The difference between arthritis and arthrosis

Paramedics, of course, know the differences between these diseases, which resulted in the affected joints.The residents also often confuse these diagnoses.Not every patient having one of the problems in history, understands what threatens arthrosis and arthritis, what is the difference between them.However, to the illnesses with similar symptoms lead a completely different reason.Symptoms, treatment of diseases usually also vary.

What is different from arthritis, arthrosis

Only ignorant people say that osteoarthritis arthritis - senile "gifts" that threaten health.Problems with joints - a common phenomenon among all segments of the population may even strike babies.Ill may finger, wrist, knee, which hurt.Disturb sometimes crunching in the joint, its deformation.Here, perhaps, all the similarity of symptoms of these diseases.Before speaking, what is the difference of arthritis from osteoarthritis, it is necessary to deal with each disease separately.

Key signs and symptoms

So, arthrosis and ar

thritis, what is the difference?The progressive joint disease, because of which destroyed a cartilage layer and deformed bone, called osteoarthritis.Osteoarthritis spares no one: according to statistics, disease in varying degrees, to attack 80% of the world's population over 60 years old.It affects young and who "tortures" yourself physically, so it is also called the disease of violinists and athletes.The disease has an inflammatory beginning, its causes - is:

  • operations on the joints;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • thyroid dysfunction, sexual gland;
  • obesity.

Arthritis - the collective name of the joint pathology extremely inflammatory etiology.Provoke can be excessive stress on the joints, such as in athletes or physiotherapists, obesity, hypothermia, malnutrition, alcoholism, drug addiction.Causes of disease are varied:

  • heredity;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • congenital dislocation of the hip;
  • gout;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • nervous system problems;
  • simple vitamin deficiency.

often in a terrible illness to blame gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, brucellosis, dysentery, influenza, acute childhood infections.The cause of rheumatoid arthritis may become chronic tonsillitis.Bacteria, viruses or fungi, falling inside the body usually do not exhibit first activity being in the "hibernation".Affects the joints only after the failure of immunity, which, instead of protecting his "master", attacks him, destroying healthy cells.

Many difficult to understand how manifest arthrosis and arthritis, what is the difference between them.Definitely hard to say, because the distinction is very conditional.Often these diseases go hand in hand, walk together.Do not have time to appear bright degenerative joint changes inherent in arthrosis as they are joined by an inflammatory process, and there are symptoms of chronic arthritis, and vice versa.

What doctor treating arthrosis and arthritis

to treat joint pain, there are special doctors - arthrology.Doctors say for sure what the difference between arthritis and arthrosis.More recently, they could boast of only a few clinics in Moscow.Combat these diseases are rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, even therapists.The situation changed, however, and now there arthrology not every state clinic.

Methods of treatment and prevention of diseases of the joints

etiotropic therapy includes drugs that act on the cause of the disease.Infectious arthritis treated with antibiotics, autoimmune - steroids.Displaying symptomatic treatment.Often combine all dosage forms of active substances: for example, the same anti-inflammatory steroidal drug administered in the form of tablets, ointments, injections.In addition to medical treatment are effective resort to physical therapy.

If conservative therapy fails, to fight joint diseases call operation - sometimes prescribed as a symptomatic treatment.Severe cases require replacement of the affected joints with artificial prosthesis.Like any other chronic disease, arthrosis and arthritis completely incurable.The main task of the physician - stretch remission.

In the treatment there is a fundamental difference between osteoarthritis of the knee arthritis, so you can not play the Doctor, to appoint a drug!Drugs in this group are deceivers: reducing pain, they instill a false sense of recovery the patient until the disease becomes severe stage.For them to identify conducting a thorough diagnosis - X-rays, physical examination, medical history, laboratory tests.

Attention to health will help you to put a barrier between the body and these illnesses.Prevention of arthritis and osteoarthritis:

  1. Heal until the end of all infectious diseases, do not even smoldering manifestations of chronic diseases.
  2. Regardless of age, start to exercise.Light jogging, brisk walking, swimming, gymnastics and normalize weight, lead muscle tone.
  3. Diet.Discard the fat, add the fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, cartilage, gelatin.
  4. Replace drinks with plain water (3 liters), vitamins, calcium.
  5. Protect the joints from hypothermia.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes.

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