Bubnovskogo Gymnastics for joints

Beach modernity, joint disease haunts many people.Discomfort can be brought to a state of despair and drug treatment provides only temporary relief.The real salvation for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system is articulate gymnastics Bubnovskogo.The technique, developed by a physician-rehabilitator, author of numerous books, a strong supporter of healthy lifestyle, fit a wide range of people with a variety of problems.

Methodology Dr. Bubnovskogo rehabilitation of the spine and joints

Finding an effective tool for the treatment, many doctors to seek answers to the alternative medicine.What is articular gymnastics?This technique is based on the inexhaustible resources of our internal body.Gymnastics for joints is available to all, including the elderly, women in the state and even babies!

Gymnastics perfectly helps cope with arthritis and arthrosis, problems with the spinal discs, low back pain, etc.Classes are lying under the soft music, conducive to concentration.Often exercises acc

ompanied by convulsions.This is normal!If you feel pain and cramping in the legs, stay, massage them and calmly continued his studies.A set of exercises for Bubnovsky has several directions, depending on the problem:

  1. Warm-up and development of the hip joint.
  2. knee.
  3. ankle.
  4. Strengthening the peritoneum and the muscular system, the development of the press and the muscles of the back.
  5. Exercises for Neck doctor Bubnovskogo.

How to articulate gymnastics Bubnovskogo

Fundamental Principles of the method:

  1. Carrying out exercises at home, control the breathing.
  2. first lesson should start with one exercise, then, by adding the second, third and subsequent ones.
  3. number of repetitions of movements must be installed on your state of health and to seek optimum - 15-20 times.
  4. Performing exercises for the joints on Bubnovsky, practice regularly.

Exercises for knee

Athletes who receive a variety of injuries in the course of his career, will appreciate the treatment of knee of Bubnovsky.The only exercise that does not require pre-workout, as the main voltage, the load falls to his knees.Starting position lying down, feet shoulder width apart, hands free to lie along the body.Getting exercise:

  1. slowly and with feeling bend the right leg at the knee.
  2. Bring your heel, without lifting from the floor to the buttocks, if you want to give a hand.The foot should slide over the surface.
  3. at the maximum bent knee hold for 3-5 seconds.
  4. Slowly make a return movement and repeat for the left leg.
  5. Repeat 15 times for each leg.

for hip

to the doctor with coxarthrosis usually treated people who have already been running condition.Meanwhile, gymnastics doctor Bubnovskogo in coxarthrosis hip copes with the first symptoms of the disease.Listen to your body!As soon as you notice the stiffness, pain during walking, the crunch of bone, begin to perform exercises for the hip on Bubnovsky:

  1. Lying on your back, get your hands behind your head and bend your legs at the knees.On the exhale, lift your hips, while inhaling, lower to the starting position.
  2. similar to the previous exercise, but lifting the hip, you need to bring your knees together.
  3. Lying on his right side, lean one hand on the floor.Pull your knees to your chest.

Video: articular gymnastics

exercises for the joints have a variety of ways.For the ignorant man the task of their fulfillment may seem simple.Do not forget that "the right move cures and wrong cripples."Because gymnastics Bubnovskogo for beginners requires specialist care.Before starting classes, consult with your doctor to closely monitor the sensations in your body, do not overload.Articular gymnastics doctor Bubnovskogo will strengthen joints.A set of exercises you can easily find on the Internet for free.

Tips for Beginners

Gymnastics for joints


Alexander, 35 years old : always love an active lifestyle, but a year ago began to disturb his knees and doctors diagnosed osteoarthritis.I tried many medications, but the pain only increased.Absolutely I stumbled on the Internet at Bubnovskogo technique and have not regretted!Now the state has improved knee and underwent terrible pain.I recommend to everyone.

Vladimir, 43 years : diagnosis - 2 herniation, rupture of the fibrous ring.surgery was scheduled, followed by waiting for disability me.Bubnovskogo method allowed me to take control of the disease.If you think that this is a magic wand - wrong!To get results, you need to really work hard through the pain.Thanks to this system, it saved my life!

Demid, 24 years : professional sport in which I am 8 years gave me not only the joy of victory, but the joints 60-year-old man.At the insistence of his surgeon, I began to perform exercises Bubnovsky.I am so grateful for this tip!Indeed, after 3 months of regular exercise, I feel like my joints strengthened - lost crunching, grinding, feeling the friction.I continue to engage in and hope for the best.