How to attract a man

Many young girls and mature women can not meet the man of her dreams.And they are not necessarily alone.Some met a man who at first like, but after a time it becomes not what he seemed.Or a woman for a long time one because I do not find attractive features in the surrounding individual male.But how to attract a man in my life to not just being near, and became the second half?Let's talk about how to attract into your life a new love.

communication Psychology

Do not naive to think that you can not attract a decent man because of the fact that the fate of the unjust and constantly offers "wrong" guys.Try to think above all about his qualities that attract a certain category of people in your life.Decent people appreciate in a woman is not only the appearance but also the sincerity and openness.And yet not a single representative of the stronger sex does not pay attention to a woman if she does not feel its attraction.

To interest and attract the man liked to love life, try these tips:

  1. Be honest, but do not open the soul entirely - a woman should always remain some mystery.
  2. should not be too accommodating - for a man is to be always available, which is quickly bored.
  3. Never repress sensuality, because for men - this is the first sign of femininity, to which they flock like bees to honey.
  4. Be able to defend their individuality, independence of opinion.
  5. Learn the art of seduction - a complex, subtle, but very important science, at any stage of communication between man and woman.Having mastered it, you will understand how to attract a man.
  6. Most importantly - remember that no one belongs to no one, and the man is a free person, therefore jealousy, control and interrogations are inadmissible in a harmonious relationship.

What attracts men in women and how to behave

First of all, in order to attract successful, smart guy, you look great.But good looks - a 30% success rate, the rest depends on your ability to behave.It is necessary to know the measure of flirting, gesture, alcohol, frankness.Better to smile more and ask a man to do you any favor, because chivalry is incorporated in many of the best representatives of the stronger sex.

thanked the guy for a good bottle of alcohol service, which he is required to offer a taste together - it will be a great way to start the relationship.But do not just flirt openly - to create the illusion of companionship, and the soft perfume trail, a kiss, a light touch at the first meeting will play in your favor.Talk to elect what it manly, and look with admiration in his eyes - so you'll be the man for the most interesting conversationalist.


confidence in a woman must necessarily be present.Love yourself and be aware of its uniqueness.Always think about what you can achieve and how to improve the quality of those who for some reason you do not like.Psychologists say: to attract the attention of the stronger sex and to learn self-confidence, you should go in the direction of fear.For example, if scared to communicate with the rich or to attract the attention of a handsome man, if you are afraid to trust the chosen one, or think that this ideal is not to keep, you need only move in this direction, because of the fear is a dream.

female energy

Already it is no secret that the world is governed by the energy, the ability to attract and retain.A woman - a bundle of energy, because it can attract a male type.Only you should be able to reveal its nature, and then you will easily hold everything you want.Men instinctively feel these women, who can not only give love, but also bring them to the summit of success, which is important for a strong half of mankind.So be sure to go for a massage, so that the energy does not stagnate

  1. women need to touch:

    to improve their feminine energy and attract the right partner in life, there are several methods described in the Vedas even 5 thousand years ago.

  2. Communicate with other women to better understand their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Do not forget to listen to music more often.
  4. Sing, so purified throat chakra.
  5. To enhance the feminine energy enjoy a dance.
  6. Maintain and enjoy its beauty.
  7. Skirts and dresses restore communication with the female essence.
  8. Practice relaxation practice filling energy.
  9. Pamper your body relaxing bath with flower petals and aromatic oils.Most
  10. be frivolous, playful girl.Feel your carelessness.

Clothing and flavors

learn how to attract into your life worthy of a man with the help of clothes, says a lot.It is noticed that guys like girls to wear slim cut, when the silhouette is similar to an hourglass.They need to see the waist, because on a subconscious level, men appreciate not only sexual partner, but also a possible mother of his future children.For this ideal woman should be the owner of wide hips, thin waist, full breasts.

