzhekt" and "Methotrexate" became noticeable improvement.I understand that the disease I have to fight for a long time, but pleased that there are good medicines.