How to survive the separation from a loved one

In the life of every human event of separation, when only yesterday so beloved, relatives and friends of people in this day goes away, taking a piece of the soul, and closing the door in a happy family future.Inexpressible pain, a feeling of emptiness, grief, despair and bitterness resides in the heart.Many people try to find an answer to the questions: how to survive the separation from a loved one, what to do to regain the faith in love and open your heart to new feelings?Psychologists recommend to let a person not hold on to the past and find the positive factors of the situation.

Why people are very experienced separation

Parting with a loved one - it's a kind of emotional trauma, which is not easy to survive.Among the main reasons why people are so sensitive to gap ratio, psychologists include the following:

  • Sincere love - when the heart completely belongs to a loved one, all thoughts about it, unimaginable to imagine that he could leave.After parting love does not pass a single day or a
    month, it takes a lot of time to feeling burned out, cooled down, so the gap is very difficult to survive.
  • attachment to the person - if the couple has long been together, people trust each other, it is extremely difficult to accept and understand that this is no longer and never again.
  • Fear of being alone - after breaking up with a loved one, self-abandoned, usually drops sharply.There are obsessions with the pretext of "what if": "What if I did not meet?", "What if I stay one / one for all?" The others.Such reflections depressing and exacerbate the process of experiences, tightening "recovery".
  • Self-flagellation - is one of the main factors that make the experience of parting situation with a loved one again.Persistent memories of happy, happy days together, collaborative viewing photos, listening to sad songs - it makes the return to the past that no longer exists, which further depresses the state.

Tips psychologists, how to transfer the loneliness after leaving

survive the separation under the force of each person, for that only need time, a little effort.To cope with the problem will help a real, sensible, sober assessment of the situation, the adoption of provisions for what it is, the realization that the relationship in the past, and a new phase of life is open before you.In order to survive the separation from loved ones, psychologists advised to make a simple 4 steps:

  • Release the past.
  • Find something positive in parting.
  • Remove all negative, which attracted lives separation (positive thinking).
  • Open heart for a new life, attitudes and feelings.

not hold the memories

When a person goes, this has its reasons: cooled feelings, new love, frequent conflicts with a partner.It is important to understand that if you loved is gone, then it should be let go - it will be painful, difficult, but you need to put a fat point in this stage of life, out of my head all the thoughts, memories of the past.To survive the separation, you need to clear your head of thoughts of the departed loved one, to forbid myself to even think about what binds to it.

Get rid of negative emotions

Negative bad effect on the emotional, mental and physical health, so you should get rid of it.Forget about the pain he had to endure at the time of separation, on offense, which settled in the soul and poisons inside of hatred for the once beloved person, so cruelly betrayed, trampled heart.Throw away anything that reminds of a former partner, causing a wave of indignation, sorrow, tears flow.

Communicate with friends and relatives

After parting necessarily lead reclusive, sit alone.Rather on the contrary - there will be free time to spend on loved ones, friends who had not been able to meet.Do not be afraid to talk about their feelings, feelings that lurk in the soul, a reprimand, you will reach the relief and support to help families regain self-confidence.

Program yourself for happiness and a new relationship

In order to survive the separation, it is necessary to understand that it is not only finish the relationship, but also the beginning of a new life in which there will be other meetings, love, joy.Let go of the bitterness and sorrow, open heart for new feelings, attitudes, believe in what you are able to love and be loved.Tune in to a positive wave, allow yourself to enjoy every day, believe in miracles and do not be afraid of defeat by an arrow Cupid.

way to survive the heartache, after a long relationship

cope with depression, pain after parting with a variety of possible changes in life, new hobbies, occupations.Optionally change everything drastically, sometimes even small innovation can give a new meaning to existence and joy.Known methods that help to survive the separation:

  • Change image - drastic changes in appearance, according to psychologists, can affect the life after breaking up, changing it quickly.The change of image may include changing a hairstyle or hair color, clothing style, updating the entire wardrobe.In addition, if the changes will take place in a beauty salon, it will be an additional enjoyable pastime for girls.
  • Keep fit - visit the gym or a small charge at home can help improve your mood, get energized after breaking up with a loved one.This is a great way to keep in shape, it helps to feel confident, attracting admiring glances of the opposite sex.
  • retail therapy - the best way for women to deal with depression and feelings after breaking up with a loved one.Update wardrobe is always a positive effect on the condition of women helps to survive the hard times, improves mood and helps take the girl to escape from suffering.Going on a shopping with her friends, will not only buy new clothes, but also to have fun.
  • to travel - it's a great chance to see the world, a unique experience and feel exciting emotions.During the trip will be an opportunity not only to enjoy the beauty of the scenic beauty and architectural buildings, but also to think about the importance.For example, to analyze their actions, to assess why a loved one could fall out of love, and whose fault that should be changed to avoid future errors and other relationships have not ended parting.
  • begin repairs in the house - a great opportunity to escape, to change radically something in his life after breaking up with a loved one.Make small alterations, change the furniture, which evokes memories of the former favorite, it will create a comfort zone.
  • meet new people.Meet new people need, such as oxygen to support life, develop, acquire new knowledge.Arrange the admission of new friends at home, relax and have fun at the glory that return a craving for life to survive the separation.
  • distract from the sad thoughts: to visit exhibitions, museums or theaters.Visit cultural sites provides an opportunity to get inspired, get closer to the culture and the world of beauty, it helps to eliminate the feelings after breaking up with a loved one.This is a great opportunity for spiritual development and self-development, so that you will not stand in one place and will continually evolve.
  • Read positive books - a good book can change the world, get positive emotions and to find inspiration for a happy future.Preference is to give books for self-education, psychology and classics, which is able to make to revise outlook on life, to evaluate their actions and other people in a particular period.Literature can help in the construction plans for the future, forget the feelings after breaking up with a loved one.
  • Buy yourself a pet - caring for someone will forget about the separation, to go through this trouble.No more feelings of loneliness, because back home you will meet a cute cat or dog funny to enrich leisure time and help lift your mood.

Video: how to easily move the rupture of relations with the favorite

Survive painful separation is not easy, for it will take time to learn to live without these relations, force that will make you forget about everything.It is important to realize that there was nothing to return, as if it did not want.Rebuild your life so stop to think about who was to blame - that there was no place for any suffering, any thoughts about the past.Perhaps in the future you will be still friendly relations, but in the next few months should completely forget about the person.Watch a video where a practicing psychologist will give tips on how to survive the separation: