How to apply decorative plaster

Liquid wallpaper, flock, compounds that mimic the masonry (tree species) are very popular nowadays.All this applies to the fashionable way of the outer and inner finish.How to apply a decorative plaster, which is a mixture of this?Terms of preparation of the composition, you will learn from the presented review.This option seamless finish - perfect replacement of wallpaper and other materials.

Types of plaster

trim on manufacturing technology is divided into three types:

  1. Invoice has a coarse structure of high viscosity.
  2. Block contains the marble chips, the result of the application - smooth granular surface.Good application to drywall and other mineral surfaces.
  3. Venetian - decorative plaster under a rock, has a uniform texture.As a result of the application forms a perfectly smooth surface, similar to natural marble.

Depending on the resulting surface topography, textured plaster is divided into several subtypes:

  1. Lamb makes the wall surface evenly-grained.
  2. bark.The surface treated wit
    h a plaster, wood resembles a moth.
  3. Coat makes a rough wall and lint.
  4. Travertine - an imitation brick or masonry.
  5. Panel - volumetric image.

Classification binder:

  • acrylic (acrylic resin);
  • mineral (cement-based);
  • silicone (synthetic resin);
  • silicate.(C waterglass).

addition should highlight specific types of finishing material:

  1. color represented 15 shades.It is used as interior and exterior.
  2. roller contains a natural filler in the composition.
  3. latex plastic gives the surface a smooth and glossy appearance.
  4. «wet silk" contains pearl particles attached to the surface of the wall or pololka kind of shiny fabric.
  5. «Sea Breeze» contains fine sand, it is used only for interior decoration.

How to decorative plaster

After applying the primer on the walls should start making decorating composition.How is a decorative plaster?Nothing complicated about it, the material sold as a dry mixture, which is diluted according to the instructions.If you add in the solid components (pebbles, pieces of tile), the surface will get an unusual picture.To impart the desired color is added to the paint in the ratio of 1/10.

Decorative plaster of conventional fillers can be prepared in your own home.This option is important for those who want to save money by making repairs in the apartment.The plaster is prepared in a bucket: mixed putty any manufacturer ( «Ceresit», Dufa) by means of grouting and water.Complement the composition of selected dyes and other decorating elements.

Materials and tools

Prior is important to take care of the preparation of instruments.You will need the following:

  • drill with corresponding nozzle;
  • bucket;
  • structural roller;
  • spatulas;
  • ironing for structuring;
  • grater or sandpaper for smoothing;
  • brushes and sponges.

materials for the preparation of the composition are used depending on the option chosen fillings.They can be used:

  • wax;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • white plaster;
  • means for grouting;
  • dyes.

Methods of application

Technique of decorative plaster - a creative process that requires no special skills.Anyone can stay in the role of the master painter, engaged in his room decorated with this material.Before starting work, the walls are aligned and processed primer.Apply the composition layer of 2-5 mm with a spatula, trowel or roller.It is advisable to choose a tool that allows you to capture a larger area.

decoration wall decorative plaster made in different ways depending on the composition and consistency of the mixture:

  1. Application Method spatula.The composition is distributed along the wall or ceiling in a circular motion or up and down.
  2. large brush will give a distribution pattern in the form of waves.
  3. toothed roller, trowel or stamps attached repeating embossed pattern.
  4. Use crumpled polyethylene will provide non-standard surface topography.

Upon completion of the distribution of the mixture will be some time before its full drying (8-48 hours).Over time, the walls are leveled and cleaned of dust by means of a sheet of sandpaper.Thereafter, a protective layer is required to be applied to the surface or wax.The resulting plaster is protected from premature degradation by moisture and dirt.

it possible to apply a decorative plaster on the plaster, depending on the type and texture of the mixture.If it is coarse, it is permissible to apply makeup directly on the primer.Fine-grained decorative plaster to be applied by roller, requires an additional layer of normal plaster.It is important to wait until it is completely dry before the application (it may take several days).

The paint decorative plaster

Decorating the walls with decorative plaster sometimes require additional painting.Depending on which decorate the walls (interior or exterior decoration, kitchen or hallway is), the design is complemented by new shades or whole paintings.This plaster surface becomes volume, and the interior - filled.It is important to properly select and apply paint.

Facade and interior paints are based on acrylic, silicate, water, or silicone.In addition to choosing paint it is important to know the flow rate, it is indicated on the packaging.Typically, the height of the surface topography significantly increases its consumption.Methods as applied to the decorative plaster paint differs depending on the type of surface topography and the plaster mixture.

How to prepare the wall for decorative plaster

Prior to applying the mixture to the surface, it is carefully prepared.The wall is cleaned from the remnants of wallpaper, loose layers of old finish and other things.In addition to being prepared to apply a decorative plaster surface is leveled and primed.To handle common wall suitable primer and impregnation, which differ only in the method of application.

Tutorials application of decorative plaster with your hands

Transparent video instruction on how to work with decorative plaster will be useful to anyone who is going to use this technique to repair his apartment.Stages of self-design rooms and sample the end result you will see in the video below.After viewing them, everyone will be able to decide which type of finish selected.


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