How to display mole

How many sorrows brings favorite thing spoiled by moths, which taste woolen sweaters, coats, leather.Kind of damage and small, and no longer wear.Not less problems it creates in the kitchen.From discarded cereals, nuts, insect damaged, suffering a home budget.Suffer losses owners of apiaries, the potato crop is lost.How to deal with moths?To counteract the pests, there are medicines, folk remedies.Prevention plays an important role.

How to get rid of moles in the apartment

If you are trying to catch insects, butterflies, hoping to solve the problem, it is a futile exercise.Fly males to fertilize the female, and soon die.Danger are caterpillars that emerge from deferred larvae.They eat things do not, and those particles of leather scales that people leave on their clothes.For them, a favorite dish - stains from foods, coffee pot.Therefore it is very important to clean the deposit of clean clothes.That's how the photograph looks clothes moth.

How to effectively deal with moths at home?There are s

pecial preparations to deal with these insects:

  • insecticidal spray "Armol" spray "moth" kill insects in a single day.They have a strong smell.
  • fumigator.They work on electricity, the active ingredient - plate Raptor, Mosguitall.
  • Sections plates from pests.
  • traps, sticky tape for butterflies.
  • Essential oils of lavender, fir, patchouli.
  • natural folk remedies: tobacco, lavender, cloves.

Improper storage of food in the kitchen and pantries attract food moths, which it successfully propagated.If the clothes can be treated with special means, you have to throw away spoiled food.How to display mole in the apartment?In addition to the use of special drugs, a very important role plays the proper storage of items and products.It is worth paying attention to the treatment of furniture and kitchen cabinets, there did not appear to these insects.

The kitchen

When your kitchen began flying butterfly gray - so it's time to put things in boxes and go through an audit products.Food moth loves to dwell in bulk products such as cereals, dried fruits, nuts.You can bring it out of the store directly from the packaging.For her comfortable conditions are:

  • humidity;
  • lack of ventilation;
  • storage in an open pan.

How to get rid of the food moths in the kitchen?First of all, you should go through all of the products.Small grains such as semolina throw.Millet, buckwheat hold 10 minutes in the oven at 120 degrees, then eat.Good reviews of the destruction of the larvae in rice - is required to sustain it in the freezer for a week.The best remedy for moles in this case - prevention.

question of not to stand in front of you how to deal with the food eaten, should follow some rules:

  • Check-store products.
  • Store supplies in glass jars with lids.
  • Process kitchen cabinets.
  • Arrange the shelves garlic, orange peel.
  • Periodically audit products.
  • hang sticky traps.
  • Put pots of geraniums.

To handle kitchen cabinet pest larvae, should be diluted 1: 1 with vinegar water.Fluff Brush all the seats inside.Then wipe with a damp cloth, ventilate.Insect afraid of garlic odor, mint, fruity flavor of orange peel - these folk remedies against moths laid out on shelves.Another way of handling the cabinets:

  • grate soap diluted with water.
  • amounted to wipe the cabinet inside, getting into all the cracks.
  • Wash with clean water.
  • Dry.

in wardrobe

trouble if the mole began to fly about wardrobe.Wardrobe, Furniture, Fur - it can severely damage the clothing.Destruction of moles you want to start immediately.It is necessary to review all the things.It is advisable to shake them on the street, get rid of the larvae.Then things start processing.Effective means of moth in the closet - aerosol formulation "moth".Used fumigators, folk remedies.

To clothes moth is not delivered to you trouble, you should:

  • Ventilate things cabinets.
  • hangs section with plates from moths.
  • summer clothes to dry by the sun.
  • winter freeze things on the street.
  • clothing store in airtight packages.
  • Keep only things clean and dried.
  • Apply folk remedies: lavender, tansy, clove.
  • Use essential oils.

How to destroy the wax moth on an apiary

If these insects appeared in the apiary, they are able to destroy the family of bees.They feed on wax, lay their eggs in the hive, honeycombs.The bees do not live there, where there was a mole.To cure the cells, they are heated to a temperature of 50 degrees 1:00 or stand two hours on a cold, at minus 10 degrees.Hives burn with a blowtorch, hung in wormwood, mint.On an apiary grown repellent plants: hops, geranium, peppermint.

How to bring the potato moth folk remedies

This pest can destroy the potato crop.Caterpillars damage stems, leaves, tubers spoil.Since the potato moth thermophilic - she lives in the storage.Large farm produce processing facilities and tubers with special chemicals.To prevent the emergence of moths recommend:

  • the winter deep dig the soil.
  • be planted early varieties - they are not afraid of pests.
  • Planting the tubers to a maximum depth.

use folk remedies produce results only in small areas.Recommend to sprinkle ashes in the hole when planting.You can spray the plants.For this stems celandine pour water, boil for 20 minutes.Strain.Dilute one cup to 5 gallons of water.It is possible to add liquid soap.Spray the plant extract ash and wormwood:

  • wormwood Grind - 200 g
  • Add a glass ash.
  • Pour boiling water.
  • Insist 3:00.
  • Strain.

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