Symptoms and treatment of elbow bursitis

According to ICD-10, elbow bursitis refers to the soft tissue related diseases loads, congestion and pressure.The cause of this disease can be a number of factors.The fight against them is time-consuming, however, thanks to modern techniques in 95% of cases favorable outcome.Medicine studied in detail bursitis of the elbow: symptoms and treatment, diagnosis and prevention - every aspect thoroughly studied by leading experts.If you think that this disease threatens you, see the general information about him, so as not to be in the dark.

Symptoms of inflammation of the elbow

To effectively combat the insidious disease need to know exactly how it manifests itself.Medicine identifies two forms of purulent bursitis of the elbow: acute and chronic.Each of them is characterized by its symptoms and disabilities.To the bursa inflammation did not catch you by surprise, detailed study of the symptoms of the disease.


Hemorrhagic bursitis of the elbow in the acute form manifests itself openly.Pati

ents suffering from this disease, there is the following:

  • severe swelling of the elbow;
  • increase bursa;
  • pyrexia (fever);
  • redness on the skin from the bursa;
  • difficulty joint movement;
  • pain when bending the elbow.

Chronic bursitis

Chronic bursitis of the bursa in remission little troublesome.The only reminder of the lurking disease - swollen elbow (as shown in photo).Inflammatory processes at the time of stop.The patient feels much better.However, in the absence of proper treatment, systematic load is strictly prohibited.

Treatment of elbow bursitis in

home People timely paid attention to the development of pathology, have a good chance of cure bursitis of the elbow joint without hospitalization.This does not mean you have to blindly self-medicate.If you notice at the above symptoms, immediately seek professional medical help.The doctors make an accurate diagnosis and, if it is too late to do so, appoint treatment at home.Nowadays there are a lot of folk and traditional means to combat this disease.Use them to avoid complications.

folk remedies

Since ancient times, physicians have noticed that some people at the systematic physical exercise appears swelling on his elbow.In addition, such manifestations are sometimes observed during intense workouts.In most cases, inflammation of the bursa observed after severe damage.Post-traumatic bursitis manifest a few days after a stroke or a fall.natural folk remedies used to combat this disease.Nowadays, these drugs also exhibit high efficiency.Recipes of some of them, you should write down for yourself:

  1. Vegetable wrap.For the treatment of bursitis suited potatoes, cabbage and beets.Mix them together is not necessary.To remove the appendage on his elbow, every evening for the night to make compresses of one vegetable.To do this, cut a potato / cabbage / beetroot into thin slices, lay them on a clean, dry cloth and wrap around the affected joint.For a warming effect can wrap a hand towel or scarf.
  2. Sugar.If a sore elbow, use this product for a compress for the night.Preheat a frying pan 150 grams of sugar.It is important that it was hot, but not melted.Pour the sugar in a small cloth bag, apply to the affected area and wrap a towel.Repeat this procedure every day, as long as the pain will not pass at the elbow joint.
  3. Lotions from propolis.Place in a glass of 10 grams of propolis, add 100 ml of vodka, let it brew for 5-7 days.When the vehicle is ready, dip a cloth and apply it to the sore joint.Repeat this procedure 2 times a day, as long as the pain will not pass completely.
  4. Bath with extract of pine needles.If the elbow had a tumor and you suspect that this articular bursitis, prepare a natural remedy that can help quickly recover.Soak 1.5-2 kilogram of pine needles in the water and boil for half an hour.After that, let it brew for 12-15 hours in a closed boat, alone.Type in the full tub of water and add the cooked means (pre-filter is worth).Duration of treatment is 20 minutes.At night is a hand towel wrap to provide a warming effect.


hurt the hand can each of us.No one is immune from this.After such injuries can arise tumors, proving the development of bursitis of the elbow joint.This happens not with all, but we should pay attention to the condition of the hands in order to avoid complications.Elbow can swell the next day or two weeks - just do not tell any physician.If a seal is painful, it is necessary to act urgently, or from minor swelling develops purulent inflammation.Record, than to treat bursitis of the elbow joint, to know how to act:.

  1. «Collagen ultra"Highly ointment which rapidly penetrate into the subcutaneous layer of damaged cells and activates the regeneration process.Begin to use this facility immediately after the occurrence of tumors.Even if you do not face bursitis, "Collagen Ultra" will help to normalize the function of the damaged joint, and provide anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. «Ketonal".Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent and a derivative of propionic acid.Accepted preoral.It has a powerful antipyretic and analgesic effects.This drug helps alleviate the condition, but no more.If other medicines and folk remedies do not help deal with the pathology, find a hospital, a doctor treats a bursitis of the elbow joint, and seek immediate medical attention.
  3. «Dimexidum".Powerful drug which in its effectiveness surpasses many antibiotics.It is used for compresses.Strips of fabric impregnated with 25% solution "Dimexidum" and imposed on the affected joint.Given the systematic application of an inflammation of the bursa passes within a few weeks.

Therapy using

surgery Surgical treatment of inflammation of the bursa is required when physiotherapy, home packs and medical drugs do not help.Studying bursitis of the elbow joint, its symptoms and treatment, doctors found that in such cases there is one effective way to deal with inflammation - puncture.This step is the removal of excess liquid pathological, then applying and maintaining prophylactic agents.Local anesthesia is administered to a patient, and then pumped through a syringe blood accumulated in the bursa.

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