Where is the frenulum in men and how to treat it

Many women believe that a man be easier: they have fewer problems with the sexual organs, asthey are located outside, it is not necessary to have children, etc.Urologists who have seen much of their activities expose this opinion.Phimosis, short frenulum in men or mechanical damage - one of the most common troubles that brings a lot of discomfort, from pain to depression and low self-esteem.After studying the information on this body, you will have an idea of ​​what is needed, this part of the penis, what to do with its violation.

What is a short frenulum foreskin

fold between the head and the body of the penis plays an important role in the normal operation of the body.Bridle a man presented as elastic skin area filled with many nerve endings, having improved sensitivity.This tab controls the closing and opening of the penis head.short frenulum of the penis - in cases of anatomical abnormalities in men described the medical practice.Such a condition is not threatening, but entails possible compli

cations, which may spoil the very life of man.

Characteristic symptoms

At an early age underdeveloped bridle member does not manifest itself, and does not bring inconvenience.Man discovers the defect on their own only when entering into sexual life.In the photo you can see what it looks like when a sexual organ pathology.Typical symptoms of a short frenulum in men:

  • during intercourse the man feels the strain at the base of the glans penis;
  • too short frenulum does not fully open the head of the penis, there is a strong tension skinfold;
  • in advanced cases there is a marked curvature of the penis due to the ongoing strained bridle;
  • cause of weak erections - short frenulum;
  • premature ejaculation due to overly sensitive frenulum;
  • frequent inflammation of the foreskin frenulum.

Likely impacts associated with the pathology of the bridle

When the fold between the head and the body of the penis is too short, may be backfire:

  1. constant feeling of tension of the skin on the penis does not allow to make a full sexual intercourse.
  2. During intercourse, the bridle is too stretched and at this point may break, causing severe pain.
  3. Due to the high content of blood vessels in the bridle, cracks caused during intense sexual intercourse can cause heavy bleeding;
  4. high probability of contracting various infections during unprotected sex, particularly easy in this case transmitted human papilloma virus (venereal warts).
  5. Tears, which can be resolved by spontaneous self-elongation bridle.In frequent cases, the wound site appeared scars, lead to further shortening of the penile frenulum.

diagnostic methods

Pathology of the foreskin of the penis can be detected without the help of a male doctor.But that should not stop a young man hiking in the hospital for more detailed diagnosis and correct diagnosis.According to the survey, depending on the complexity of the pathology, urologist writes complex therapeutic and prophylactic procedures, the patient is obliged to perform to later forget that he had the disease.At the reception, the doctor should listen to the complaints of the patient, examine it, assign a primary survey:

  • blood sampling;
  • biochemical urinalysis;
  • smear glans flora.

First Aid at break bridle

During intercourse, the erection occurs when the tension of the truncated folds and tear it can happen.This is very bad: in the bridle are blood vessels and nerves, leading to profuse bleeding and pain.In case of damage the integrity of the bridle at the man before the trip to the hospital is necessary to make such actions:

  1. break Place abundantly process with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. To stop the bleeding, you need to apply a tight bandage on the area of ​​the base of the penis head, but not too much so as not to harm the inner vessel.
  3. provide sexual rest.The reason is that if there is even the cracks in the genitals there is a high risk of contracting various sexually transmitted microbes from herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and ending with HIV.


short frenulum in men - congenital disorder that can be cured only by surgery.Seeing at such a defect, we should not tolerate the associated discomfort, afraid or ashamed to ask for help from a urologist who treats genitourinary system.Thanks to modern medicine defective bridle on the head easily and almost painlessly amenable to correction.Your doctor will help you get rid of this disease for life.


If often repeated damage on the penis frenulum fracture heals in place a scar, the skin thins this due to lack of epithelium.In this situation, doctors are advised to make a circumcision not to suffer permanent skin breaks, which entail a lot of inconvenience.Circumcision - a common operation, at which the removal of the foreskin.Principles of operation:

  • takes place in an outpatient setting;
  • not require hospitalization;
  • the day of surgery the patient is discharged and sent home;
  • passes both by local and general anesthesia;
  • return to normal sexual activity after one or one and a half months.

There are several types of procedures that differ in size and height of the seam:

  1. If a man does not want to have traces of the operation, in such a case, a partial pruning.This removes only the affected area of ​​the skin on the penis, but most of it remains untouched.Because after this surgery frenulum in men and the foreskin remains, there is a risk of recurrence of the disease, phimosis may occur.
  2. Moderate circumcision bridle a man, in which the remaining skin forms a fold that expands during an erection.
  3. Tight circumcision provides complete removal of the frenulum foreskin, then there are no wrinkles on the penis.


This plastic bridle of the foreskin in men is a simple operation, which is carried out for about ten minutes under local anesthesia.During the procedure, there is leathery folds length compensation by the cross section of the puncture and bridle.Upon completion of manipulation overlap longitudinal seams which resolve themselves.If the thread is not permanently deleted, it is necessary to come to the hospital, where the surgeon will remove their remnants.At the end of six weeks after the operation the patient is permitted to engage in sex.

Z-shaped frenuloplastika

This type of treatment is a small urological surgery, in which a special direction surgical incision made in the skin of the foreskin, in this place will heal bridle.Through this incision figure is an increase in the length of the fold that has such advantages:

  • skin extensibility in the trunk of the penis is increased;
  • further sexual intercourse occurs without breaks.

rehabilitation period after surgery

penis has a soft, thin skin, resilience and regeneration.Damage to this body to heal quickly, leaving no trace.In the postoperative period, a man will feel discomfort in the groin, which lasts no more than two days.To ease the pain, and normal sleep at night, it is recommended to take an analgesic drug at bedtime.What rules must be followed after the surgery to bridle men:

  1. Health penis.Several times a day to wash the soap and warm water head, the foreskin of the released ichor and crusts.
  2. In its recommendations, urologists insist on the avoidance of sexual activity for six weeks to prevent re-tears on the operated area, but few patients comply with this requirement.
  3. As with any surgical procedure can rise evening low temperatures, which is not necessarily to shoot down, if it does not bring inconvenience.
  4. on the operated area can occur crust that cause adhesion of the foreskin to the head.To avoid this you need arose several times a day to moisturize fold special caring gel.Such means prescribed by the doctor and the patient are purchased at a pharmacy.