Baker cyst disease of the knee joint

you have recently suffered an injury or have joint disease?You have started the knee swelling, you become difficult to go up and down stairs?These are signs of the appearance of cysts.disease often begins without symptoms: under the knee begins to grow a bump, but gradually, pain, swelling.Movements are limited and painful.Baker's cyst of the knee joint, if it is diagnosed in time to treat.It is important to contact the experts, as otherwise there can be serious complications.

causes of disease

When inflamed knee joint, in mezhsuhozhilnoy bag, in the popliteal fossa, begins to accumulate fluid.It appears at first a small bump, which gradually increases in size.She starts to put pressure on the tendons, blood vessels, nerve endings, causing swelling and pain.This illness are more prone to adult, but the disease is found in children.Why is formed cysts of the knee?There are reasons related to the disease:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • synovitis;
  • gout;
  • hemophilia;
  • psoriasis.

The child cyst of the knee is a result of stress, inflammation, due to diseases associated with high activity of the immune system.In adults, there are reasons related to congestion and injury:

  • overweight;
  • strong stress on the joints;
  • injured cartilage and tendons;
  • excessive exercise;
  • meniscus damage;
  • sprains knee;
  • sports injuries.

Key signs and symptoms

Moment formation of cysts of the knee joint goes unnoticed - it does not hurt, it does not interfere with the movement.First, there is a small tumor size.It is filled with liquid, gradually increasing.With the development, a benign tumor, in the back below the knee, starting to show.At the patient appear:

  • pain around the knee;
  • discomfort in the crook of his feet;
  • decrease in mobility;
  • severe pain when walking, playing sports.

When the cyst size becomes large, there is a chronic joint swelling, tension at rest, at a time when the patient is standing.The tumor begins to put pressure on the surrounding tissue, compressing blood vessels, nerve endings.This gives rise to the symptoms of the cyst:

  • numbness;
  • tingling;
  • pain in the calf muscles;
  • cramps;
  • becomes difficult to walk.

diagnostic methods

If you have the first symptoms of the disease, you can check yourself, it does not appear if you have a cyst.In the sitting position, or standing, in poluprisede, palpate the hole below the knee.It is better to do it at the same time on both feet, although most tumors occur on one side.The lump behind the knee from behind shows the appearance of cysts.The sooner you see your doctor, the sooner treatment begins, without any complications.

doctor at the hospital will begin to diagnose a patient with palpation place inquiries about the reasons that could lead to disease.He will check the mobility of the joint range of motion.Appoint additional research:

  • US - will give a picture to the stage of development and size.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging will make a more accurate diagnosis, to identify the causes.
  • blood test will determine if the tumor is not cancerous.

Complications and consequences of the appearance of cysts for human

If time does not begin treatment Baker cysts of the knee joint, there will be serious consequences.Abscess may occur: purulent arthritis - a serious inflammatory disease, a gap large cysts leads to the fact that the liquid is poured into the gastrocnemius muscle.Swollen shin, appears redness, fever locally.Because of the severe pain it becomes difficult to walk.

More serious consequences occur when a Baker's cyst behind the knee puts pressure on blood vessels and nerve endings.There is poor circulation, numbness, convulsions.Severe edema hinder walking.There is the probability of losing a limb or even death.It is especially dangerous when developing:

  • deep vein thrombosis;
  • blood stasis;
  • separation thrombus;
  • varicose veins;
  • thrombophlebitis.

How to treat Baker's cysts in the knee joint

If the disease is diagnosed in time, well help folk remedies.It is important to engage in treatment and disease that triggered the formation of cysts.Good results from the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce pain, relieve swelling.For treatment using physiotherapy, injection into the affected joint.Exercises are important therapeutic exercises that strengthen the muscles, developing flexibility.To reduce the load on the knee are recommended to wear a bandage.In severe cases, produce cysts puncture, surgical excision.


there are methods of treatment of Baker's cyst with medication - using drugs that reduce inflammation, reduce pain, reduce swelling.Assign nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in tablet form, such as "Nise", "Ibuprofen", intramuscular injections pose "Movalis".Treatment with ointments, gels "Voltaren", "Bystrumgel" can cope with a cyst in the early stages of the disease, it helps physical therapy - pulsed radiation, bioresonance therapy.

Surgical removal

If the tumor is small, make a puncture of the joint and the cyst.With large syringe spend a puncture and remove liquid.Then, to prevent inflammation in joints injected with hormonal therapy "hydrocortisone", "Diprospan".Sometimes punctures required to spend some time.In the case where a Baker cyst acquired larger dimensions, beginning much trouble, do surgery.

How to remove a cyst?The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.Make several cuts tumors produce fluid drainage.In case of severe inflammation, cyst excised completely.The operation does not last long.The patient is sutured and make a pressure bandage to limit movement.Five days later, the patient is released - it is healthy.It recommends only the first time to limit the load on the joint.

Folk remedies for the treatment at home

In cases where the cyst is small and diagnosed in time, it helps to cope folk remedies.Even superimposition ice for twenty minutes can reduce swelling, reduce inflammation, it is important for it to be wrapped in a napkin.Swelling will decrease and when during rest and sleep, you will lie down, lifting legs, but it is best to help compresses and ointments.

Herbs golden mustache, celandine and burdock - the most popular in the manufacture of home remedies.To compress you must first make a tincture.The resulting drink manufacturing facility two swallows three times a day.A compress made from the first oil cakes, and then from the tincture.Manufacturing process simple:

  1. Take the golden mustache with stems and leaves.
  2. Fill them jar and pour vodka.
  3. sustain 21 days in the dark.
  4. wring out through a cloth to drain.

Excellent help compresses melkonarublennyh leaves of burdock and celandine.They applied to the knee, close the film and wrap up at night to heat.If the lump is small, you can get rid of it forever.Good results give compresses with cabbage that is done for the night.Sore spot smeared with honey and wrapped in cabbage, which was previously a decoction.All wrapped up warm scarf or a blanket.

the early stages helps homemade ointment from geranium leaves: green mass of crushed and pulverized with lard.Well relieves the swelling, reduces pain poultice of one gram of the drug streptotsida and one teaspoon of lemon juice and aloe.The easiest compress for adults and children - of the preheated crude sunflower oil.

Prevention cysts in the knee joint

To not develop cysts of the knee joint, it is recommended to do a serious and timely treatment of diseases that provoke her appearance.To prevent the formation of tumor recommended actions:

  • weight reduction;
  • decrease loads on the knee joints;
  • use of therapeutic exercises;
  • reduction of heavy loads during training;
  • classes in comfortable athletic shoes;
  • warming up the muscles prior to loading;
  • sprains completion of training.

Video: What is a Baker cyst

If you want to visually see what it looks like a cyst of the knee, just watch the video.The large layout will show you its location and tell you how it is formed.You will understand why it is important to start treatment as early as possible, learn how to diagnose themselves - you have swelling behind the knee appeared, find out what are the modern methods of treatment of cysts.

feedback on the results of the treatment

Tamara, 56 years : summer, cottage, swollen knee, and it hurt to walk.I went to the doctor, and he found a small cyst in the hole behind.I was scared, but he calmed down and told the recipe.I began to lubricate the knee at night honey and tied boiled cabbage leaf.The pain passed quickly.A week later the swelling was sleeping, it became easier to move.Excellent tool, I advise!

Galina, 45 years : found themselves below the knee a large lump.It prevented walk, bend the leg, but not badly hurt.The doctor said it was a cyst of the knee joint, and the best thing to make a puncture - to pump liquid.The whole operation took 10 minutes.Immediately it became easier to walk, bend the knee start.I recommend, if your doctor has prescribed - not painful, not scary.

Victoria, 64 years : Knees hurt me for a long time, and here under the same kind of large tumor appeared.The doctor sent me for an ultrasound and said that it was a cyst, it is required to remove.The operation did not last long, the tumor was removed.Weeks passed with a band - then stitches removed.Swelling sleep walking easier.If your doctor has advised - do not give up, I recommend.