Benefits and harms of prostate massage

modern rhythm of life, unhealthy diet and environment affect not the best way to health of the people, and such diseases as prostatitis, became frequent.Representatives of the stronger sex before become exposed to it, and the consequences of this disease deplorable.One of the methods is considered to be the salvation of prostate massage, to which many men are disparagingly.Assuming that we can restrict reception of medicines, they do not pay attention to the recommendations of doctors.Thus, prostate massage: the benefits and harms.Should we close our eyes to this procedure?

What is the prostate massage

prostate in men - very important organ, its functions are to preserve the reproductive qualities and pleasure derived from sex life.To avoid inflammation of the body, should resort to such means as massage.Through this stimulation is amplified blood and lymph circulation, the prostate gets larger it needs materials and better get rid of all unnecessary.The slightest pain associated with the prosta

te, resulting in the fact that man becomes irritable and dissatisfied, begins to feel fatigue and general illness.

Massage prostate patient: benefit and harm - these doubts plagued by many.Not to suffer, go to the doctor!The procedure is assigned a doctor, who, after examination, decide whether you need this.Manipulation help iron to become more susceptible to medicines, and to get rid of toxins produced during inflammation.There may be a spin-off, which is determined by the condition of the prostate and the extent to which inflammation is strong.Massage helps the male-specific organs, improves potency, erections, has a strengthening effect on the nervous system.


Doctors recommend prostate massage at multiple properties of urological problems.Massage helps to avoid stagnation in the prostate gland juice, bringing it together with the bacteria and their waste products.If the inflammation is started, the only therapeutic massage can help get rid of the pus: by stimulating the blood supply, lymph prostate.

ailment often occurs due to the stagnation of blood in the gland and massage, improving the supply of oxygen to tissues, it effectively resists.Result -lekarstvennye means faster fall in the affected gland, improving their uptake and effectiveness of the treatment reduced the risk of inflammatory processes in the prostate recurrence.Often prostate disease lead to problems with potency, erectile dysfunction.Treatment and massage help to get rid of the disease and restore confidence in the old man's strength, sharpness of feelings during orgasm, the duration of intercourse.


Massage and can cause harm.If you do not clumsily or apply a lubricant, the condition may worsen prostate, inflammation becomes stronger, will lead to the occurrence of adenomas.Massage is contraindicated if a man:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • stones or tumors in the prostate;
  • calcite;
  • adenoma to severe;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • bacterial infection.

If someone who does massage, has the experience and knows exactly how to do, it can injure the colon, provoking an autoimmune response.In each case, you need to be diagnosed, the doctor to receive recommendations, and even a lesson or two from experienced nurses.If you hesitate to ask, how to stimulate the prostate, there are videos available that describes how to conduct the procedure and out.

How is prostate massage yourself at home

prostate massage at home is only valid in the absence of a strong inflammatory process in the body, or any manipulation may lead to a sad outcome.If you are unsure, it is best to be examined, the specialist can suggest a way to improve the condition and suggest necessary therapy.Massage can be done in just two days after its completion.

When the procedure requires an assistant, the best choice would be his wife, it will cause the least amount of inconvenience to her husband.Doctors recommend knee-elbow position as the optimal, but few will be able to do their own manipulation in such a position.Those who are still not able, fit the following method:

  • Sit comfortably on your back, knees pressed to his chest.
  • one hand hold the legs, and the other to massage.
  • conduct prostate stimulation should only be with the full bladder, so it has been a mainstay for the most cancer during the procedure.


Put on the other hand, which is the main, medical gloves.On the index finger, apply petroleum jelly, then enter it into the rectum.First you need to gently stroke the prostate from the outside of the ducts in the side, making sure that the movements were slow and cautious.Then massage becomes more intense.We must apply pressure on the prostate, increasing the force of impact.Finding a finger thick part of the prostate, should press harder, and reduce the pressure on the soft parts.If you do everything correctly, you will not feel any pain.

With massager

Special prostate massager called urology, consists of a device from the compressor, pressure gauge, check valve, connecting tube, and the working chamber of the pulsator.Before the procedure to the working chamber is put on a condom, used in ultrasound, which is then smeared having a water-based lubricant.The camera is introduced into the anus, using a supercharger expands to a red mark on the gauge.Massage

air is discharge into the working chamber by compression pulsator once a second or two.Make it should be for 5-10 minutes every day for at least ten days.In addition to directly massage, such exercises positively affect the blood supply to the pelvic organs, their limfosnabzhenii will exercise gland muscle.

video lesson massage the prostate in men


Dmitry, 25 years : Massage prostate patient: benefit and harm - which side the balance inclines?I've been tormented by this question.It was scary.It seemed as though to massage the urethra - is something shameful.Then the pain became stronger and was able to do without the help of doctors.At the moment, well, I want the guys to get rid of these fears and prejudices, because it is our health.

Alex, 30 years old : As happened to me this incident, I immediately began to wonder how to do prostate massage.Shame it was not perceived it as normal.Read reviews of doctors about whether prostate massage is useful, I chose a device, learn how often do, said about the performance of techniques to do no harm.All the problems I do not know.Self-massage healed me.

Victor, 27 years : I do prostate massage a few years ago, I helped a procedure to get rid of pus.There was a strong inflammation, I drink tablets, but the result was not pronounced.Masseuse course of procedures conducted, after which the inflammation is gone.But my friend was wondering whether it is possible to do a prostate massage at an adenoma.But the doctor dissuaded, saying that there are contraindications.