If you want to marry a successful representative of the strong half of humanity, then wear clothes that emphasize those parts of the body.But the men meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind, so if a woman seriously think about how to attract love into your life for a serious relationship, it is advisable not to stop on the outfits and accessories.

to life any beautiful relationship, you must first somehow to attract attention.The most effective way - is the flavor, because a person's subconscious lies a model suitable partner, which, according to psychologists, we find the smell.Pick up the perfume, the most suitable for the character, so as not to attract the extra people, but said the smell is only one person - your choice.

harmony with oneself and the world

basis sanity - is to appreciate, respect, love and desire of good, and, above all, to itself.Woman creates around itself a special energy field - the aura.If her thoughts are kind, she is confident and happy, the men immediately feel it.You do not know how to attract a man?It's simple: always keep a positive attitude and positive thinking - and a fateful choice must appear in the orbit of life.

effective way to attract the right man to his

If at work or with friends, you often encounter with a man who appears to you in dreams perfect, but do not know how to draw it, then begin to act: discard doubt, do not hesitate, takeinitiative in their hands.Even when failed to win the heart of the selected men, do not worry - you will get a new, very useful experience in my life.

Try to start to attract attention and make friends with the liked man: share hobbies, invite to the house for a cup of tea and make him understand that you are constantly together and ready at any moment to support.Listen to the problem of the beloved; praise him, feed tasty, but in all know the measure.Just do not try to "make friends" with a married man - such a relationship brings only pain, frustration and complexes.

With magic

If all of the above methods do not help, many single women are beginning to wonder how to attract a man with magic.In the arsenal there are many effective esoteric rituals to attract a man with a thought, a photograph or using a conspiracy of love.If magical ritual carried out at the right time, the best result will not take long.We offer an effective plot to attract a particular man who is chosen by the photo.

  • Wait growing moon, Friday and sunset.
  • Put photograph of a man between two church candles, a few minutes to think about the desired result, looking at the photo, to tune into the same wavelength with the beloved.
  • After this heart let slip the following words: "As for the needle thread is twisted, and the servant of God (male name) fawned upon me, a slave of God (your name).Do not break, do not untie our connection, for strong and strong my love.Slave of God (your name), and a servant of God (name of Man) may all be one.Amen!".
  • Extinguish candles, photo tie in a handkerchief and keep out of reach place.

How to attract a man on Feng Shui

All changes in the life of feng shui begins with cleaning the house.To get rid of negative energy and attract positive, the room should be cleaned, washed, thereby parting with their tears, unhappy love, disappointment, resentment.Throw away from home dried flowers, slippers, the former men and things that do not wear for a long time.It is not necessary to get rid of a wedding ring that was left of a failed marriage - put it under running water for a while, and then store them separately from jewelry to wear.

In Feng Shui zone of love - it is the south-western corner of any room.So if you want to attract love into your life a new man, then this place should be always clean.Put in the southwest corner of the room that any of the subjects responsible for reciprocity:

  • paired figures, people, swans, doves, kittens;
  • pictures depicting love: photos, posters, postcards;
  • statuette mandarin ducks, which are "legalized" love symbol of feng shui;
  • wind chime, or the levels of aeolian harp (only for those women who are looking for a new love).

How to attract the attention of men Zodiac signs

attract a man can be, if you follow the advice of astrologers.Representatives of any sign of the zodiac have common features, which are formed by the position of the Sun, which was at the time of their birth.Knowing the main features of the chosen one, the woman for the man's easy to become someone else.For example, if you decide to seduce Aries, you have to know that representatives of this sign prefer cheerful, independent, forbidding girls.But the Lions did not tolerate criticism, so man-Lev is by no means impossible to arrange debriefing, especially in the presence of strangers.

Video: funnel to attract men from Larisa Renard

Psychologists have noticed that in order to meet a new love a woman, you should take a few steps yourself:

  • First - this opinion.Popular wisdom says: "man looks at the one that sees it."Do not hesitate to look at the man, but to look was sexy and drew his attention, squeeze 20 times intimate muscles (vaginal) and your pupils are dilated so that the chosen one will want to drown in them.
  • Secondly, the gait, which shall not be less passionate than sight.When walking towards the man, keep the focus of attention at the bottom of your belly, go slowly, as if you are attracted to elect a powerful magnet.
  • And, thirdly - this voice.When, finally, you talk with a man, say the first words languid, mysterious and deeply, to say the elect could no longer forget.

Larisa Renard, who is the creator of the private life of the Academy, offers simple exercises that will quickly attract into your life the right man: