Gymnastics at the lumbar hernia

health problems can be a great excuse to do sports.Herniated discs of the lumbar - a serious disease, but it is not a sentence.Surgery is a last resort, and its consequences are unpredictable.Before you decide on surgery, it is necessary to try more sparing techniques.Exercises with herniated lumbar spine are designed to get rid of the disease and improve overall condition.Drug therapy is not able to cure low back pain, and is directed only at the muting pain.

What exercises to do at the lumbar spine hernia

Therapeutic exercises for the spine at the correct and consistent implementation of capable rid of the disease.Such exercises - reading for most people, and the approval of a doctor in this case - necessary measure, as the individual characteristics of the lumbar-sacral and existing contraindications are able to make small adjustments to the standard course.The chance that your doctor will be conservative and will insist on the operation, is not excluded, but the choice is yours.Exercises for t

he back of the spine hernias:

  1. muscular system is a reliable protection of the spine.To perform the exercise, lie on a hard surface.Legs fold for convenience.Extend your arms down.Tighten the press, hold for 10-15 seconds.Do 10 repetitions.
  2. Lie.Squeeze and lift the buttocks, stay 15 seconds.Make 10 repeats every 10 seconds.
  3. Lie on the floor.The fingers of his right hand put on the left knee.Begin to pull your left knee toward the chest, but firmly hold the palm of his right hand.Hold for 10 seconds., Relax.Repeat 10 times, change the arm and leg.

Regulations for physical therapy at home

Make flexible spine, strengthen the muscles and give them the flexibility to help daily workout.If they are carried out without the supervision of specialists, it is your responsibility to monitor the quality of performance.Do not be lazy, look at this process seriously.Exercise therapy in lumbar hernia will be effective subject to the rules:

  1. start training only in the absence of a sharp pain, you should not conquer it.Pain - is a symptom of an exacerbation, do not put off a visit to the doctor.
  2. If you feel pain during exercise, stop immediately and do not try it again.
  3. Initially avoid strong twists to the side to avoid the displacement of the vertebrae.
  4. Sudden movements, pushing, jumping, bumps are not allowed during exercise.
  5. Train daily.Divide the whole complex for a few short sessions throughout the day.Minimum - is 2 workout, maximum - 6.
  6. All exercises are performed hernia smoothly with intervals between sets.
  7. Start workout with minimal stress.Gradually increase the intensity and complexity of activities.
  8. Classes must be systematic.Assign your workouts and stick to this schedule.
  9. If the pain does not pass, do not take a decision on the use of analgesic medication yourself, contact a specialist.

set of exercises at an exacerbation of the disease

During this period should avoid excessive physical exertion of the patient card.Exercises for herniated lumbar spine (an exacerbation of pain) may achieve spine stretching.By increasing the intervertebral space achieved a good therapeutic effect.Do not neglect and physical therapy: it is safe and is able to improve the condition.Training for the spine consists of a few simple exercises, the implementation of which will reduce the pain.

complex is performed on a hard surface (you can put a rug, but it should not be a bed or sofa), supine:

  1. hands put the head, pull your knees to your chest a little and lower his head forward.
  2. entire surface of the foot touches the floor.Gently lift.Fulcrum should be head and foot.Get down.
  3. Hands take away his head.Knees to chest tighten, hold their hands, head leaning forward.

Exercises performed kneeling:

  1. Get down on your elbows.Arch your back, head tilted forward.
  2. Stand on the left knee and a straight right hand, loose limbs stretch in opposite directions (hand - forward foot - back) parallel to the floor.Similarly draw another pair of limbs.
  3. Standing on elbows, feet alternately pull towards the rear and up.
  4. Lean straight arms on the floor, reach for the breast thighs, slowly pull the arms back.Squeeze your buttocks to the heels, straighten your body, raise both hands and head.
  5. Sit on your heels.Leaned forward, focusing on the forearm.Rotten and lift his head.

effective charge in the recovery period

Improving the condition is not a cause for termination of employment.Healthy people exercise for the lumbar needed as a prevention to maintain normal muscle tone and flexibility of the spine.The complex is shown to perform in a given period, but before classes should consult with a specialist.

  1. Lying on his back, pulling to perform chest bent legs.
  2. Lying on the floor (of the foot in contact with the floor the entire surface), lift the buttocks.Reject the pelvis to the left-right, up-down.Lower the fifth point of support on the floor, bends his knees alternately in different directions.Complete complex exercise "bicycle".
  3. pushups.When you have finished this exercise, go to Mahama feet.First, they are carried to the side and then upwards.
  4. exercise "Cobra".Get down on all fours, leaning on his elbows.Flex the back up as much as possible and hold.
  5. Exercise "Stand."Standing on his feet, leaning all the projecting parts to the wall, hands drag upwards.Hold the pose for 5 minutes, it will allow for the exhaustion of the spine.
  6. effective is exercising with fitball and swimming.
  7. Massage lumbosacral relaxes strained areas.

Physiotherapy Sergei Bubnovskogo and its benefits

author of over 20 scientific works, doctor and professor, Bubnovsky developed his own method for the restoration of health.Physiotherapy hernia of the lumbar spine by the method of Dr. Bubnovskogo without surgery designed to relieve the patient from a hernia.Exercises to strengthen muscles, develop the flexibility of the spine, at the same time takes into account all the features, compliance with which is a must in the presence of a hernia.Perform exercises for the lower back under the force of any person.

In this video, Professor Bubnovsky talk in detail about exercises hernia of the lumbar spine.In a specific example, a girl who has been diagnosed with low back pain, it will show that the regular practice of a special method can significantly improve the condition of the patient.Professional advice and an explanation of all the nuances will help to put into practice the knowledge acquired.One of the main promises of the video - do not rely solely on physicians, and efforts to maintain health.

Strength training by the method of Dr. Dikul

Treatment of herniated discs in the home is available to everyone.Dikulja method includes three stages:

  1. Breathing exercises and exercises for the joints.Yoga Elements.
  2. toning and strengthening muscles.
  3. development of spinal flexibility.

To get rid of acute pain, do the following exercises for the lumbar.The starting position for the first four - kneeling.The number of repetitions for all exercises - 15 times.

  1. Sit on your heels.Leaned forward and cave in.
  2. Lift the toes and retract alternately in hand.
  3. Knees together.We lower pelvis to the left, then to the right (to the floor or the sensation of pain, the amplitude depends on the degree of stretching).The feet and knees off the floor.
  4. «Cat».Flex back first up then down.Do 15 repetitions.
  5. Lying on your back, knees bent, lower connected to sex or pain sensations (in time it will decrease - this is a sign that you're doing it right) to the left then to the right.The feet should remain on the floor.
  6. Pushups.Relying on his knees, do the exercise "push-ups".

Video: exercise with a hernia of intervertebral discs

very important to understand the correct execution of the exercises.Gymnastics in spinal hernia should be carried out strictly according to the instructions, developed by professionals.Video presented below, gives detailed answers on the technique of execution of exercises for the spine, the frequency of repetitions and the rest of the important aspects (such detail is difficult to achieve, depicting the exercises on the photo or the text describing it).A qualified doctor will give important and valuable recommendations, the use of which in practice will help get rid of the hernia.