Symptoms and treatment of ankylosing spondylitis

Heaviness in the lower back often become accustomed to a strong half of mankind.When feelings become unbearable, the patient goes to the hospital where the diagnosis is osteochondrosis.Sometimes there are exceptions to the classic example, as in ankylosing spondylitis - a chronic systemic disease of the spine, at which exacerbated inflammation in all joints.After studying the symptoms and characteristics of this disease, you can easily identify its presence or exclude from yourself and your loved ones.

causes of disease

List rheumatic diseases Bechterew syndrome classifies as one of the most rare diseases.Many people are not aware of the mechanism of this disease, as a result, underestimate its effects.The spine closely spaced joints become inflamed when the body's immune system confuses its own cells with the alien, it brings down all the heavy artillery: lymphocytes and macrophages in the body's own cells as if the enemy.

Scientists have deduced that the failure occurs on the innate level, at

a dose of HLA-B27 gene.Causes of spondylitis disease:

  • inflammation of genital organs;
  • digestive system infection;
  • injuries of the pelvis;
  • spinal injury;
  • prolonged exposure.

disease forms

The normal human spine mobile, with it you can make the slopes in different directions.The syndrome occurs spondylitis chronic inflammation of the spine in which the intervertebral joints are fixed, even coalesce with one another.The disease has several types:

  1. central form - the beginning of the disease, which proceeds without pronounced symptoms.Only a few years later the patient feels unpleasant symptoms in the spine.When pressed with your fingers on the lower part of the lumbar, thoracic found twinge.
  2. peripheral form is characterized by the promotion of pain from the spine to the adjacent joints.At this stage, the backbone becomes more squeezed, people have difficulty with the extension.Posture is completely absent.In severe cases the patient immobilization takes place, in which can only help the surgery.
  3. Rizomelicheskaya form differs intense destruction of the bone tissue of the spine, sacral, pelvic and shoulder joints.At this stage, localized pain in the shoulders, lower back, hips.Sometimes, the patient feels pain heels.
  4. Scandinavian form occurs less often than other species.In this disease, destroyed joints of hands, ankles.This form misdiagnosed as arthritis, in which there are the same signs.

Key signs and symptoms

Spine - a complex system of protection and cushioning.Such functions are achieved by having two pairs of upper and lower vertebrae, which in healthy condition have excellent ability motor.When the disease spondylitis vertebrae stick together, and ultimately there is immobilization person.The ridge is a direct, no physiological bends.Often confused with ankylosing spondylitis osteochondrosis.However, a serious disease spondylitis is possible to identify, due to timely noticed by features:

  1. sensations of pain mainly in the sacral, which manifests itself during rest and peace.
  2. characteristic body bent position during walking.Doctors call it "supplicant posture."
  3. Pain in the heel.
  4. Inflammation of iris in combination with other symptoms confirms the diagnosis of Bechterew's disease.
  5. Frequent headaches.
  6. When ankylosing spondylitis suffer the joints between the ribs and the sternum.In patients observed respiratory failure.Against this background, complications can occur: chronic bronchitis, pneumonia.

Comparative characteristics of the disease in men and women

Disease spondylitis are more prone to young men between 15 and 30 years.The ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) described cases of ossification of the spine in females of all ages.Due to physiological differences in muscle structure, for disease in men and women occurs in different ways.For convenience, presented comparative characteristic symptoms of the disease in both sexes in the form of a table.

diagnostic methods

Bechterew syndrome diagnosis is put in an average of 8 - 10 years after the onset of the disease.Until this man sent from one doctor to another, someone is diagnosed bursitis, others - osteochondrosis.Only experienced practitioner orthopedist can make a correct diagnosis already by visual inspection, carefully listening to the complaints of the patient.To confirm the diagnosis, there are clear criteria for the diagnosis of Bechterew disease:

  1. Complete blood count to evaluate the real picture.When the disease spondylitis rate ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) of the normal 15.up to 50 and 70 units.
  2. If there spondylitis disease X-ray and tomography will show inflammation in the spine, the joint between the sacrum and pelvic bones bilateral.Radiologist diagnoses sacroiliitis or spondylitis.
  3. presence of protein in the urine indicates the disease spondylitis.

