Wallpaper Ideas in hallway

first impression of a house or apartment is composed, as soon as one crosses the threshold and enters the hallway.First, the eye catches wall decoration, which is in the room do not pay enough attention.Wallpapers hallway must be chosen carefully and always be combined with a total interior design.The instructions below will help you determine if the purchase of this finishing material.

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway

choosing wallpaper, pay attention to some nuances:

  1. specifics of the room.Hall - a place where the dust settles, all that brings people from the street, so with light colors need to be careful.
  2. color.Through the selection of wallpaper, prefer the shades between light and dark, for the first dirty too quickly, and the second overshadowed by the already very dark place in the house.
  3. Other premises.Decorating hallway should something in common with the general interior of the apartment, because here the person gets into all the other rooms.
  4. furniture and ceiling.When choosi
    ng a color with the texture is necessary to consider all that will be in the hallway, to the elements of decor does not contrast against the background.
  5. Ornament.Be careful with too variegated patterns, but remember that a small pattern can hide the bumps or other surface defects of the walls.

Under painting

In recent years, painting the walls is becoming more fashionable.So you can choose whichever color - color of the dew of the morning to paint lightning wheat July sky.Only if applied without paint textured plaster, the surface is smooth and dull.Wallpaper material also has to be changed for each repair, so there is an excellent solution - paintable wallpaper.This option allows to change the color to 7 times, just repainted in a different tone.There are several varieties of wallpaper under painting:





Suitable for wall and ceiling

Easy to stick even on uneven surfaces.Italian model applied over latex to clean detergent.


more dense and durable, do not crumple, have a relief surface, do not shrink.

is easier to adhere, inhibit cracks in the buildings, the adhesive should be spread only to the wall, not scratched after painting.


made on the basis of fiberglass yarns interwoven in a pattern.

durable, very strong, not afraid of detergents and brushes, easy to glueing.


Next view - texture, which can be paper, non-woven, vinyl, liquid and glass cloth.These wallpapers will make an impression at the entrance of an apartment, especially if the choice fell on a model with imitation of natural materials.Having so hallway, you ensure the protection of the walls and attach them to the sophistication.You can choose textured wallpaper in the hallway from a wide range available on the market of these products.





Include layer 2 - Non-woven or paper and PVC.The terrain is not very pronounced, the surface is rough.

easily cleaned, especially made of silk.


fibers are produced by compression with high wear resistance and strength.

resistance to mechanical stress, are resilient, but the pattern requires careful handling.


By fiberglass create a variety of patterns, so relief is clearly visible.

camouflages irregularities resist fire and detergent compositions, moisture resistant, durable.


are produced from cellulose.

create unusual surfaces through the use of wood chips, waste paper and other natural materials.

With imitation

creates a feeling of finishing different materials - brick, wood, plaster, stone.

original look, create a feeling of naturalness of the interior.


This kind of wallpaper is completely different from the others, because is made from natural cellulose and cotton, glue and dye.Material obtained elastic and able to hide small defects by filling the cracks with a liquid composition.The surface of the obtained seamless and uniform, and texture of the walls of the hallway - Neskuchniy.The color can be any.These wallpapers are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Photo Wall Mural

For small hallways, this version of the wallpaper is perfect, because if you select a photo the road receding into the distance, or the prospects of the city, it is easy to visually expand the space.The main thing - do not choose too light tone, otherwise all the bumps come out to the outside.Stay on large prints, to hide the flaws.Photo Wall Mural hallway may be more contrasting, if on opposite walls to paste the same in pattern but different in color materials.

color options

wallpaper To select wallpaper design hallway, based on the configuration and dimensions of the room.Be sure to note the degree of illumination, and the specificity of the place.On the basis of all these factors is determined by the ideal shade or shade area.The same is done when selecting patterns, ornaments and pictures of photo wallpapers.Explore features of the striped, light and dark colors, not to be mistaken with a choice.

Striped wallpaper on such strips can be horizontal or vertical.The first should be used with high ceilings to visually zanizit height.Vertical stripes, on the contrary, make the ceiling higher, so these wallpapers are ideal for low spaces.Cutting horizontally and vertically need not be a classic in the form of strips - be it designs or repeating patterns that extend along or across the web for wallpapers.


Designers do not recommend to paste the hallway pure white or light-colored wallpaper, particularly monophonic.This will lead to the fact that any defects, even small, will exude through the material.Keep clean the wallpaper in the hallway light colors - not an easy task, because all the dust settles mainly in this part of the apartment.If you are not afraid of constant tedious cleaning - it is another matter.Light colors are more suitable for the small and poorly lit hallway space.A good option - taping the bottom of the walls with wallpaper darker, and the top - lighter.


With dark shades wallpaper is better not to experiment and use them only for the well-lit and spacious hall.Otherwise you will get dark and uncomfortable room.Very dark wallpaper in the interior is better to use when combining several colors.Gluing the bottom darker material, you will protect the wall from being unsightly, because the dirt will be less visible.If it would be washable variants with the bottom does not have any problems.Caring for such wallpaper easily, often they do not have to wash.

How to choose wallpaper for a small hallway

Most apartments on the premises allotted very little space.To eliminate possible shortcomings in the selection of wallpaper for the room designers are advised to follow a few rules:

  1. Do not use dark colors - shades of black, brown, dark blue or dark green.
  2. Prefer bright shades, expanding space - pale blue, beige, gray, yellow or light green.
  3. Under option with multiple colors, use bright colored orange or red inserts - they brighten up the gloomy atmosphere of the small space.
  4. Use horizontal stripes - they visually expand the space.From cell and vertical lines better give up, they will narrow the space.
  5. To visually expand the narrow use zoning and long corridors with the help of the application are not too different in color materials.
  6. If you live in Khrushchev, the ideal option - it is a light top and dark bottom.Just do not forget at the joint special paste materials curbs.
  7. If the general direction of the interior of the apartment belongs to the ecological style, using natural wall materials, such as bamboo or cork.This will give the room a little extra comfort.
  8. Try a welcome expansion of space, as different in color wallpaper on opposite walls.Only the invoice should remain the same.To
  9. had never rushed dirt, use a bright wallpaper with a fine pattern, cover with grit vinyl, glossy fiberglass.
  10. Stick Mural with a pattern where there is a prospect of the distance to the visual corridor continued.
  11. Place on the far wall wallpaper under the tapestry - so space will go in the future.

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