The study of prostate TRUS

male urogenital system is very vulnerable.To prevent certain diseases or prevent their development, special methods of ultrasound diagnosis applied.Each representative of the stronger sex should know whether the sick do TRUS prostate, and the essence of this procedure is general.At the moment, this diagnostic method is considered the most effective.

What TRUS prostate

The procedure is not, as usual abdominal ultrasound.This study does not cause discomfort.rectal prostate ultrasound is performed with the introduction into the rectum of special sensor.Note that modern devices are very compact in length and diameter.The study allows us to consider in detail the prostate.Make sure one hundred percent that the size of the prostate is normal on ultrasound, you get only in this way.

Indications for male prostate TRUS:

  • scheduled scan for people over forty years;
  • discomfort and pain when urinating;
  • problems with potency;
  • poor results semen or urine;
  • suspected infertility;
  • pain in the perineum, l
    umbar area.

How is ultrasound of the prostate in men

procedure can not be performed for a reason.Preparing for the prostate ultrasound, as well as to the transabdominal study for women to be the most serious.The study will help determine the type of body growth, the degree of infestation on the bladder, shape, symmetry and size, echostructure.All these indicators on a standard abdominal ultrasound will not be as accurate.TRUS - effective method of study that allows timely possible to identify a number of serious diseases.

Preparing to study

patient in many ways can influence the accuracy of the study.To do this, he needs to know how to prepare for the male prostate TRUS:

  1. A few hours before the diagnosis is necessary to clean the intestines.To do this, suitable enema half liter of water at room temperature.If this is not an option, it is allowed to use drugs for mikroklizm.To clean the intestines, you can enter into the anus of a candle glycerol.
  2. following mandatory stage of preparation of the complex - the filling of the bladder.About an hour and a half before the study should drink 1.5 liters of fluid, can not urinate.The more you want to use the toilet at the time of the study, the more accurate will be the result.

How do TRUS

stages of the procedure:

  1. The patient lies down on the couch on the left side, bend the legs.
  2. doctor inserts into the anus special thin probe with a condom treated with an ointment to facilitate access.The depth of penetration is not more than seven centimeters.
  3. Within 20 minutes the sensor will be displayed on the monitor prostate images from different angles.If the machine is a modern, they will be recorded.
  4. If a patient came to survey suspected oncology, the device will be able to take a biopsy.
  5. At the request of the doctor patient empties the bladder and TRUS repeated.

US Deciphering

In conclusion, with photos, is obtained after the procedure, must contain the following information:

  1. contours of the body.According to the norm, they should be smooth, symmetrical.Deviations may indicate a tumor, prostatitis.
  2. structure.There should be uniform.If appreciable adenomatous nodes, the patient is likely adenoma.
  3. dimensions.The length and width of the normal prostate constitute 2.5-4.5 cm, thickness - 1.5-2.5 cm If the body is increased, it is a sign of cancer or adenoma..
  4. volume of residual urine.Normally, - less than 15 ml.Exceeding says problems with urinary tract.
  5. procedure provides a study of the bladder, kidney, colon, confirms the presence of vesicular processes.If any seminal vesicle in poor condition, it will also be seen in deciphering.

Video on transrectal ultrasound of the prostate


Alexander, 46 years old : Recently became too often go to the toilet in a little.Then there was a pain at the end of urination.I suffered, but the lower abdomen began to ache almost constantly.I turned to the doctor, he has made the analysis of urine and offered conventional ultrasound.Identify failed.I Did TRUS: because it was found that I had an adenoma and prescribe treatment.

Nikolai, 53 years : I decided to go on TRUS just like that, I'm not worried about anything, just know that you need to be checked periodically.The procedure is completely painless, no discomfort was not.Before ultrasound did ordinary enema, then I drink plenty of water.The result of the study was positive, the prostate gland is normal.Now I calm for their health.

Yuri, 59 years : I have long had difficulty with urination, and more recently, going to the toilet was very painful.I went to a specialist: he appointed TRUS prostate.I worried that the procedure is not a pleasant one.It turned out that worried in vain, to make such ultrasound is not painful.Revealed adenoma, doctor prescribe treatment, the condition has improved.