Floor Screed semi-dry

During the construction or during repair work is often necessary to align the sexes.Without this it is impossible dostelit quality floor covering, whether it's tiles, parquet, laminate or linoleum.Among other alignment methods are increasingly used semi-dry screed.This technology helps to eliminate the existing defects and irregularities of the sexes, while it is beneficial in economic terms, and does not require a lot of time for the final drying.

What is a semi-dry floor screed

From the usual, traditional alignment of surfaces using sand and cement mixture method of applying semi-dry screed different minimum amount of water and the addition of particles of fiberglass.For better durability, the surface of the monolithic reinforcing mesh is used, which prevents the painting after drying screed for laying flooring and during operation.

Pros and cons

When aligning surfaces, dry mixtures for floor screeds have their advantages and disadvantages.Among the shortcomings noted only the need for sp

ecialized equipment when working on large areas.Next, consider the pros:

  • possible to avoid high humidity, which is important when working on the floor decks;
  • such mixtures prepared outdoors, and then fed to the work area;
  • increased strength achieved by reinforcing structures and additives (metal grille and polymer fiber);
  • savings: reduced requirements for waterproofing;
  • optimized cost and reduced time everything ties.


typical mechanized semi-dry floor screed is carried out as follows:

  1. Surface Preparation: garbage collection, removal of previous coatings, removal of dust.
  2. Hydro, which uses plastic film, special materials in which there is an additional heat and noise insulation.
  3. Pasting of walls damper ribbons to the level of the screed thickness of the future.
  4. installation beacons, which will help to create a flat surface of the required quality.Their installation is recommended, using a laser level.
  5. Preparing the mix, which is incorporated into the cement (1 part) and sand (3-4 parts), reinforcing fiber (600-800 g per cubic meter of solution).Water is added to that consistency is compressed in the hand is a dense lump, but will cease to crumble.
  6. Performing ties.The finished solution is gradually filled the space between the beacons and distributed with the help of rules.After 12 hours of drying proceed to the grout surface.


For everything you need the following equipment:

  • laser level - is necessary for positioning beacons;
  • spatula, trowel - tools for rough pounce solution;
  • rule - used for rough leveling and compacting the screed surface, cut contraction joints;
  • hand trowel or trowel - used at the stage of finishing the surface of everything.

consumable components of the solution include the following materials:

  • Portland;
  • sand;
  • water;
  • polymer fiber.

Typical flow of materials, preparation of circuit solution:

  • primary kneading: 75 kg of sand, 50 kg of cement and 10 liters of water.Secondary
  • kneading 100 kg of sand, 8-10 liters of water.
  • fibers Introduction: 7-8 grams per liter of water.

How to make a semi-dry screed floor with their hands

If you have no experience of similar works, and you are not sure how to make the floor screed yourself, you only need to follow the above recommendations to prepare the surface quality and fast.That after drying it does not cause cracks and coloring, it is important to carry out preparatory work and working the mixture evenly applied.Starting with the best of small areas, for example, with floor leveling bathroom or toilet.Carry out repairs of this type is better in the warmer months.

How dries semi-dry screed

At this floor leveling technology, the working solution drying takes place in a day after application.At this time, spend grinding and smoothing of the surface, remove small defects.Thereafter sand and cement mix dries finally about 5-7 days, depending on the temperature and level of humidity.By this time it can be laid tiles, but to lay a laminate or floorboard should be only on the expiration of even a couple of weeks.

Price per square meter works

When the average thickness of the screed of 50 mm, its price for Moscow and the Moscow region viriruetsya in the range of $ 7-8 per square meter.It should be borne in mind, then, and consumables will have to buy more if it is semi-dry screed floor heating, the thickness of which is much higher.Also, the price depends on the quality level the surface.

Video: semi-dry floor screed

offer you a wonderful view video, which is below where the floor is a methodology aligned visually.Experienced professionals from the video will help you avoid making mistakes during operation, prompt how to better carry out the main stages of work.After watching this video you can consider yourself a professional in this matter and will be able to make such a quality screed floor with his hands.


Nikolai, 32 years : tried to semi-dry screed for repair in the bathroom.The main advantage of this method of alignment - is that the mixture dries much faster than conventional screeds or self-leveling floors.For example, the tiles on a surface just laid on day 5, which significantly accelerates the repair.Since the area was small, it was not too much trouble at work.

Boris, 56 years : During the construction of cottages, planned unit underfloor heating, which significantly increased the thickness of the coating.Dates are limited, so it was decided to use a semi-fill technology.To save not only time low humidity ready mix allowed to do without additional waterproofing.

Sasha, 27 years : With all the positive moments of semi-dry screed sometimes causes difficulties in alignment: hard to abate rule high hillocks dense mixture.

Elena, 29 years : living in the home of the old buildings, so afraid to use technology in the repair of apartments self-leveling floors: not to spoil the ceiling of the ground floor neighbors.I am very grateful to the workers, which prompted about the semi-dry screed - a godsend in our situation!Rovnenko to do everything quickly and the next day went on it already!