Use a grenade to the body

Pomegranate grows we only subtropical regions, and loved all over the country for the characteristic taste of the sea and just juice.Inside the fruit are many grains, each consisting of bone surrounded by a fleshy and juicy crimson flesh.The use of garnet for the body is enormous, because it's just a storehouse of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, antioxidant.The properties of each fruit is separated, the usefulness depends on the variety.

composition and useful properties of pomegranate

benefits of pomegranate health is invaluable, because it is absolutely unique composition:

  • Each fruit contains a set of vitamins C, P, E, B5, B6, B12.List
  • minerals also impressive - iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium.

Those who follow the figure, naturally the question arises - for all its benefits, how many calories are in a grenade?A delight - only 52 kcal per 100 grams of pulp.This fat is not at all!So, this tropical fruit is great for weight loss and it is easy to include in t

he diet and menus for recovery after injuries and operations.

What is useful grenades for the human

Garnet is very helpful for everyone, regardless of gender and age.This benefit is due, mainly, a high content of vitamin C, which has beneficial effects on the immune system, but not limited to:

  1. Vitamin P strengthens blood vessels, and B6 will calm the nervous system.
  2. addition of vitamins and minerals red fruit contains various acids, fiber, tannins.Fiber helps to improve digestion, and has a tannin tannic, astringent effect, thus helping to stop the diarrhea.
  3. tannins pomegranate help fight tuberculosis, dysentery and E. coli, are antiseptic.
  4. grains and juice contribute to the removal of radiation, prevent the development of anemia, lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients, assisting the body in the fight against asthma.Regular consumption of fruit is even able to prevent cancer of the stomach!

However, it should be remembered that the pomegranate, like every fruit has its contraindications.Pomegranate juice and bones contraindicated in patients with gastric ulcer, enteritis, gastritis.High acidity detrimental effect on tooth enamel.To avoid damaging it, you need fresh juice diluted with water before use, and then rinse your mouth.


benefits of pomegranate fruit to the body everyone is undeniable, but he still has a "specialized" effect.As mentioned above, pomegranate juice (pulp grains) contain large amounts of vitamin B12.This vitamin makes the blood run faster through the veins, which helps to improve erectile function, and when combined with exciting red fruit and sweet-sour taste increases arousal in general.Summarizing all this, it is appropriate to name even grenades aphrodisiac!


benefits of pomegranate for women is particularly high.This southern fruit contains plant estrogens, hormones that help women stay young, full of energy.With the onset of menopause is a natural development of their stops and a woman ages.If you regularly eat a pomegranate, the less the symptoms of menopause and depression are expressed, often accompanying him.For pregnant pomegranate juice is also not contraindicated, just to avoid the negative effects on the stomach, should be diluted with water or other juices such as carrot.


Kids grenades useful, even more than adults, because the small body is actively growing and developing, it needs support.Furthermore, in children often happens anemia than in adults.Pomegranate juice, due to the content of a large amount of vitamin C helps the absorption of iron from the iron-containing foods, such as liver, red meat.However, despite the use of a grenade, do not give juice or pulp of children under one year due to the high acid content and increased allergenicity.

benefits of health and beauty

Pomegranate body supports virtually all diseases, but healthy people prevents vitamin deficiency in the winter-spring season when other vegetables and fruits is almost there.In addition, this medication is not only useful, but also very tasty, used in the preparation of many dishes.When choosing a recipe, it should be remembered that vitamin C is destroyed by heat treatment, so it is better to use grenades in salads.

pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice - fruit concentrate mineral substances, but this applies only to drink freshly squeezed.Butylated should not be used, because there is no guarantee that the manufacturer has added to dyes with preservatives.The properties of pomegranate juice is unique, one of the most important - cleansing the body, anti-aging thanks to antioxidants, the normalization of the digestive activity, stimulation of appetite, and yet he is antiseptic and diuretic.

Seed pomegranate

The question that arises in the use of the southern fruit - is it possible to have a pomegranate with seeds?The answer is this - it is possible, but for those who have gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, do not need to experiment.From seed crushed oil, which is used by beauticians, because it contains vitamins E and F, rejuvenate the skin, contribute to accelerated cell renewal.From milled seed tincture prepared to help in the fight with a headache.

rind and membrane

Pomegranate - the fruit is truly waste-free use all the parts.The use of pomegranate rind is especially significant for the body: the dried and milled skins need to boil or insist on alcohol.This medicine has anthelmintic action, disinfects the skin damage and if swallowed treats enterocolitis.Once the broth use for colds, mouthwash to fight gum disease.Membranes also throw a grenade is not necessary, they are dried and then added to tea.

Video: what is the use of garnet

The video, shown below, shows how to use the pomegranate fruit.Practitioners are discussing with the usual audience question whether the use of the pomegranate as a whole, pitted, partitions alone great.At what age is allowed to give children fruit, so there is great use of pomegranate peel - are all there in the program "On the most important!"Dr. Agapkin and assistants talk about a fruit sunny anything that might interest you.