How to adjust the plastic windows independently

Nowadays people actively replace the old wooden frame on the euro windows.Comfortable contemporary design, the collected plastic and metal, are distinguished by reliability and durability.They just closed and provide a high level of thermal insulation.Knowing how to handle plastic windows yourself, you will be able to solve some problems without the involvement of specialists.The correct and safe setting euro-design requires compliance with some rules which, however, this is no big deal.Read on and learn how to act in any given situation.

What problems can be resolved independently

Like any other mechanism, plastic window may fail.Correction of serious failures are best left to professionals.Small problem, you can fix your own hands.Independent basic repairs that can fulfill any man without involving the master includes the following works:

  • replacement of defective pens;
  • elimination of jamming the handle in the open position;
  • update lubrication mechanism handles;
  • eccentric adjustment to el
    iminate air leakage under the seal;
  • installation constraints;
  • replacement of worn seal.

step by step instructions on setting plastic windows

adjustment plastic window does not mean absolutely nothing complicated.The main thing - to listen carefully to the valuable recommendations of the experts and with the utmost care to follow the instructions.The following sections of this article you'll find detailed instructions to help you understand how to adjust the windows to optimize their work.Save or write down for yourself these basic scheme of repair, so as not to get lost in cases of force majeure.

To enter "winter-summer┬╗

When winter comes with a terrible cold, many owners of apartments and houses can not help thinking about how to adjust the plastic window for the winter.To do this, you need to change the position of pins (special pieces of metal fittings) to increase the degree of pressing the valves.It sounds scary, but in fact, this problem is not particularly difficult.So, make a note of how to adjust the double-glazed to keep the barrel from the street in the bitter cold:

  • make sure that the window design is equipped with special cams, controls the degree of pressing the flap (if not, switch the window in the "Winter" mode is notsucceed);
  • get cams on the inner side of the leaf (they are located exactly in the middle and on the edges of the flaps);
  • pay attention to the current state of the eccentrics, and then turn each at 40-50 ┬░ clockwise;
  • gently close the window to feel the course of the handle;
  • if you notice that this movement is given with little effort - hence, the seal presses more strongly than before, and therefore more reliably holds back the air;
  • otherwise turn the eccentric in the opposite direction until you get the desired result.

To correctly and safely switch between "winter" / "summer" use a special screwdriver.Turn the eccentric to the maximum extent sash clamping is not recommended.Strong load lead to the destruction of the sealing material, due to which inevitably deteriorate insulating characteristics of glass.

Adjustment loops

If the window does not close tightly, maybe it wrongly exposed position of one or more loops.In this case, when you open the frame will be mowed in one direction.This small problem you can remedy yourself.Adjustment loops of plastic windows is done using simple household tools that exist in every home.Record the step by step instructions that will quickly lead to a window procedure:

  • open window;
  • on the top hinge hole to look for the hexagon;
  • hexagon insert of the appropriate size and start spinning in a clockwise direction;
  • in the same way to adjust the lower hinge;
  • performing these actions, be careful to frame the situation equalized;
  • to get a perfectly flat vertical plane, use the building level.

In this manual adjustment can be plastic windows and door brands Rehau (Rehau), Veka and KBE.Accessories from other manufacturers has a number of features, so-and-loop adjustment circuit will look completely different.However, to adjust the plastic window will be very simple.All these mechanisms work on the same principle.The main thing - to find and properly configure the appropriate hardware element in charge of the loop.

Repair Pen

When it is hot outside, people aired housing.To do this, open all windows / doors in the kitchen and bathrooms.With intensive use handle mechanism is loosened, so it needs adjustment.If your windows are always open smoothly and noiselessly, will jam, try to solve the problem before it leads to more serious consequences.Adjusting the plastic windows with their hands do not require the presence of special tools and possession of special technical skills.To handle re-worked the least, follow these steps:

  • open a window and refresh block mechanism grease pens;
  • check the position of the lock (it is on the part of the leaf, where the handle is located);
  • if it turns out that he worked late, press the lock into position, and then will be able to freely turn the knob to the appropriate position (horizontal);
  • to check the serviceability of the internal mechanism, it is necessary to remove the handle itself with a screwdriver;
  • looking at the plastic cover, you may see an obvious problem and can correct it (for example, if one of the elements of the mechanism just took the wrong position);
  • with a screwdriver, try to solve the problem, but do not overdo it;
  • studying the internal mechanism of the handle, try to remove dirt (it is quite possible that the pen is jammed due to small foreign particles).

If these steps do not help to solve the problem, will have to call a specialist.Eliminate some faults without the assistance of an experienced master is almost impossible, so do not experiment.Independently understand the operation of complex plastic window mechanism is not so easy, because it provides a variety of functions.

Replacement seal

need to perform this procedure is defined very simply.If the seal loses its elasticity and it will be a lot of cracks - it's time to replace it.Otherwise, the window will be free to allow air from the environment into the apartment, and even the most reliable mechanism will not save you from the cold, dust and noise.Replacement of insulation of plastic windows is performed by the following algorithm:

  • open window and, from the top or bottom corner, carefully remove the old seal;
  • carefully processed groove to remove all dust, dirt and grit;
  • in the same way, starting from the top corner, insert the new seal over the entire width of the window;
  • Make sure that it is securely held in the groove along the entire length;
  • then fasten seal vertically by controlling the position of the corners (do not stretch the rubber, otherwise the corners will not match);
  • fasten the lower horizontal line, and then check the seal around the perimeter.

From the preceding sections, you learned how to handle domestic plastic windows independently for the winter season.If necessary, use the appropriate instructions to ensure a snug fit the new seal to the frame.Turn the eccentric to the maximum is not necessary, or new tires lose their elasticity for a few months, and you're going to have it replaced.

Video: Adjust the plastic windows with their hands

view video below, you will understand how to adjust the domestic plastic windows independently, without the involvement of specialists.Valuable tips will help you to adjust the loop configure winter mode and replace the rubber seal.Follow the simple instructions, and you can get the desired result and avoid common mistakes.

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