A biopsy of the prostate adenoma

annually replenish the cancer mortality statistics.For men older than 45 years is considered to be the most common diagnosis of prostate cancer, the risk is asymptomatic disease course.Early diagnosis improves the clinical picture, allows you to start intensive therapy at an early stage of the disease, but first you need to undergo the procedure odes called prostate biopsy.Many people are afraid of her, but in vain..

What transrectal biopsy of the prostate

qualitative research is required for tumor diagnosis involving invasive techniques.The most informative of these is a biopsy, which is performed in a hospital.This unpleasant painful procedure, which takes 15-30 minutes and provides an extract of the patient after completion of all surgical procedures.

biopsy of prostate adenoma provides histological verification of the disease, visualizes the location and focal spread of dangerous diseases, provides specialist outlook.Mandatory laboratory test determines the staging of cancer, an effective m

ethod of adequate treatment.

How is a biopsy

an invasive diagnostic method is appropriate in the hospital with the assistance of a qualified physician.A biopsy of the prostate cancer is performed under local anesthesia.Task anesthesiologist: 30-40 minutes prior to manipulation to introduce a sufficient dose of potent drugs to reduce sensitivity to pain and anxiety level.Once the drug begins to act, the patient lies down on the couch on its side, is pressing his knees to his chest and tries to relax.This is the best position to perform a biopsy.

At this time, the doctor inserts into the anus gel with lidocaine to alleviate the pain of the attack penetration of a thin needle and an ultrasound transducer into the rectum.When properly installed, the screen is visible to the prostate gland.Next, using a thin needle that is inserted into the rectum, taken a piece of tissue for further histopathological studies.At this biopsy completed.

transrectal ultrasound of the prostate provides control sampling of biological material reduces the risk of incorrect manipulations and complications during the rehabilitation period.After completion of the procedure in order to prevent the patient after discharge shows a course of antibiotic therapy, but the doctor must first make sure that there are no side effects after the biopsy.


Held diagnosis of prostate cancer in an outpatient setting.A biopsy is a complex invasive methods, requiring thorough preparation for the procedure.It is important to remember the body's reaction to certain medications, the rate of blood clotting.Provide information to the attending physician before prostate biopsy to determine the overall clinical picture.

If during surgical procedures use local anesthesia, you must first carry out a cleansing enema.With the introduction of general anesthesia for a biopsy for 6-7 hours is required to completely abandon the eating and drinking.The final choice of sedative medication is chosen individually for each patient and strictly on the testimony.

How do biopsy

transrectal ultrasound - is a necessary component of an invasive diagnostic method.If you perform a "blind" biopsy of the prostate, a high probability of postoperative complications.Doctors operate strictly according to the set plan, to help attract ultrasound machine.Itself a biopsy is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Preparatory measures in the home.
  2. Performing anesthetic before the biopsy.
  3. Processing place next puncture antiseptic.
  4. introduction of ultrasound and fine needle probe.
  5. sampling of biological material for histological examination.
  6. Extract from the hospital with a satisfactory state of health of the patient.
  7. Taking antibiotics after a biopsy during the rehabilitation period.

it hurt or not

unpleasant procedure, but it is necessary for suspected prostate cancer.Invasive diagnostic method in itself means pain, but their intensity is reduced under the influence of painkillers.At first, the patient is suffering from high blood pressure and discomfort in the rectal area.Blood after a biopsy may appear on underwear, but it's a one-time phenomenon, do not worry unnecessarily.


Get ready biopsy results after only 10 days on receipt of the attending physician.If cancer cells are found, it is necessary to identify component Glisson one of five gradations of tumor grade.The doctor determined with the diagnosis, but it can be questioned, if the study were taken a little tissue.

Consequences and complications

Multifocal biopsy, as well as other invasive diagnostic methods, provides the risk of complications.These are the following pathologies of the male body:

  • bleeding of the rectum;
  • allergic to antiseptics, anesthesia, general anesthesia;
  • bleeding in the bladder or urethra;
  • genital tract infection.

If after a biopsy in a patient starts a fever, an acute attack of pain attacks, requires immediate hospitalization with further resuscitative measures.Malignant tumor of the prostate gland - a fatal diagnosis that requires surgery.Prostate biopsy determines the pathological process in the stage of possible treatment.To learn more about this procedure, it is recommended to see a video.

Video on biopsy with transrectal ultrasound


Maxim, 52 years : do a biopsy twice.Feeling very unpleasant, although the attending physician using local anesthesia.Pleased with only what was diagnosed as a result was not confirmed.I would not like to be over on the couch in an unusual posture with low self-esteem.I was then appointed procedure when inflated results of a blood test for PSA.

Matthew, 46 years : I once did a biopsy under general anesthesia, so little I remember.After sampling the doctor prescribed antibiotics and immediately sent home for treatment.The first day was disgusting feeling in the anus, but then everything went.For men it is not the most pleasant procedure, but for your health it is necessary to timely go through and survive.

Ilya, 43 years : After the procedure, I went for another week, if not your own.The anus is something hurt on his underwear remained blood normally go to the toilet did not work at all without tears.Long suffered until a little easier.The only good news is that the diagnosis was not confirmed, but it would definitely crazy.I do not want to once again face a similar problem, hideous memories.