Palm olein , what it is

Increasingly, reading the label of the product, can be found in the composition of palm oil.If we argue from the standpoint of market relations, there is nothing surprising in such a substitution of classic vegetable fats.The use of cheaper oil products not yielding to the characteristics of peers.Palm olein, what is it?Disputes about the dangers and benefits of supplements lasts until now.We study the problem and find out where the truth lies.

Where use palm olein

Eleis Guinea - the plant is cultivated in many tropical countries.What is palm oil?This is a substance that is extracted from the fruit of the plant, also known as oil palms.According to various technologies produce palm kernel and crude oil.The first characteristics similar to coconut.Distributed in the food industry and cosmetics.Second, depending on the degree of processing has three fractions:

  1. Stearin - solid.May contain spreads or margarine.
  2. Oil - a substance with a lower melting point, but the same solid.Great for cooking, it
    does not give burning, smoke.
  3. Alleyne oil has a creamy consistency.Often found in baby food, sweets, milk and other products.Common - palm olein in muesli.

palm oil melting temperature varies and ranges from 16 (olein) to 52 (stearin) degrees.A special feature of the vegetable fat is that the food industry uses only refined and deodorized derivatives.Without treatment, the product has a technical purpose - use it to get the soap, candles and lubricants.

Harm and benefits of palm olein

In the world community is still an ongoing debate about the safety of the fat to the human body.Since this is a natural product, do not relate to the use of categorical.Asked whether the palm olein is harmful to the body, can not be answered unequivocally.Please note that overuse of any vegetable fats harmful to the reproductive system and hormonal balance.

The palm oil is harmful?To begin with, the presence of saturated fats in large quantities.Excessive use negates the advantage and makes it harmful.The fat clogs the vessels, to bring them up out of the body very difficult.Such an opinion is common among consumers, however, rejected by Russian scientists, as a scientifically unfounded.

Palm olein, what is it?Solid state fat is widely used in cosmetology.Masks, creams, conditioners, styling products - just a small list where olein added.Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acid tone the blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, accelerate the process of cell renewal.Tokokrienoly have antioxidant property.

Komorowski of palm olein in

baby food Renowned pediatrician does not share the concerns about the harm additives as GMOs.Asked its readers: palm olein, what is it, doctor answers:. "Horror story for consumers"Practice shows that the same health problems (constipation, allergies), for breastfed infants, and for those who are fed with formula milk olein.According to doctors, it is much more important to live a healthy lifestyle and follow the child.More than a walk, breathe fresh air, tempering, give exercise.

Video: harmful than palm oil

Dairy, once useful, is now a threat.They can not be there as much as you.All because of palm oil, the dangers and benefits of which are at issue now and will discuss for a long time.The main trouble lies in the fact that the quality of the impurity in the product produced in Russia is very low.Most additive does not meet state standards, and thus carries a risk for humans.