How to glue wallpapers on paper

Fashionable building new items in the form of original paint layers of walls, non-woven wallpaper, eco-design does not detract popularity of wallpapers.They are cheaper, such pasting wallpaper permitted in virtually all types of premises, they are easy to pass the air and are ecological.How to glue the paper wall right?If prilovchilis, the paste over the room get even a teenager.To work with such material simply and quickly, how to glue the paper wall prompt date information.

Wallpapering with your hands

Before pasting the walls do, you need to prepare the walls and working material.And here are some rules:

  • roll is cut into strips, taking into account the pattern or pattern on the wallpaper.
  • strip length is equal to the height of the wall, taking into account prirezku.
  • wall irregularities should be before gluing paper wallpaper selected properly fixed.Suitable cladding with plasterboard or plaster treatment.

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper

This topic is often addressed by people

who do not want to bother removing the old pavement layer, or may not perform the process.Can I hang wallpaper on vinyl wallpaper or any other type?A positive answer to the question whether it is possible to glue the new wallpaper in the old, only when the old is too firmly bonded to the walls.But this is not reliably the exact solution, because the reaction of the new coating is unknown.

To see if it will hold a high-quality work, spread a piece of the new roll and stick to the wall.Allow to dry and watch if the sheet is glued exactly, the old coating is not eliminated with the new, not peeled, then pasting the room will hold.Businesses are not at risk, and thoroughly clean the old layer before sticking a new one.

Which glue is needed

Paper tapestries have excellent ability to transfer almost any glue.Is it possible to glue the paper wall coverings Non-woven adhesive?Yes, this adhesive is permitted to work.If you are not afraid of fuss and want to save, cook your own homemade paste.It is brewed from flour and water, cooled and ready for operation.Double samples of finishing material is better to stick still warm vehicle.

Special agent for paper strips stickers are sold in powder form, for the preparation of which will need to add warm water and leave the room, which will host the work of 12 hours.It is necessary to periodically stirring to a quality product was ready for use.These specialized tools include methyl, Gumilaks, Bustilat CMC.Each of the names -proverenny adhesive vinyl wallcoverings on a paper basis.

technology gluing

Before starting repair work on the walls of pasting, you should stock up on a good mood, and the necessary tools.The latter include:

  1. Graphite pencil - for layout.
  2. Metal ruler - for convenient drawing straight lines and trim strips.
  3. Special knife - for cutting a roll in the desired band and parts.
  4. scissors - for cutting strips in remote places, holes for pipes, sockets, switches.
  5. Tape measure - to measure the desired length cut.
  6. Plummet, or level - for the correct vertical position draw Stick strips.
  7. capacity for making glue.
  8. Brush wallpaper - for smoothing when pasting.It is best to fit a rigid napped surface.
  9. stick, shovel, construction mixer - to stir the glue solution.
  10. Spatula wallpaper and paint.
  11. Soft bead - perfect for smoothing the sheets, if you are interested in how to hang wallpaper under painting (smooth, embossed or adhesive).
  12. Paint roller and tray - for the uniform application of glue on the wallpaper strip.

Wallpapering on gypsum board provides mandatory training: processing filler and primer.It requires carefully handle joints drywall sheets to avoid irregularities special tape, followed by applying putty.Windows and doors do not open when pasting, otherwise all the work and materials will be spent in vain - the tapestry can be covered with bubbles or dropping out

As for the process, such as wallpaper glue on the concrete walls, it is more time-consuming.Here it is necessary to consider, first of all, if the walls are in need of alignment.If the walls are smooth, they are pre-cleaned from dust, dirt, and then applied a special primer or wallpaper paste heavily diluted with water.Excellent suitable for processing acrylic primer.

How to apply wallpaper on the wall

Room preparation for work - an important first step.Furniture of the room clean or push back, closing film.Further purification is carried out of the walls, plastered to eliminate irregularities and other defects, aligned edges.The final mandatory bar - painting or whitewashing the ceiling surface, after which work with the walls.After pasting wall edges framed by borders that he liked.

From start

begin pasting the walls near the window:

  1. With plumb otcherchivayut smooth vertical line.
  2. Then glue is applied to the canvas, carefully not forget the edges and corners of the tape and fold neatly into the underside.Try to avoid creasing, folding the strip.
  3. If heavy fabric, the additional need for greater bonding to smear the wall with glue.
  4. After gluing the front page, all subsequent glued back to back, with no gaps between them.

The corners

angles are considered difficult areas to be glued paper strips.Do not attempt to paste into a corner full piece of tape, the best solution is to leave the allowance in a couple of centimeters to the adjacent side and on top of it pokleit next segment of the web.Then with a sharp knife to cut through the wallpaper the place where the double joint and removed the remains.This method - the real version of the sizing perfect angle.

wallpaper patterned

If the tapestry is not white or monochrome, and include a picture, then they need to be in front of the label cut into strips so that the images are aligned.The task is easier if the manufacturer on the back side of wallpaper does rapport - labels that show how to cut the sheets to match the correct patterns.To strip accidentally dirty, they are folded stacks of 10 pieces pattern down.

As pokleit wallpaper on the ceiling

When cutting strips should take into account the evenness of ceilings: if the flat ceiling, then sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto strips made in advance, if not - each subsequent segment should be measured individually.As ceiling wallpaper glue?To facilitate the process of gluing needed an assistant (and also for how to glue wallpaper or meter wide), which will support a second edge of the strip.

first strip should be attached near the wall, smooth from the center to the edges.Use a roller or a soft cloth to avoid the formation of bubbles or creases.Under the lamp should make a small incision on the web crosswise.Do not be afraid that the cut looks ugly, after the wiring through it you hide the cord joints bubble strips.

Video: how to hang wallpaper

Paper tapestries - a great option for interior work in the rooms: relative to the other is inexpensive and practical option.This coating is easy to glue yourself if adapt himself and explore information on pasting.How to glue the paper wall chosen correctly, so as not to spoil the look of the room?in movies Specialists will prompt you all the tricks of impeccable work and difficulties will arise.

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