How to return the beloved

Everyone has the right to make mistakes, but very often the understanding that we were wrong, comes at a time when it is already too late to correct.Often, this happens in a relationship when we start to appreciate the partner only after his departure.In men, the question often arises as to return his girlfriend when she was no longer there, but between two loving hearts had been laid abyss.Let's see how to do it in different ways.

Psychologist's advice, how to get the relationship with his beloved

To restore relations, we must first change ourselves, but not to force his girlfriend to come back.human souls movements Expert psychologists are, therefore, to more quickly achieve their goals, should listen to their advice.First of all, experts recommend:

  1. strongly consider whether you need a relationship with a former girlfriend.After all, there was a gap for some reason, and some things are not forgiven or forgotten.If the parting was thorough, then your common future is uncertain.

  2. necessary to carefully analyze the situation, to identify at what stage of communicating with my girlfriend mistakes were made, and most importantly - just darling, if it was something to blame.Introspection will help to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

  3. After a positive decision, you need to immediately begin to act without wasting time.Arrange to meet with the ex-girlfriend, talk to her, no one is blaming a break.At the meeting say that they are ready to learn from mistakes, it might reconsider its attitude towards you.Recognizing your mistakes can help your girlfriend understand that you value the relationship with her and willing to take responsibility for them in their hands.

  4. If the girl is not ready for a meeting, then Maintain wait until she does not want to apply or get back to you.

find out the reasons for parting

If you do not know how to return his beloved, try with her to discuss the reason for your breakup.If the root of the problem is found - this is 50% of success, and if you agree to solve it together, then consider that you have been given a second chance.Psychologists say that there are three reasons for parting couples:

  1. struggle for power, which is never the winners.The girl is not always white fluffy, while men are not always wise enough to give way, resulting in conflicts arise, leading to disappointment.

  2. accusation partner for all the failures.When responsibility is constantly shifted to the shoulders of the other, one always feels right, the other in the end to end the relationship.

  3. Rejection partner for what he is.Attempting to alter your lover always meet strong resistance or rebellion.Any violence, whether physical or psychological, causes irritation, anger, which may eventually develop into hatred.

Organize chance meeting

If your girlfriend refuses to meetings, it does not mean that she stopped loving.Most likely, she has offended you or had lost faith in the positive outcome of your conversations.A good psychological trick - to organize a casual meeting.For this purpose, ask for help from your mutual friends.Let the meeting will be in the presence of others in a neutral territory, to ex-girlfriend to relax and feel in a friendly atmosphere.And then proceed:

  1. Spend some time with her, as a friend, which is nothing on hoping - and you will notice right away if your fiancee has for you old feelings or not.

  2. If the answer is yes, then let his girlfriend see that you are happy to meet.Can you ask her a question about whether to return the relationship possible.

  3. If she says "no", then turn away immediately, because the more persistent you are, the less chance you will have.Give ex-girlfriend has a bit of time, maybe later it will become more receptive.

Woman To interest

Science Psychology argues that appreciating yourself a woman needs a man.And if the relationship parted, you may no longer conform to this image.So try to change not only its appearance but also behavior.To start:

  1. Regain the psychological tone, feel attractive, change the image - and you will be immediately popular with the opposite sex.

  2. to improve their status, get more interesting and lucrative work.Ex-girlfriend is immediately notice and appreciate.

  3. Jealousy can also accelerate the process of return, but only indirectly, and not after the fact.Flirt with some girls in front of a favorite or in the presence of your friends in common - it's bound to have the desired effect.

  4. At a meeting behave with her easy smile, have fun.If you slip into a deep showdown, you will lose the beloved forever.Regular debriefing will not go into a plus for a new relationship.Show her a man with whom she fell in love, and not a loser, which broke.

Arrange lull

If ex-girlfriend does not want to go with you to the contact, give her some time.Do not talk to her for a few weeks or even months, so she thought of everything going on and realized how good she was with you.When a person spends time alone with yourself, feelings are manifested more clearly.We ladies will be a long time to realize that you have become emotionally independent and single guys strongly attracted to girls their independence.

way to get back his girlfriend at a distance

If ex-girlfriend refuses to meetings, you should not continue to try to persuade her.So you position themselves as morally weak man, even more irritating the chosen one.If there is no way to return the favorite words, try to do it at a distance - so you automatically eliminate the possibility of being branded a weakling.Send her flowers with a conciliatory letter or arrange a flash mob with friends or classmates.

If positive emotions have not brought the desired result, then play a bit on the negative.For example, do a lot of their photos next to the beautiful girls and share them on your page in the social networks.Former lover necessarily see them - and it will make her think about the opportunity to prove to you that she is the best.

Orthodox prayer

regain the trust of the beloved, you can use the Orthodox prayers.Pray allowed God to Jesus Christ and his Guardian Angel.There are many saints who help loved ones to return.Here is an example of prayer of St. Matrona, which is read in church, at home and on the street at any time of day or night, "Matrona Holy!By prayer you pay!Please, my love save a servant (name), turn your back!We ask for God's blessing!I beg of you the words of the soul!With a nod Matrona you, amen! »

conspiracy to return the girl

If there is no power for a long time to wait for the result, and return the beloved urgently needs, try to bewitch the chosen one by magic.First, it is desirable to go to fortune-telling session and see how it relates to the Universe will help your relationship and whether they are magical intervention.If permission is obtained, we offer a powerful ritual to attract the love of a girl with the help of candles and apple.

Buy fresh red apple, and on a sheet of paper, write the name of the chosen one in his own blood, you want to return.Visualize her image when write.Further, the cut-out hole in a ripe apple stick in a note and say the words: "As Adam's apple ruined, so that the soul of a slave and the (girl's name) through the apple fell in love with a slave (your name).May it be so!Amen!".Apple buried in a secluded place.

Privorot picture yourself

Try to return the beloved, bewitch her to him for pictures.After all, a picture - it is the human aura print that contains a piece of information field.Therefore, with the help of the impact on the aura sometimes return the lost feelings.Experts in the field of esotericism claim that magic is important visualization.They are advised to carefully scrutinize the image of the beloved, fixing it in his mind, and then a clear idea of ​​a happy future together with the chosen one.

Pick up a photo of a girl and a church candle.Concentrate on your wish and then move the photo face down on the flames with these words: "How am I, the servant of God (your name) I miss a servant of God (name of the girl) and she let me homesick!Amen! "Then burn the picture on the candle flame, develop the ashes to the wind.Instead of the word "longing" specify any target: love, suffering, or bored.

What not to do to return the favorite

When my girlfriend out, the first thing you should not do - it's panic.But the guys are starting in this period to allow a lot of mistakes, committing acts which in any case can not be done:

  • fall into a deep depression, causing a feeling of pity for his beloved;

  • trying to be cloyingly sweet, constantly repeating about their feelings;

  • manipulate her friends, parents or common friends, returned to fiancee.

  • begin to bestow flowers, gifts;

  • try to forget or do not do anything.

Video: how to restore the relationship with my girlfriend

What could be worse than losing a loved one?Especially when you have so many memories of happy days spent together.If love is not cool, then it is necessary to try to return the chosen one, not to regret the loss of a lifetime.The main thing - do not try to logically convince the young lady to come back.Women - being emotional, so the logic in this matter is misplaced.To not do something silly, see Video tips on how to return the favorite: