Pandora Jewelry

History of Pandora

history of these amazing decorations begin in 1982.The couple Per and Winnie Enevoldsen opened a shop in Denmark.The first time in their shop selling Thai jewelery and gems.But they dream about something else - to set up their production for the manufacture of jewelry.What was needed was an original idea that would appeal to all women.

After five years of successful trading, they invite to cooperate designer Lone Frandsen.Together, they are developing a new concept of a jewelry company.Mark had to reflect the individuality of each woman.The idea to create bracelets with interchangeable pendants proved to be very successful.In 1999 it was decided to create a gold bracelet, tsennostyu14K, called Pandora Charm.In 2000 he received a small batch of these bracelets.The demand was stunning.Bracelets have become known around the world.And in 2005, Enevoldsen opened a 6-storey factory in Bangkok for the production of Pandora Jewelry.Ornaments are gaining in popularity and production is g

radually expanding.In 2010 the company corporatize.

When they began to open up Pandora brand stores, everyone wanted to try different versions of songs on the bracelets.This caused long queues and inconvenience customers.It was decided to create a website where everyone slowly, was able to create its own unique decoration.Over time, many online retailers also began to introduce such a system.Thus, demand has increased, and the flow of customers to the stores decreased.

Jewellery Pandora

beauty and uniqueness of the product is fascinating.The collections can be found not only the bracelets, you can also choose the necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings.Jewellery Pandora, give everyone the opportunity to feel like a designer.Bracelets are perfect as a gift, which will be remembered for a long time.Buying basis, you get the opportunity to create their own life story, buying on every memorable event symbolic suspension.

decoration system is quite unique.It all starts with the selection of the bracelet.You can choose leather, gold or silver.Usually choosing a gold bracelet 14K value that is a multiple of 583 sample.Depending on the type of bracelet clasp selected.fasteners are two possibilities: branded Pandora or the classic "lobster".By strength, they are absolutely the same.

Next comes the fun part - the selection of jewelry on the bracelet.Jewellery is traditionally called pendants charms.The choice is huge and everyone can choose what he likes.The main advantage is that it is enough to buy a bracelet and keep changing it a combination of suspension.Textile and leather bracelets, are subject to special treatment that protects against rapid wear and abrasions.Pendants are made from different materials: Murano glass, pearls, silver, gold, precious stones.Each pendant is handmade.Everyone can find a suspension that is right for him.

Benefits jewelry brand Pandora

  • first - this, of course, quality.All jewelry is handmade and made from quality materials.All products, even the gold and silver, are subject to special treatment that protects from scuffs and wear.Some ornaments are used gemstones.
  • second - individuality.The collection includes about 600 pendants, charms, and several types of bracelets, chains and rings.When choosing jewelry for your style, you can be sure that it will be exclusive.It is also possible to change the style of their jewelry every day, with only one base.
  • Pandora company cares about its customers.By registering on the official website of the company you will get access to exclusive jewelry Pandora.Can the first to learn about updates and promotions company.Communicate with the other participants.And, of course, create your own customized bracelets.application has been developed also for mobile phones, which contains up to date information and examples of jewelry.
  • brand stores are located throughout the world.Arriving at any of them, you can purchase your favorite decoration and get the necessary information.
  • Signature Bracelet Pandora - a great gift.The owner no doubt appreciate the individual approach, the beauty and originality.As a gift, you can invest a certain idea, and then on the memorable events give new suspension.

company Pandora - facts

  • At this point, the number of companies is about four thousand people.
  • main factory is located in Bangkok.
  • founded in 1982 by Per and Winnie Enevoldsen.
  • Jewellery sold in 10,000 stores in 65 countries.Of these, 500 are proprietary stores Pandora.
  • Each year, sold about 60 million. Products.250 million euros

  • company's annual turnover.