How to treat prostate adenoma soda

male half of humanity often suffers from a serious urological diseases - prostate hyperplasia.It appears with age or develops on the background of chronic prostatitis and requires immediate treatment.At the first stage of the disease used drug therapy, but other than medicine known non-invasive methods, there are folk recipes.One of them is the treatment of prostate adenoma soda.It has unique healing properties and is offered as an add-on therapy.

How to treat BPH soda

treatment of prostate adenoma natural resources efficiently, but it is not recommended to refuse from the traditional therapy.Traditional medicine recommends taking sodium bicarbonate in small doses as a preventive measure.Baking soda - not a drug, it has virtually no contraindications, but you can not abuse it.Methods of treatment soda at home:

  1. warm sitz baths lasting 15-20 minutes.For the preparation of healthful solution for each liter of water is taken 1 tbsp.l.baking soda plus 1 hour. l.iodine.This procedure has a disinfec
    ting effect on the prostate from the outside and remove the pain symptoms.
  2. Microclysters with sodium bicarbonate have a soothing effect and accelerate tissue repair, fight inflammation.Prefab concentrated solution consisting of 100 ml of pure water and 1 tbsp.l.baking soda, heated to a temperature of 40 ° C is introduced into the medical pear intestine for about 20 minutes.This procedure can be alternated with a water enema, which is useful to add a daisy, kalanchoe leaf juice, tincture of propolis.
  3. Sodium bicarbonate is also taken orally, to the substance worked on a cellular level.To begin with you need to receive a quarter of gradually bringing up to half a teaspoon per cup of hot water or natural milk.Drink this solution is recommended 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

course of the procedure takes at least 2-3 weeks.Treatment of BPH baking soda advisable to discuss with your doctor.He will be able to assist in a comprehensive solution of the problem.Effect of sodium bicarbonate in the body of each person individually, so if you have an allergic reaction, you must stop its use.

method of treatment for soda Neumyvakin

Professor IP Neumyvakin strongly recommends the use of folk remedies for BPH, applying an integrated approach to treatment.The doctor believes that the diseases of the prostate can do without surgery.This is confirmed by the practice.The earlier diagnosed with an adenoma, the more quickly, with adequate treatment, recovery occurs.

simple cure for academic Neumyvakina:

  1. in half a glass of warm water add a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Prepared Liquid is used for micro-enemas, which should be placed in the morning and two hours before bedtime.
  3. Before the procedure, the intestine is washed with water, and you must lie down for half an hour to give the composition of the influence after introduction of soda solution.

Reviews of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia folk remedy

Igor, 59 years

When I learned about the treatment of BPH ordinary soda, immediately decided to try it, because the pills have not helped, it was a matter for the operation.He started drinking hydrogen, again, just in case, I began to take soda baths with iodine.About a week later noticed a favor, and the doctor confirmed the improvement.

Sergey, 38 years

a long time I tried to cure prostate adenoma, bypassed many doctors, drunk bunch of drugs.But one doctor advised me on treatment ash Neumyvakin.I thought it might work, somewhere had heard about the benefits of sodium bicarbonate.Immediately went to the amendment, the symptoms become weaker.Well, there is a simple but effective tool, as soda!