How to treat spondylitis

disease doctors say that this disease is an autoimmune, and healing can not be.There is a set of measures to help alleviate the patient's condition, improve the quality of life.When the disease back, many turn to the masseur.Doctors note that the disease spondylitis massage can only be done by a qualified doctor, make sure the confirmation of the diagnosis.In order to achieve the expected result, medical treatment should be comprehensive and include the following items:

Gentle diet

Nutrition for ankylosing spondylitis is significant and implies the classic version of the proper, healthy diet.Limitation of harmful carbohydrates will keep the normal weight, which is very important in spinal disease.Drinking large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables has beneficial effects on immunity and protective functions of the body.Doctors recommend replacing the salt with algae, which have a salty taste.They have a lot of calcium and iodine, as necessary to maintain healthy bones with spondylitis disease.


Charging is very important in the defeat of the spine and peripheral joints.Exercises with ankylosing spondylitis should be carried out only during the remission, when there is no inflammation.When bending of the spine exercises should be aimed at straightening the movement in the back.Fitness at disease spondylitis you must deal with every day in the morning.Exercise can help to relax the ligaments and tendons, the spine will be moving after a night's sleep.

gymnastics Therapeutic exercises should be present in the daily routine of suffering from a disease spondylitis.Applying a special charge, the patient will increase and preserve range of motion of joints and spine.When the muscle strengthening exercise therapy, improves the general condition of the patient.Keep in mind that running and sports games with the disease are dangerous spondylitis: axial load is bad for the spine, it causes a rapid wear.

Drug therapy

Is there a cure ankylosing spondylitis?Until recently, treatment of a disease amenable to only in Israel.Today's medicine successfully fights spondylitis disease in clinics of Moscow and St. Petersburg.Pharmacology has released a new generation of drugs that are able to maintain the mobility of joints for a long time, and include such drugs:

  • «Ortofen", "Rapten" - nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents that are used to eliminate pain during spondylitis disease.They are used three times in the course of a day, one tablet for five days.During this time, pain in the joints will fade, and you can live a full life.These drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • «Sulfasalazine", "Flosteron" "Prednisone" refers to the group of drugs such corticosteroids.Are effective to reduce inflammation of the joints at Bechterew's disease, due to the maintenance hormonal component "cortisol".Taking these drugs are not more than once a day for ten days.Caution should be used for people who are prone to weight gain: judging by the reviews, these drugs contribute to a set of extra weight.


good addition to the basic treatment of spinal disorders is a therapy with physiotherapy.They are able to reduce the inflammatory process at any time pain.The most effective and popular procedure:

  1. ultraviolet irradiation of the spine helps to dull the pain, reduce inflammation of bone tissue spondylitis disease.
  2. Electrophoresis with drugs "Lidaza" has a regenerative effect, analgesic effect.
  3. inductothermy performed by electromagnetic field exposure on the aching joints.This process heats the deeper layers of muscle and cartilage, which relieves the person with the disease spondylitis.


The massage takes place warm places that are affected by manual.The inflamed spine when the joints so bloodshot, the influx of more blood can lead to a deterioration.Especially massage is contraindicated with unknown pain in the back and other joints.Before going to the chiropractor is necessary to diagnose the disease by passing tests and examinations by a podiatrist.

Folk remedies for the treatment

home Before the medicine effective ways to combat the disease Bekhterev widely used folk remedies.Many adherents of natural treatments use them until now.Here are some of them:

  1. Crushed core horse chestnut (3 pcs.), Yarrow Dried cranberries berry, birch buds (all plants one tablespoon) placed in thermal mug, fill with boiling water.When the infusion has cooled, it can be used instead of tea after lunch.Broth is recommended to drink for one month, then the state at spondylitis disease much easier.
  2. Make aqueous infusion of these plants: cypress cones, rose, eucalyptus leaf.Take half a cup several times a day on an empty stomach for one month.The solution is good to reduce inflammation, edema of the lower extremities during spondylitis disease.

prognosis for life expectancy at ankylosing spondylitis

many serious illnesses are treatable With today's medical capabilities.No exception and disease spondylitis.Scientists have proved that with the right way of life and respect for the recommendations of this disease does not affect life expectancy.The main thing in the fight against disease spondylitis - hope and believe, to concentrate all their human resources to a healthy and high-quality accommodation.

Video: What is ankylosing spondylitis or ankylosing spondylitis

In the video below medical doctor and television transmission will talk about the spinal lesion.This video will be useful for those who want to know what can cause this disease, what its symptoms.Visiting the studio of a young man who in 15 years have a disability, tell their story of struggle with the disease spondylitis.The videos are presented for comparison photo of a healthy person and a patient's spine.